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June 18, 2016

FREE Pattern in our Let it Snow Mystery BOM & Summer Blog Hop!

Happy "LUCKY" Friday!!!!!!!!!  Do you know what day it is????  It is the release of Block 7 {S} in our "Let it Snow" Mystery BOM!  This block is my FAV!  I think it is so FUN to give away great designs to make sure  you have a lovely BOM!  Soo…. I reallllly hope you ENJOY this JOURNEY with us here at the BASIN!  The pattern is up on the website, as well as the kits!  Go get em!!!  And… don't forget to share your work with us!  All you need to do is post it to this page on the left hand side!  Then I will make sure it gets on the feed here!!!!  Plus, I LOVE seeing your blocks too!!!!!!!  www.buttermilkbasin.com

This week brought putting up shelves, filling bins, organizing wool & getting tons of more fabric and wool in, in the new space!  It is going to be so much easier for us to meet your needs, once we get it all moved!  I sure wish there was more time in the day to get things done!  I also got the pics taken of the gorgeous floss we will be carrying!  I hope to get that up this weekend!  I am soooo close!   

Getting the floss on the website might have happened, if I didn't have to take time out for oral surgery!  I have had a problem tooth for a year and finally decided to move forward with extracting it and then I will be getting an implant.  I don't know about you, but I HATE the dentist!  A few years ago, when I had my wisdom teeth pulled… everything went wrong, and I ended up leaving the dentist {with broken teeth to pull out, etc.} to go have emergency oral surgery!  And, I couldn't be put under {GRRR} so this time… I was!  Thank GOODNESS!!!!  So far, so good!  I guess I was quite hilarious after!  All I kept saying was.. I'm so happy… I made it!!! LOL!  And I thanked them a million times!  My girls were so wanting to video tape me!  HAHAHAHA!!!!!

I am back… I just had to take 5 and clip the toe nails of Grace's guinea pigs! LOL!  I know, you are all jealous of the life I lead! HAHA!  Thought I would do that while she was cleaning the cage!  OK- back to shop talk!  

The best news of the week is that our covers for our new patterns have been proofed and will be printed!  Thanks for your patience!  It takes a village to get those done as well!  I am dying to put them up on the site too!  We have pre-sold a ton and can't wait for you to get your hands on some!  It is great timing, because we have our Christmas in July Event coming up on the blog & here!  We are going to inspire you to get started on your Holiday projects, so you can enjoy that magical time of year!

I am also super excited about our Summer Blog Hop!  I have been getting sneak peeks & recipes etc, in!  You are going to LOVE it!  Mark your calendar!  The hop starts on July 8th and runs through the 19th …  How exciting!!!!  You can also grab our button and put it on your blog for your readers to enjoy!!!  The more following along… the merrier!!!!!  I can't wait for all the potluck recipes to come in, too!!!!

I better rock & roll…  My hubby is at home patiently waiting for me!!!!  Today marks our 21st year of wedded bliss!  He really is my saving grace!!!!!!  I LOVE that guy!!!  I did get a lovely bouquet of flowers from him earlier… but I had to skip out on lunch with him & the girls…. {Hey, I had a commit to you gals with the new BOM!!!  I gotta keep everyone happy!!} ….so I can't miss sneaking in some great moments tonight!  Tomorrow we are gardening & taking the girls to a county fair!  It is FAIR season again!  SOOO FUN!!! 

Thanks everyone, as always for your support!  I hope you enjoy the new BOM & have a fantastic Father's Day Weekend with those you love!  Please head over to our FB page and leave a comment for a chance to WIN THE NEW BOM KITS!  Let me know what you've been up to, I love seeing those pics too, you know!!!! XOXOXO Stacy


Nancie Anne Quilts said...

Happy Anniversary! Such a cool bouquet! I Love those Sunflowers. Hope your mouth continues to heal well! Squeaks to the Piggles! I can't wait til the new patterns are up. I finally got a chance to enjoy Anna's video and slideshow yesterday. I giggled and drooled, and told Maecee that we are going to have a LOT of new projects on our plate! I have the new block downloaded, but I have to complete 2 baby quilts and get them to the quilter before I can start it! Our daughters baby shower just got moved up to the middle of August! X's & O's backatcha Sweetheart!

Janet O. said...

I am having to take deep breaths and all I did was READ about your life!! Don't know how you do it all, girl.
Happy Anniversary!!! Hope your oral surgery doesn't give you any trouble in the healing process.
Love the new block design, too. Thanks so much for providing your great SALs!

Claire said...

Thank you so much for such a delightful sled block, Stacy! With every new release I think- oh this one is my favourite! I am so looking forward to your new Christmas patterns as well. Have a very happy anniversary and I hope your tooth problem heals really fast. I have heard cat snuggles do wonders for that. Thanks again for your generosity in providing summer stitching for all of us.

Jane said...

Happy Anniversary! Thanks for the next block...I haven't started them yet but I will...one day! I too dislike the dentist, and I worked as a dental assistant at one time! LOL Good luck completing the move!

Patricia said...

Happy Anniversary! My wedding anniversary is today (the 18th) also, we are at 22 years. :) Thank you so much for the always wonderful designs and your generosity in sharing so much!

paulette said...

Happy Anniversary!! Thanks again for another WONDERFUL 'Let It Snow' Block! No favourites for me as I LOVE them all!

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