October 4, 2015

We're having a HALLOWEEN Online Party! Blog WINNERS!

Hey everyone! Have you heard the exciting news???  I'm having an {online} HALLOWEEN Party and YOU are invited! It is going to be a BOO-t-i-ful & SPOOKTACULAR time!  It starts on the 10th, so be ready to party!

Yesterday my neighbor Sally & I took a little road trip out to Buffalo!  It was a gorgeous day, and we needed to get out and enjoy it!  Winter comes way too quick here in MN!  
We enjoyed the farmers market...
The pumpkin patch....
The apple orchard...
The fall displays... and fell in love with this vintage truck that pulled up beside us!
It was a GREAT day!

Now here are this week's Lucky Friday Winners!  Please email me your name & address by Thursday of this week!  Congrats to:
Stacy L.
Patricia D.

And before I go....I thought I'd give you the update on the Martha Stewart Living, American Made contest!  As of now, I'm 1400 votes away from the leader!  Could you please log in with a password and vote?!?  Then share it with a couple of your friends or family so they can also vote?  Pretty please!!!! I'd appreciate it! 

Enjoy your Sunday!!!!
All my best... Stacy

October 2, 2015

4 Giveaways on 3 BB FAN blogs & More!

Holy moly it's "LUCKY" Friday and boy do I have "treats" for you!!!!!!!  One of the special things in this industry is support and encouragement!  These last 24 hours turned out to be the most amazing 24 hours ever... Because of all of you!!!  I hope you, too, could feel the kindness and gentleness here!  You should see my "inspiration" board!  It's a beautiful mess of all YOUR swell comments that we printed out and hung up on there with the quotes that were shared & pics of my family & cats!!!! {lol!}. I'll try to take a pic and share it!  Words can't express how full of joy my ❤️ is!

Before I get to the {BARN tees} give away for this week... I'm going to share some other cool & FANTASTIC give aways that will be occurring on some of my FAV BB fan blogs!!!!  Each of these 3 blogs will be giving away MORE BB patterns this weekend!  I encourage you to hop over to their blog, enjoy their offerings and leave a comment for a chance to win!  Here they are!  




***you gals are the BEST!

Now... A couple more things to mention!  I need to send {big hugs}and {shout outs} to two special friends who inspire me and always support me!  They are Lisa Bongean 
http://lisabongean.com {who posted a fantastic post you should check out and bookmark her blog she's darn takented!!} and Debbie Busby {who everyone fell in love with at the barn event!} http://www.woodenspooldesigns.com {head her way to order those darling cat kits she offered there!  Then something on the vintage/paper crafts side is my friend Laura, who is starting her Etsy site & blog!  She's creative and fun!  So check her new digs out at http://www.vintologybylola.com  {she connected with Tim Holtz and I missed him �� at the Junk Bonanza!!!}. ok!  *phew* I think I got all the "important" stuff covered!!!!

Moving on!  I'm crazy!  I've been up until 5 AM most night lately!  This puts a whole "new" spin on nite owl!!! Lol!  Tomorrow morning is the first day I'm able to sleep in!  As you can see.., Oliver took over and decided to work his cuteness and "round up" some cowgirls like you all to VOTE for me in the MSL American Made Contest!  So I'm free as s bird (until I have to do the list he gave me in return!). So be sure to follow Oli this weekend as he thinks he's going to hit 20,000 votes!  He also said he's looking forward to seeing your pet pics!!!  ❤️��❤️that Oliver!

This week Kel & I caught up big time!  We started with a huge mess after 2 trailer loads were "dumped" in the studio last week!  We sorted, organized, restocked, cut kits, got all the orders & Lucky Friday winnings out and probably resent a couple of you another set of patterns or something because before/during the barn event... It was wild!  Lol! We are back in full speed {check out the new designs in process!} until we leave in 3 weeks for Quilt Market & Quilt Festival in Houston!  YES!  You read that right!  This will be my 1st trip to Houston for that wild & crazy Festival everyone looks forward too!  So as I wrap this up and send you over to our FB page for Lucky Friday....  thank you for ALL for your VOTES gals... My question for you this week over there on the FB or here is- have you ever went to the festival in Houston?  If so, give the scoop on what to expect & bring!!!!!!  If not, just leave me a comment for a chance to WIN the fun BARN T-shirts!!!!

Hugs to all!  Good luck snd please comment below and help continue spreading the words for only 17 more days!!!!!  Please click and share the link below & VOTE!!!!!


October 1, 2015

VOTE for ME... Miss Buttermilk Basin!

Good morning!!!  It's time to work some MAGIC!  I'm in the #3 spot and ready move up a notch today with YOUR help! You can vote {6 times}... You can share my link with a couple of your quilting girlfriends and they can vote {6 times}!!!!  And repeat with your family & friends!  It costs $0!!!!  How cool is that!  I'm confident I have the BEST followers either way!  I'm blessed everyday to get to share my journey with you!  The good, the crazy & the shaggy days!  I'm the real deal girls!!!!  Let's enjoy the day and ROCK the vote!!!!!!  ��✔️��✔️��


And if you're NEW to voting... Please be sure to log in with a password or your vote won't count!!!!!  Thanks!   Enjoy your day!  Stacy

September 28, 2015

Nearing 10,000! Good time junking!

Happy Momday everyone!  Hope your week is off to a great start!!!!  The voting continues!!!!  Last night I was 300 votes away from the leader!  Today I'm back to being behind a 1000!  We are now super close to 10,000 votes!!!  I know I have tons of support and I know together we can win this contest!  Thanks for voting!!!  I believe in handwork, our BB community & gaining support for our industry!  Trust me... I'm going to give it all I've got!  

Here's the link if you'd like to help me out!  http://www.marthastewart.com/americanmade/nominee/138644/crafts/buttermilk-basin

This week Kelly and I snuck out to the Junk Bonanza!  Since we weren't feeling well, we kept the trip short and sweet!  Of course, we managed to make a dent in our pocket books!  But... It's for a good cause!  It's for display pieces that help you see how our designs and products can be used!  {Sounds good, doesn't it?} ��. Here are a few pics of quick trip!  It's always amazing to see what people find & bring to the event!!!!  I'm digging those pumpkin buckets big time!  Really love all the fall inspiration!  

September 26, 2015

Fall, wedding, FUN!

I hope you all are enjoying this gorgeous fall day!  It's warm, sunny and beautiful here in MN!  This pretty much sums up my day so far!  We are now getting ready to go to our nephew's wedding!  It's going to be a very special day!!!!  Before we had our I wanted to thank you for voting for me and remind you to log in before you vote or your votes don't count!  I found that out last night at the grooms dinner!  My family was funny!  They thought you just clicked it and they voted!!!  We were laughing!!!  Enjoy the day!!!  

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