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August 24, 2014

Plowboy & Rejuvinations!

For as tiny as Rearden, WA is... They had a couple of great shops!  The one that I fell in love with was Plowboy!  I wish I drove like Meg (Crabapple Hill) did!  She was able to bring home some cool large pieces where I was limited to what fit in my suitcase!  Snap!  I hate passing up some some good stuff!!!  Anyhow- if you get to Rearden- stop in and say hi to Coco and her sweet daughter for me!  They were just the coolest!!!  
The next shop that I thought was absolutely stunning was Rejuvinations!  That shop has a very cool vibe and look with all the galvanized tin!  Again, I had to pass up some cool things - I really wanted this arrow that lit up!!!  So fricken cute!  It was made out of salvaged wood!  Anyway- enjoy the pics and see you tomorrow with more!  We haven't even made a dent in my pics yet! :)


Unknown said...

Had a great time in your class Stacy at buggy barn. I will look forward to reading your blog and keeping in touch. We missed your visit to our table at the Rusty Moose on Thursday night! Stay well.

Miss Stacy said...

Hey!!! Thanks for stopping by!!! It was was awesome having you in class and more importantly having a fun time and getting to know you!! I really had hoped to catch you 3 there! I was bummed when I didn't see you there!!! Thanks again for taking my class! I really appreciated it!!! Stacy!!!

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