December 6, 2016

Final Day on our Home for the Holidays Blog Hop!

Welcome to our final day, Day 13, on our Home for the Holidays Blog Hop!  I hope you have enjoyed our annual hop filled with some of the finest designers, offering some of the sweetest handwork designs just in time for the Holidays!  All the designers in the hop provided their complimentary designs just for you!  I want to be sure to give them a big thank you for all their time and effort they put in to make this hop Merry & Bright!  

Yesterday, Leonie shared some beautiful pictures of her family, where she lives & this adorable table mat.  The colors are so bright & cheery!  Again, if you missed any of the days, you can go back and click the links!

I love this time of year!  I love snow, the smell of a fresh cut pine tree, seeing the twinkling lights all aglow and I especially love seeing all the Christmas displays!  I couldn't wait to share a few pics from my fun & exciting teaching trip to Hollyhill Quilt Shoppe in Oregon!  I had the best time and wanted to give you a sneak peek from the shop & trip!  I will be posting more later in the week!  One thing I loved about the shop, was the vintage look it captured!  I think you will agree!  

I also love to collect vintage Christmas goods!  And as you can see below, this trip included hitting some great vintage shops!  I can't wait to share more on that, as well!  

Can you believe that Santa bread!  That is handmade!  I should have brought that home and shellacked it!  

Since many of you are waiting for my project.., I'll share my recipe and let you get right to it!  And....Please be sure to support us designers and like our blogs & follow us on Facebook and Instagram!  We promise to bring you more hops & inspiration!

Tree in Wagon Instructions:

{Make sure your pattern prints out 6 inches tall!}

Supplies Needed:
5 x18 inch piece of vintage look toweling
Scraps of red, green & gold wools
2 large black buttons for tires
9 tiny colored buttons for ornaments on tree
Floss as shown 
Black ribbon for hanger on bag
Bakers twine 
Typed out word: Oh, Christmas Tree on brown paper

1.  Fold toweling in half.
2.  Use your favorite applique method to cut & adhere wool pieces to toweling.
3.  Use the blanket stitch and floss to stitch pieces onto toweling.
4.  Use the feather stitch and cream floss to stitch line on wagon.
5.  Sew tiny buttons on tree for ornaments & black buttons on wagon for tires.
6.  Use the chain stitch and black floss to stitch handle on wagon.
7.  With right sides together, sew sides of bag.  Turn right side out and attach black hanger to one side.
8.  Use bakers twine to make a bow & attach a tag {optional}.  Enjoy!
Kits available on our website!

December 5, 2016

Day 12 of our Home for the Holidays Blog Hop

Welcome back to Day 12 on our Home for the Holidays Blog Hop!  After today, we will have 1 more day left to make it merry for you!

Today I woke up to beautiful, fluffy snowflakes falling in Oregon!  It was such a pretty sight!  I also had the pleasure of watching Debbie's grand children enjoying the first snowfall this winter there!!!  It was the perfect way to start the day!  

Shortly after capturing that moment, I was boarding a plane and heading home!  As we started descending, I was surprised to see all our snow was gone...  Looks like I'll be dreaming of a white Christnas!

Did you stop over at Lynette's blog & enjoy her sweet snowman purse yet?  It is darling!  How great was it that she gave you step by step photos/instructions to create her project!  Great job Lynette!!!

To celebrate the first snowfall... I thought I would share this delicious cookie recipe with you all!  These will be great to add to your Holiday cookie baking list!  Enjoy!  

Today brings Leonie, from Leonie Bateman Designs!  She will be our 3rd Australian designer joining us on our hop!  She's such a sweet gal!  I know you will enjoy her post & project!  I can't wait to see what awaits us, on this 12th day of the hop!  Let's check out her recipe & click the link below to head over to her blog & get inspired!

See you tomorrow!!!!  Enjoy your day!  Stacy

Day 11 of our Home for the Holiday Blog Hop!

Hey!  We are back in full swing today on Day 11 of our Home for the Holidays Blog Hop!  I'm hoping you took advantage of yesterday, and worked on one of the cute blog hop projects!  I've seen quite a few projects finished already, from previous days!  I'm so thrilled you all are enjoying the hop!  

Do you enjoy fruitcake?  I have to say I've never had it...  I may have to try it this year!  I also know that back in the day it was a big hit!  With my grand parents gone... it is no longer at our gatherings!  

Fruitcake is a heavy, alcohol soaked, fruit and nut filled cake that seems as though it has been around forever!  

1.  It has an incredible long shelf life due to its alcohol content!

2.  Fruit cakes get better with age & need at least a month to "ripen"!

3.  They can also be resurrected with steam to bring back its moisture if it dries out.

4.  The baker needs specific skills to mix & bake them properly.  It can take up to a week to make!

5.  A fruitcake, is not a fruitcake without nuts and candied red & green fruits!

6.  Fruitcake is a good luck charm for harvesters.

7.  It is also on the top 10 re-gifted gifts list!  {Maybe I'll try it next year!!!!}

Today we have a wonderful Australian designer for you on the hop!  She is Lynette, from Lynette Anderson designs!  Here is her project- how cute is it?  Wow!!!  She also has a Gingerbread People holiday recipe for you!  The cookies are so cute- I don't think I could eat them!!!!  What do you think?  So be sure to check out her pics below & then head to her blog for more holiday magic!

See you again back here tomorrow!!!  Stacy

December 4, 2016

Day 10 of the Home for the Holidays Blog Hop

Welcome back everyone to Day 10 on our Home for the Holidays Blog Hop!  We have 3 more great designers coming up after today!  Hasn't the hop gone by fast!!!

Did everyone catch Sheri's neat Noel little goodie bags?  I love how she tied them on to a gift!  Great idea!  It's going to be fun to see what you all do with them!  Lots of options!!!

As for today's designer... she has cancelled... Sorry!  We will take a pause in the hop and get right back at it tomorrow!  Please note, I'm just the host and do my best to bring you a great hop- but things happen!  

December 3, 2016

Day 9 on our Home for the Holidays Blog Hop

Today is Day 9 on our fun & exciting Home for the Holidays Blog Hop!  I think it is so great that each day we bring you a free & unreleased pattern/project designed just for you & the hop!  So if you haven't taken a moment to thank the designers... Now would be a great time!  I'm sure they would appreciate the gesture!!!

Today I'll be keeping it simple as I'm
teaching in Oregon... so I'll get right to it!!!!

I just loved Kathy's project!  Cookies for Santa!  How cute!!!  Again, if you missed any previous days... just go back and click the links to take you to the designers pages!

Up today is my friend Sheri, from Calico Moon!  She loves to create and work with wool!  I hope she's whipped up something great for you all!!!  Here is her recipe & link!  Happy hopping!  See you back here tomorrow!!!

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