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October 31, 2014

Lucky Friday! Happy Halloween!

What better day for "Lucky" Friday (head over to our FB page for a chance to win these patterns!)

to fall on then Halloween!  Halloween is the bomb-dig-et-y!  I have the best Halloween memories growing up in a small town of 2,500 people!  First we went trick or treating to Great Grandma Lily's and got our vintage bags full of candy, then we went across to my other Grandma Avis' house- then thru the woods to the neighbors!  But wait- we didn't stop there... Then we headed into town where we went trick or treating door to door until our bags were so heavy we had to stop!  I loved going to Ben Franklin and looking at the costumes in the boxes!  Man those were cool!  If I didn't pick one of those out- my mom made me a costume!  My top two costumes she made me were a Smurf costume- all out huge & furry!!!... I also loved being a record!  She made that out of a hula hoop base!  So I'm curious if you gals went trick or treating growing up and if so, what did you dress up as or remember most about this spook-tac-u-lar holiday??!!!!  Happy Halloween!!!


Anna said...

My sister and I would traverse the town...our costumes were handmade and back then we didn't have to worry about our candy...except for my dad who was known to take candy tax in order to get back in the house!!!

paulette said...

Of course we went trick or treating...in homemade costumes that we worked on for months!! After trick or treating it was off to our elementary school where there was a huge bonfire with MR. MISCHIEF on top (a scarecrow kind of man...) who went up in smoke! No mischief in our town! There was bobbing for apples, races, games and hot cocoa...and of course fireworks at the end! Ahhh the good ol'days!!

Nancy said...

I did go trick or treating and enjoyed it; but what I remember most is the little boxes like waxed milk cartons that we took with us to collect for UNICEF. It was more important for me to get that money than the candy. Costumes were basically homemade; but I don't remember what they were.

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