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February 18, 2011



 On Thursday, a friend and I headed out across the Twin Cities to go and check out an occasional sale.  Although we did not make many purchases this round... it was still fun to check out!  I did get a couple of cool small oil cans and a small black old metal display rack for my smaller patterns.... BUT...My fav part of our journey was finally meeting Biscotti Barb!  She is so sweet and makes the best biscotti ever!  (Hi Barb! :-)  Her flavors change each month!  YUM!
I resisted - but LOVE them!
OH.. I wanted to bring her home and mend her...

How cool are these?

I am always a sucker for typewriter keys!

Oh the finds....

and more finds...
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Can you say cork board?
Thinking about spring!

Biscotti Barb!!!
Why do these look so cool?
Too coll....


Karen said...

I want those black buttons - how come you didn't get them for me :). Looks like fun and pass the treats please - yummmm

Hugs (don't ya love that, lol)
Mrs. Farmhouse XOXO

Miss Stacy said...

I know - I am soooo kickin myself I did not buy them. I walked by them a ton of times!

I will pick you up some of her biscotti next time... She is going to email me so I can order some. The best part is that it is not hard like most biscotti...YUM!

Hugs back at ya girl! I can't believe you did the XOXO thing to me - Dang girl!!! :-)

You know I love ya!!!


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