December 4, 2016

Day 10 of the Home for the Holidays Blog Hop

Welcome back everyone to Day 10 on our Home for the Holidays Blog Hop!  We have 3 more great designers coming up after today!  Hasn't the hop gone by fast!!!

Did everyone catch Sheri's neat Noel little goodie bags?  I love how she tied them on to a gift!  Great idea!  It's going to be fun to see what you all do with them!  Lots of options!!!

As for today's designer... she has cancelled... Sorry!  We will take a pause in the hop and get right back at it tomorrow!  Please note, I'm just the host and do my best to bring you a great hop- but things happen!  

December 3, 2016

Day 9 on our Home for the Holidays Blog Hop

Today is Day 9 on our fun & exciting Home for the Holidays Blog Hop!  I think it is so great that each day we bring you a free & unreleased pattern/project designed just for you & the hop!  So if you haven't taken a moment to thank the designers... Now would be a great time!  I'm sure they would appreciate the gesture!!!

Today I'll be keeping it simple as I'm
teaching in Oregon... so I'll get right to it!!!!

I just loved Kathy's project!  Cookies for Santa!  How cute!!!  Again, if you missed any previous days... just go back and click the links to take you to the designers pages!

Up today is my friend Sheri, from Calico Moon!  She loves to create and work with wool!  I hope she's whipped up something great for you all!!!  Here is her recipe & link!  Happy hopping!  See you back here tomorrow!!!

December 2, 2016

Day 8 of our Home for the Holiday Blog Hop

Welcome back!  It's Day 7 on our Home for the Holidays blog hop!  Are you having fun?  I'm having a blast!  You will notice my posts may be posting later...  I'm out in Oregon, so I'm 2 hours behind MN time!!!  I'm out here teaching for 3 days!!!

Before I continue... I wanted to make sure you were all aware of my 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways!  Each day on our Facebook Page & on Instagram, we will be giving away something fun!  All you need to go is "like" our pages & leave a Holiday memory for a chance to win!  Here is the current giveaway....

Did you see Ali's sweet, sweet, wool reindeer!?  I don't think you will be able stop at making just one!  Before you know it, you will will have a heard of them just like Santa!  {My FAV is Rudolph, with the red Pom Pom nose!}

Ever wondered why the jolly old man in the big red suit is left cookies to fuel him on his "magical" night of delivering gifts to good girls & boys?!? Historians believe the tradition began during the Great Depression in the 1930's, as a way for parents to encourage their children to give and show gratitude for gifts they received.  This soon became a tradition!  Poor Santa... his belt can't get much tighter!!!

Christmas cookies have been around as long as I can remember!  I recall leaving out cookies & milk for Santa... and tradition passed on to my girls!  It seems like yesterday when we were leaving crumbs on the plate and dumping the milk to make it appear as the lovely Santa has been here!!!  Such good memories!!!!

Now that we are dreaming of Christmas cookies... I'll share Kathy, from The Cottage at Cardiff Farms recipe with you before you head to her blog!!  I know you will LOVE her project!  Santa, will too!!!  

Ho Ho Ho.... I'll see you back here tomorrow!

December 1, 2016

Day 7 of our Home for the Holidays Blog Hop

Hello!!  Welcome to Day 7 of our Home for the Holidays blog hop!  We have officially tipped over the half way point... with many more exciting projects still to come!  We have seen some fun Christmas designs including Redwork, Blackwork, wool, Christmas runners, Santas & elves!  I wonder what awaits on this fun & creative hop!!!

Yesterday Debbie offered a cute little elf made out of wool!  Her post was so cute!  I think it's great that new traditions are being made with the Elf on the Shelf!  Whoever came up with that, was on to something!  Wow!  It always amazes me what people come up with!!!  And speaking elves... here is Debbie's creative & unique little elf!!!!  How cute is he?

Ever wonder how the infamous reindeer came about?!?  I do! I'm sharing some tidbits from about reindeer!   Reindeer were originally connected to Santa through poetry.  Before Moore wrote “A Visit from Saint Nicholas” (aka “The Night Before Christmas”) in 1823, no one thought about reindeer in conjunction with Santa Claus. Moore introduced the world to Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Dunder and Blixem (the last two of which were later changed from Dutch to German, becoming Donner and Blitzen). While the first six names all make sense in English, the last two actually mean “thunder” and “lightning,” respectively.

As for little Rudolph, he wasn’t introduced until Robert L. May wrote a children’s book in verse for Montgomery Ward in 1939 titled “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.” Rudolph’s name means “famous wolf” in German.

I just gave you a "hint" for today's project from the talented Ali, from Ali Strebel Designs!!!  Could it it be.. the one with the shiny red nose?!?  You will have to go see!!!!  Before you go, here is Ali's delicious Toffee Bar recipe that I can't wait to make!!!  As always, it's a pleasure having her join us on the hop!!!  Happy hopping!!!!

Please enjoy Ali's day & swing on back here tomorrow to see who's next on the hop!  Stacy

November 29, 2016

Day 6 of our Home for the Holidays Blog Hop

Welcome back everyone to Day 6, on our Home for the Holidays Blog Hop!  In case you didn't click "refresh" in your browser and didn't get Gail Pan's darling little runner pattern, here is the direct link.  Clicking the home button on a blog or clicking "refresh" gets you back to their current page/blog post!  I try to do as much as I can for you... but once I get you there, you may have to do the above!!!

Speaking of the lovely Gail Pan, here is a pic of her project she created for the hop!!  How cute is this!!  She even used her new fabric line in it!!!

Today I'm sharing something sweet with you!  It's gumdrops!  Each Holiday Season my great grandma and I would go to the dime store and buy Christmas candy!  Gumdrops were always on top of the list!  First, we loved them and second... we needed them for the gumdrop tree!  Grandma had an old fashioned glass candy dish, unique in style and with a glass cover (of course) to hold the gumdrops.  The gumdrop tree was clear & plastic.  We put the gumdrops on the ends to look like ornaments!  Extras were placed on the bottom section to be replace the gumdrops that we are!  Such good memories!!!  Did any of you have a gumdrop tree growing up?

I also have a fun Gumdrop Fudge recipe for you!  I thought this would be a pretty addition to your cookie & candy plates this Holiday Season!!  Here is the link to the recipe!  Enjoy!

Let's continue hopping, shall we....  Today on our hop features Debbie, from Wooden Spool Designs.  I'll be seeing Debbie tomorrow, as I fly out to teach with her and a few others at Hollyhill Quilt Shoppe in Oregon!  Should be fun!  I'm excited to see what she stitched up for the hop!  Let's head over there and see!!!

See you tomorrow from Oregon!!!!!  Stacy 

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