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February 7, 2010

Valentine Party & Crafty Chic Club this week - Come join us!

If only emails were delivered by this rosy-cheeked fellow


Come join us at the party & Craftin with LOLA!  THIS WEEK!!!

Party at the Studio 
Sat * February 13th 1-4 

(YOU won’t want to miss this! 
You know I love a good party!) 

Remember when you were a school kid and 
you would buy your box of Valentines at the 
dime store (We shopped at Mrs. Reese’s 
shop) and pass them out on February 14, 
hoping you would get a few in return? Well 
no more hoping, with this swap you are 
guaranteed to get a handful in return! Here 
are the details of the swap: 
Each participant will make a crafty chic 
Valentine and bring it to the studio on 
Saturday, February 13th to swap amongst the 
other participants!  It can be handmade, or 
recycled, just not purchased. 
 Cost $15 
* You will make a Wool 
Valentine Pocket, Wool V-day Collage &enjoy Sweet 
Treats & take home a Party 
Favor from the Basin! 

We hope you participate! Join quickly 
so we can get a good feel for how many 
party favors and sweet cookies we 
will need for the party! 

“Crafty Chic Club" 
with Lola! 
Come live the high life with Lola... because it is 
all about the crafts!  Lola (AKA Laura) doesn’t 
special in a specific medium because she loves 
them all...  She will take you on a ride 
experimenting with various mediums from 
fabric to paper with a vintage flair once a 
month. Each month you will create unique 
one of a kind project.   
This month it is Valentine themed. 
Thursday, February 11th 6-8:30 
Cost $20  
Crafting * Stitchin & Chattin time!  

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