May 22, 2015

60 NEW Designs & NEW Mystery Block for May!

HELLO!  I am BACK!  I am pumped!  Market was a HUGE success in so many ways!  I hope to tell you more about it in the days to follow!  But right now, we need to focus on "LUCKY" Friday & the release of the May "Mystery" BOM!  What a Friday this is going to be!!! 
First off, I have to let you know that almost all the NEW patterns {I think 58 were uploaded!!} are now available to order on the website!!!!  There are 5 categories with them in, so please make sure and check out the top few sections so you don't miss any!  There are a few more designs that will be photographed and ready to print soon!  I know many of you want order them as you have seen the pics!  I really wish you all could see just how gorgeous everything is in person!  The new designs were so well received and everyone raved over them!!!  It is nice to know all our hard work paid off!!!!
I know many of you are waiting to order the new fabric line!  I am expecting my bolts in any day and will get those on there asap!  My Humble Beginnings fabric line was also a big hit at market! Keep an eye out at your local quilt shop!  Many of your FAV shop owners will be carrying it!   I can't wait to see what each of you do with the new fabric!  Be sure to post lots of pics!  Super excited!
The new "Mystery" BOM is now ready to go!  It was inspired by my big boy Oliver who is still on the mend... but doing so much better!!!!  I seen him laying by me and looking at the dried roses {from Mother's day}... and I thought how perfect!...  Stop and smell the flowers... So I hope this block reminds each of you to take time, relax & enjoy your journey!  PS- Oliver says thanks again for all the well wishes that keep coming his way!  He loves you all sooooo much!  Here is the link for the new block: 
I really am glad to be getting back into a "somewhat normal" routine!  I really have missed posting, sharing your work and connecting with each of you!  AND... I have missed giving away goodies to some LUCKY winners each Friday!  So this week, I have some awesome Buttermilk Basin swag that I will be giving away!  I will be giving away: 1 BB T-shirt, 1 Makers Gonna Make Print & 1 bundle of fabric with 2 BB buttons.  I will pick 3 winners {one for each item} on Saturday!  All you need to do is leave a comment below for your chance to win!  I am also curious what you all are thinking of all the new designs, cool BB items & new fabric that was just released!  Take a look at the website for the new designs and let me know what you think!  I am so excited to hear from you all!!!!!  I have missed you!!!!  HAPPY FRIDAY!!!! Stacy 
PS- Don't forget to follow us on Instagram & Facebook!  I have posted a ton of pics on Instagram and do that daily as well!

April 26, 2015

Hey Everyone... Stacy here!  I can't believe the cats took over and did such a sweet thing for me!  Doesn't surprise me one bit that Oli even did a photo shoot for the post!!!  

They sure are good helpers!  Sometimes even too good!  They are always trying to lend me a paw or two!!!  So since you all were so kind to take time and share a bit about your pets or grand pets... I've decided you all will be winners get (1) up to $9.00 pattern!  The last winner is Nancy at 11:59!  (So everyone from the start to ending with Nancy)!  Your pet comments all won me over!  So please email us your comment name (to verify) and general mailing info at by TUESDAY 10 am so we can get your pattern out to you!  Please email us anytime between now and then to make sure you get your pattern!  We'd hate for your to miss this gift!

I also want to pass along a info to share with your local quilt shop if you would like!  We are doing schoolhouse at market and it's a great time for them to come check out our new fabric line & learn about more about our new look!  We have so fun things in store!  Can't wait to get through market and share all our new designs with you!  Here is s sneak peek of most of the fabric skus!  Have a great weekend and give all your pets a big hug from from Oli & I!!!!

April 24, 2015

LUCKY CAT-ur-day! Good luck!

Happy LUCKY "CAT-ur-day!"  We sent mom off to take a nice warm bubble bath so we could do OUR own {cooler} Saturday/Caturday Giveaway post!  First, I'd like to introduce you to me- the  boss of the Basin...Oliver!  I'm the one in the sweet glasses and fine tie!  Since it's Friday, if you're like're thinking get "meowta" here so you can get to the weekend!  As you can see by the pics- the 4 off us put in long hours this week drawing, erasing, sewing & packing!  "Fureal", we did!  You didn't think mom really does it all, do you?!?  And... we made sure and added our special touch by leaving a little cat hair on the projects so you'd know "FUR" sure which ones we made!!  We really had to get our paws dirty and had to start working because we got sick of looking out the window waiting for mom to come home!  She's always working!  You know we would move "Meowtains" for her!  She loves & takes such good care us fur babies!  Before we started working at the BASIN, it seemed like all we did was eat & sleep while we waited until what felt like "CAT-ur-day" to see her!  We really love our work and are thinking of expanding into yoga wear for cats!  We think we could be on to something big here folks!  ������OK!!! We better wrap this up in case she gets out of the bath!!!  Since we are curious cats... We want to know what your pets and/or you have been up too!  You could also post a pic of your pets working or playing with you!!!  And be sure to show them my new tie & glasses-Ok?!? The BASIN Crew {Bella, Wilma, Oscar & myself} are giving away 3 patterns of YOUR choice!  Please leave a comment for your chance to win!!!!  Have a "Pawsome" weekend!!!!  Xoxo Oliver

April 18, 2015


I thought today was suppose to be "Lucky" Friday?!?!  My early morning took a crazy turn as I was leaving work at 3:20 am.  As I was leaving I noticed smoke in my car windows.  I opened the door thinking it was maybe the charger burning?!?  Kept checking/called GW & 911.  Then I opened the door behind the drivers seat I noticed everything was burning- then it burst into flames.  I was trying to save important items (not a wise idea, I know)...but then decided I better shut the doors to try to contain it...  Next thing you know the cops, firemen, canine unit & investigators where on the seen... They believe it was arson (maybe kids or druggies looking for $) as the same thing happened right before I called in just a couple doors down behind the shop.  They sent some things into the BCA(?)...  They said it easily could have been on fire for a few hours....  Luckily, my car didn't blow up & catch the shop on fire (about 3 feet away)!  Still processing what happened...  Who would do this?!?!?  Lost a lot of "good stuff" from bolts of fabric, wool, models, new camera & I have a on the go studio in my car etc... Such a bummer!

April 15, 2015

MYSTERY BLOCK 4 - Here it is!

Hey Everyone! Here is the "Mystery" Block 4! I think it is darling! Thanks for our patience... There is not enough hours in the day {week}! Hope you enjoy it! I am off to enjoy our last Timberwolves game with my hubby for the season!
Please click the link to download the new pattern! Remember I LOVE seeing your progress/pics! Enjoy!!!!

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