October 27, 2016

Final Day of our Halloween Blog Hop! Buttermilk Basin...

Welcome back to the FINAL day of our Halloween Blog Hop!  Before we begin, I would like to give a BIG THANKS to all the wonderful designers who worked with me to make this hop possible for YOU!  Remember, they don't have to do this... they choose to! 

All the projects were so FUN!  It was also awesome to have a variety of projects from a stuffed black cat... to a stitched Halloween tag!  We can't forget all the wonderful wool projects either!!!  I sure hope you printed off the patterns and added them to your stash, in case you don't have time to make them this year! 

If you recall, I am a huge fan of Halloween!  I have the best childhood memories of Halloween!  I grew up in the country & took the bus home.  The bus would drop us off at about 4:15... All of us neighbor kids would run home and get our costumes on and meet up shortly to go trick or treating together!  But... before we went anywhere, we had to make the 1st stop, up the hill, at both grandma's!  {I was blessed to grow up with them in our same yard!} They were soooo excited to see us all dressed up!  Lily had the little bags filled with candy, while Avis gave out king sized candy bars!  Then, us neighbor kids went  around to all the neighbors, before we headed into town to go trick or treating!  This was HUGE!  It was like hitting the jackpot!  Many times mom would drive us (as Halloween night tends to get cold here in MN) from block to block!  As we got older, they dropped us off and we walked for hours trick or treating!  It was just the best night of the year!

I also remember enjoying these seasonal cereals that only came out for a brief period of time!  My favorite was BOO BERRY!  When my daughters were younger, they too, enjoyed these cereals!  Which was your FAV? 

Image result for 1970's halloween cereal ads

Since we had a local dime store in town... we were also able to enjoy some unique candies.  I can just remember blowing these wax whistles like it was yesterday!  So fun!

Image result for 1970's halloween candy ads

Of course, Halloween would not be the same without the traditional pumpkin bucket to gather all your treats in!  I am actually surprised that they still make them these days! 

We also got to experience and attend a lot of Halloween parties through 4-H, youth group & Women of Today.  We would ALWAYS make caramel apples with the sheets of caramel!!  I wonder if they still make these??  I still love a good caramel apple!

I also loved all the cute packaging and variations of candy we would receive!  These were always so cute and a "big hit" if we received these!!!

If you recall, I had mentioned I would share with you some of my Halloween costumes{that I remember} that I wore for Halloween!  My mom always made my costumes!  The biggest undertaking was making a SMURF costume!  Not only was it made out of fur, but you had to stuff the head to make sure it would stand up!  That costume was so hot to wear!  I can't tell you how many people borrowed that costume!  I was also a record one year!  Yep!  You read that right!  We stared with a hula hoop and then used black felt, I believe... and went from there!  That was a fun one to get on and off.  I can't believe mom just tackled any thing I sent her way!  She was awesome!  As I got older... I wore my great grandpa's striped bibbed overhauls and went as a bum.  I also had his hanker chief hanging out of the back pocket!  He died when I was little... so I think I always thought it was special to wear them!  Such good memories!  I hope this post stirred up a few good memories for you too!

So back to the HOP!  Here is my little old owl ornament that was originally a stitchery pattern.  It is so cute that we made it into a wool ornament!  He is quick and easy to make!  He can also be left out all year too!  We also have kits available for $6.95 or 3 kits in one pattern for $15.00.  We thought it would be cute to hang a few on a tree, too, so we gave you a good deal if you wanted to make more then 1!!!  You can click the link below the picture for the pattern... and click this link if you would like to order a kit!
Visit Website!

Before you go, I wanted to let you know that our next Mystery Block for our "Let it Snow" BOM and our next Vintage Truck thru the Year will be released on Friday!  So be sure to check back on our website for those!

I will wrap up the post with more EXCITING NEWS!  Many of you have been requesting to do our unique and amazing Christmas Blog hop again this year!  So we are happily meeting your needs!  We are starting the hop earlier this year so you have the opportunity to make the projects for yourself or as gifts to give!  We really are going to make this a great hop... so be sure to share the info with you friends and post the pic too, if you would like!!  Here it is!  Be ready for some Holiday Magic coming your way!!!  All my Best... Stacy

October 26, 2016

The Halloween Blog Continues!

Hello!  Today is another FUN day on the hop!  Hasn't this been great!!!!  And to think in just a few weeks we will be back with the grand finale of our blog hops this year....  Keep an eye out for tomorrow's post with all the details of our HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS BLOG HOP!  Everyone will be back and more!  We can't wait to bring you some amazing Holiday designs in wool, cotton & fiber!

Did you get a chance to visit Ali's blog yesterday?  She has the cutest cat pattern up on it for you all to print!  Here is a sneak peek!

Today I am simply letting these darling Halloween PET Costumes steal the show!  Hannah and I were trying to get photos of our cats in their costumes so I could post them all dolled up!  Well... I may end up posting the "outtakes" since they did not pose well in them!!! LOL!    So I thought it would be fun to search out some creative pet costumes to share with you instead!  You know I love the first one!  Enjoy!

Image result for halloween pets
Pin Cushion

Albert Eistein

Doctor and Patient

This costume wins Halloween!:
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I thought they were sooo cute!  I hope you enjoyed them!  So let's keep it short and sweet today, and head over to Cheri's Facebook Page to view the project!  I have included the link here to click & print since she was unable to get it to work on the FB page!  I am happy to assist!  To view the Happy Fall project... head over to Cheri's Page And don't forget to click the link below for the project!  See you back here tomorrow for our final day on the hop!

Happy Fall

October 25, 2016

Another Great Day on the Halloween Blog Hop

Happy Tuesday!  Welcome back!  We have 3 more days left of the hop!  We have Quilts By Cheri & myself coming up!  Still more ghoulish fun coming up!!!!  

We hope you all were able to get over to Sheri's page for her super cute "vacation" inspired Sugar Skull project!  Here is a pic, if you missed it!  The link did get fixed.... along with the picture, and the PDF pattern!  So go back to yesterday if you need to and try the link again!  It's too cute not to print off!

I thought this was just the cutest... so I had to share!  I also thought this cake (in a jar) would be so cute to give as a gift to your neighbor or friend this Halloween!  The best part... there is a tag even included in the recipe link to "click and print"!  Plus... you don't even have to "bake" the cake before you gift it!!!  So fun! 


Then there is this super cute Candy Corn Monster Munch recipe to share too with you!  This would also be fun to package in a jar and gift it!  Soooo quick and easy!  I know my neighborhood kiddos (and parents) would get a kick out of this!!!

It's time wrap it up today's post and send you off to Ali, from Ali Strebel Designs blog!  I wonder what awaits us!!!!  Let's go see!!!
Oh... don't forget!  One more FUN day is left to be had on the hop!  See you here tomorrow!

October 24, 2016

Halloween Blog Hop Day 4!

Happy Monday here from Blogland... where we are on our 4th Day of the Halloween Blog Hop!  I hope you had time to go and print off Tracy's darling stitched tag project!  I think they'd be the perfect little gift for all your "ghoulfriends"!!!

 While we were working at the shop this weekend, we were realizing that most of the shop girls love candy corn!  So I thought I would do a little research and find some fun facts to share with you about that sweet treat everyone loves! 

Fun Facts About Candy Corn!!!

  • Candy corn has been made with the same recipe by the Jelly Belly Candy Company since around 1900.
  • What's in that recipe, exactly? Sugar, corn syrup, and marshmallow.
  • One serving (about 30 pieces) has 140 calories, the equivalent of three miniature Hershey bars.
  • The National Confectioners Association reports that more than 35 million pounds were manufactured in 2005, amounting to almost 9 billion kernels.
As you're thinking about candy corn... I thought I would also share this quick and easy recipe from Sally's Baking Addiction, that my family enjoys!  It's the perfect combo of sweet & salty, all wrapped up in one!

It's time to get on those brooms again and fly on over to Sheri, from Calico Moon's site to see what she has created for our awesome hop!  At the time I posted this- the pattern wasn't up (it's 2 am!) so if it is not there... I would give her a little time to get it on the site!!!  

Let's meet back here at the same bat time tomorrow!  Enjoy your day!

October 23, 2016

Halloween Blog Hop Day 3

Welcome back friends!  It's Day 3 of the Halloween Blog Hop!  I hope you are enjoying the hop and finding inspiration!  Wasn't Kathy's project cute!  Looks like she found the GREAT pumpkin in the patch!  I love it as a little mini wall hanging too!  Darling!!!  Here is a pic of it if you missed it!  Be sure to go back to the previous day's links for any of the patterns...if you are just joining us now!

As I've been reminiscing & enjoying the hop... I was thinking about how much my great grandma Lily looked forward to handing out candy to all the little trick or treaters!  Each year, she would carefully pack a cute paper Halloween sack with chocolate candy!  She would pack them very full and attempt to fold over the top so the candy wouldn't fall out.  She put all the sacks in a cake pan and waited with excitement for the kids to come!  Do you remember those cute little bags?  I have a few cute ones in my Halloween collection!!!  Good memories!

Speaking of "treats".... Remember I promised no "tricks" on this hop....??  so I'm keeping that promise and bringing you another FUN day on the hop with a super cute "treat" for you from Tracy, Plum Cute Designs!  There is nothing but cuteness in her complimentary project designed just for you!  Here is a sneak peek!  

I think we all would enjoy trick or treating at her house!!!  Here is her blog link... So fly on over and print out your project & enjoy some fabulous Halloween pics & costumes!!!  http://www.plumcutedesigns.com/?p=1125'

I'll meet you back here again for another SPOOKY fun day on the hop tomorrow!

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