March 22, 2015

Quilt Shop...Drop off!

Hello!  Yesterday I swung over to Four Season's Quilt Shop!  It's a great shop and my good friend (and stitcher) Joey works there!  Luckily, I can multi task when I am there!  I can shop and drop off!!!  I had to take a picture of this beautiful collection featured right when you walk in the door!  I wish you could see the entire circle because it was stunning and so perfect for spring!  The picture doesn't do it justice!  It really was a breath of fresh air!

Joann and the gals at the shop are all fabulous and super sweet!  She features something for everyone from Cival War (my FAV), flannels, baby, wool & so much more!  It's a great place to stop if you get to the Twin Cities!  Check out her awesome clubs to if you get a chance!
Everyone... Meet Joey!  She's my embroidery go to gal!  I hope you like Redwork because she's stitched up some beautiful pieces!  They will be released in May!  She's working on some machine quilting here at the shop!  A very talented gal!  
Here lies the Cival War sections!  Heaven!  Back to work!!!  Enjoy your Sunday everyone!  

March 20, 2015

Road Trippin with the gals!

Spring sure sprung today on our junkin road trip!  Kelly, Kathy, Hannah & I headed out early this morning for a day of laughing & junkin!  What a blast!  We hit numerous places, scored a few treasures, ate at the Lion's Tap (best burger joint in the cities), and wrapped up our trip at Nothing bundt Cakes!  All around a great day!  Hope you enjoy a few pics from our big day out in the town!

March 17, 2015

NEW Mystery BOM Reveal & Lucky Friday WInner!

Happy St. Patty's Day & welcome to Block #3 of our Buttermilk Basin FREE "Mystery" BOM & Stitch-a-Long! 
 If you are looking into working with wool... now is the time to try it! I know you will completely fall in love with it! If you have been following along ~ AWESOME! Keep sharing your pics with us! We love to share & inspire! Don't forget to share our page/pattern as well with your stitching group! We have received a couple pics of groups working on it! How cool! Again we will also be offering kits on our website at Quantity is limited! Click the link gals and enjoy! And remember... everyone needs to be a "Queen Bee" for a day! Please stop back later as I will be posting a yummy St. Patty's Day Dessert (it is chillin' right now!!) Happy Stitching!!!
Also, I finally got time to read thru your awesome comments from the blog hop/lucky Friday!  It is important to me to read them all and them randomly pick the winners... I always read every comment!  So thanks for waiting on this one!  The 3 LUCKY Friday Winners are.....  {Please email us at by Thursday 19th with your mailing info so we can send out your wool bundle to you!!!  Thanks again for joining in the fun!
Meredith said...
Meredith -It is your Lucky Day on St. Patty's Day!
March 13, 2015 at 5:49 AM
 annita flatland said...
Annita -I hope she does the towel for a 4-H project!  That would be awesome!  The BOM is up!
March 13, 2015 at 7:04 AM
 Brenda Jeffers said...
Brenda - I am GAME for the State Fair!!!! And Cat Rescue!!!!
March 13, 2015 at 8:39 AM
Hope you enjoy block 3!
Buttermilk Basin Mystery BOM * March Block 3 * Click link below for pattern!


March 14, 2015

Can it really be? Last hop day?

Happy Saturday! 
WOW!  As another blog hop comes to a close... I want to take this time to thank all my designer pals for their time, effort and fantastic designs they designed for the hop!  You know I think you all ROCK!  Also, a HUGE thank you goes out to you and your friends for taking time out of each of your days to follow and support our hop!  Without you all... there would be no hop!  Now just because the hop is over, doesn't mean we stop sharing, designing and blogging!  We are just getting started gals!  Since many of us are in the same industry the BIG quilt show is just around the corner which means new designs, new fabrics, new wools, new plans and new show circuits starting again... and MUCH MORE blogging!  Us gals need to keep you inspired and entice you to keep creating with our new designs!  So the party continues!  Please keep following us and sharing in our journeys! 
I hope you enjoyed my little bunny design!  I am anxiously awaiting your pics coming at me left and right as you finish it up!  I am betting someone has already completed it and will be sending it to me shortly!  I have been loving how fast some of you have jumped in on the hop and did each one as they were posted!  How cool is that!  And for those of you who have not had the started... just make sure you print off the pattern in case they get deleted at some point!  You can always save your copy and whip them up when you get a chance!
Be sure to CELEBRATE St. Patty's Day with us as we reveal {BLOCK 3} in our "MYSTERY" BOM!  We plan on making it a fun day on blog and FB page as we reveal the block and give everyone a little more time to enjoy the wrapping up of the blog hop!  So please spread the word that St. Patty's day is the BIG day! 

Don't forget I will be posting the "LUCKY" Friday winners later today {since I wrote this post earlier...Friday in blog land is not over!}...  I also have not finished reading all the comments {busy day}, and like to take my time and enjoy them!  So I will get to that after the hope wraps up for the day! 

Let's get back to the Spring Thyme Blog Hop!!  My good friend Sheri, from Calico Moon will wrap up the last day of the hop!  I can't think of a cuter spring project to complete our hop with! Who doesn't love a good old fashioned chicken design! Maybe we should celebrate too and make her yummy bread recipe!  Here is her Q &A!  Enjoy!  Don't forget to click the link and head to her FB page for the pattern and recipe once you are done reading the post!  Thanks again for making our hop a fantastic one! 
Hi! I am Sheri from Calico Moon. I have been running our shop for 22 years with my mother. Our shop is an entire lifestyle, PRIMITIVE with home decor, reproduction fabrics, wool and rug hooking.
My favorite medium to work in is wool and quilting. 
I love to create a quilt and then hook a rug that compliments the quilt. I love different textures in my home from wood, metal and textiles. 
The most indispensable tool are SCISSORS. 
You need them for everything! Not just sewing! I have scissors everywhere in the house and I collect old ones as well. 
My design style is primitive, funky-junky. 
I love to collect things that are and were practical, like drying racks, brooms, scissors, galvanized buckets, ect. 
My next ambition would be to design and make cowboy boots!  I love my boots to have lots of stitch work on them as well as lots of inlays.  It reminds me of the work that goes into making a quilt, rug ,ect.  They are for sure works of art!

March 13, 2015

Hop this way!! Today is my day!

Spring Greetings my friends! 
After 12 days of prepping for everyone... {which I absolutely love!}Today is my day on the hop!  I am super excited!  Like you, I have been waiting with anticipation for the big "reveal" each day!  I have also enjoyed reading every one's tidbits, collecting their recipes & most importantly... hearing {from many of you} how much this hop continues to inspire you... and brighten your days! 
 If you all are enjoying it... I am a happy girl!
 When I thought about my project... I thought it would be neat to do something a little different for you.... So I decided to do an appliqued tea towel!  To continue with the "spring" theme.. Hannah & I chose these perfect Cadbury Egg Cookie recipe to make!  I thought it would be a fun way for her to also be a part of my hop!  I always enjoy seeing my girls learning and enjoying being in the kitchen! 

Before I forget... the link to Threadwork Primitives was not working... Please visit Nan at if you missed her yesterday!
So let's get rolling... Here is my Q & A!  Hopefully you can learn a new tidbit or two about me! :)
Q & A
Tell us briefly about yourself... 
Minnesota girl born & raised * Grew up in a small town with only 1 stop light * Raised rabbits, chickens, cows, ducks & geese out in the country * 4-H girl & supporter * CAT Lover * Eat dessert first kinda girl * No coffee... Iced Diet Coke please! * Dreamer * Momma to two darling girls- Hannah & Grace * Happily married to Corporate George * BIG CITY girl now * Love to host parties & CrEaTe!
Favorite medium to work in?
Pencil, Ink & Wool!    
What inspires you?
Opportunities to follow your bliss!   
Indispensable tool? 
Good old fashioned pencil & paper!
Your design style in 3 words?
Creative * Original * Evolving 
On the drawing board?
New & exciting patterns designed around my fabric line, Humble Beginnings from Diamond Textiles!    
You collect?
Too much "good stuff"! {And yes, my husband knows I love to shop/collect!!! Usually he has to unload my "good stuff" for me! LOL!}  However... I love me a good vintage prop, old scissors, vintage Halloween & Christmas decorations, worn & loved quilts, memories and so much more!  
On your bucket list?
Publish a magazine * Attend other state's, State Fairs with my family * Rescue Cats/Cat Farm * Inspire Others!

Click green link below for the pattern template!
Please share pictures of this project {or any other Buttermilk Basin design} on our Facebook Page, Blog or email us... and we will post it for everyone to see! 
Here are the pattern Instructions!
Note: Pattern is reversed, as we prefer to use the fusible web technique.  However, we encourage you to use your favorite wool appliqué method!  Next, cut out each wool piece in the color as shown in the picture.  Find the center of the towel and position the grass about 2 inches up from the bottom edge of the towel.  Use coordinating floss to blanket stitch around each piece; securing them in place.  Use brown floss to stitch whiskers on bunny and pink floss to stitch the nose also on the bunny.  Use 2 strands of tan floss to chain stitch the line between the bunny's ears.  Stitch a couple blades of grass on each end of the patch of grass.  Sew rick rack on near the bottom edge of your towel.  Tie a bow with tan ribbon and sew in place!  Hang and enjoy!
Spring Thyme Recipe from the Basin
BTW!  We did not put near the amount of chocolate chips in there are they were still very yummy!
For those of you who have took the time to read my post.... I have a little surprise for you!  Do you see those precious wool bundles in the picture above?  I am giving away 3 spring colored bundles to 3 "LUCKY" Chicks today!  To enter... simply leave a comment below for your chance to win!  Be sure to check back on Saturday to see if you are a winner! 
And remember... Every FRIDAY is "LUCKY" Friday! 
Good Luck!
Autumn in the Country... BARN EVENT {2}
DON'T FORGET!  Registration is now open for one of the most unique experiences in wool & thread!  Visit our website for more info and updates on the BARN EVENT {2} happenings!  Grab your girlfriend and come, enjoy a weekend in the country with us!

   See you tomorrow as the "HOP" continues...
March 1 * Quilts By Cheri
March 2 * Plumcute Designs
March 3 * Gail Pan Designs
March 4 * Woolen Willow Designs
March 5 * Ali Strebel Designs
March 6 * The Cottage at Cardiff Farms
March 7 * Sew Unique Creations
March 8 * Wooden Spool Designs
March 9 * Heartspun Quilts
March 10 * Notforgotten Farm
March 11 * Crabapple Hill
March 12 * Threadwork Primitives 
March 13 * Buttermilk Basin
March 14 * Calico Moon

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