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July 19, 2016

Summer Blog Hop {Day 12}

 Welcome Everyone!  Today is another "NEW" designer day, on {Day 12,} of our Summer Blog Hop!  I am so excited!  Before I introduce her... Did you enjoy the "slice of summer" from Kathy yesterday?  Who thinks of that!  I thought she was very clever... and the sewing keep was just sweet!  I am hoping you gals are all making up these goodies and sharing them on Instagram #summerbloghop #buttermilkbasin #(the designer who the project is from) and on our FB page!  We LOVE seeing your work and sharing the blog hop with as many peeps as we can!  After all, that is all this blog is intended for... to brighten these lazy days of summer for you all!!!!

If you missed Kathy's project... here it is!  {CUTE!} Remember, you can go back and check each day for ALL the wonderful designer's projects if  you are just joining us!

On to today's lovely designer.....
Today I am excited to welcome a NEW designer to the hop!  She is another Australian friend, Leonie, from Leonie Bateman Designs!  I can still remember when we first met at spring market, years ago!  We were down the same row!  And, since she flew in, she could not bring many props for her booth... so, if you know me... I tend to bring more props then I need {lol!}, so I was more than happy to lend her some for her display!  ***Not that she needed any... her work was lovely!!!   Since then, I always look forward to seeing her at market!!! 

Leonie loves to work with both cottons {from her fabric lines} & wool!  Her color combinations are so unique, yet stunning, as you will see in her complimentary project!   Speaking of stunning... check out the view below!  Breathtaking!!!  AND... it is just a little stroll down the road from her!!! 

Leonie's Summer FUN Tidbits....

1.   Green thumb or not?  In my previous life (before it became super hectic!) I’d like to think that I was! I did have a beautiful cottage garden here in Australia where I used to spend a lot of time with my two girls when they were little. Now, in our new home in New Town, which is just a couple of minutes from the capital city of Hobart, my garden looks sad and is just begging for some love and attention! When time allows, I will pull out the ugly overgrown ivy and replace it with beautiful Iceberg roses and pretty sea-side daisies, both of which grow very well here in Tasmania and when I do, I shall show the world!!
2.   Average temperature where I live in the Summer?  The warmest months are December, January, February and March with average temperatures of around 21°C. We can get it as hot as 38-40°C here, but not very often, although on Christmas Day last year, it was a hot 36°C and I was cooking a hot lunch with no air-con!! Not very pleasant at all! Hobart is Australia's second-driest capital city.
3.   How do you stay cool during the Summer?  Only a ten minute walk from our home is a walking track that winds its way along the Derwent River, down into the city of Hobart. It’s always lovely and cool, as the breeze comes in off of the water . . . or sometimes a stroll through the Botanical Gardens full of huge shade trees and the softest green grass you’ll ever find . . . still only five minutes from home.
4.   Favorite Summer drink?   Ok I have to confess, I do love to have a nice cold beer on a stinking hot day! It’s a real thirst quencher for me. Another fave of mine is iced water with slices of lemon and sprigs of mint. . .
5.   How did you celebrate 4th of July?  Here in Australia we don’t celebrate the 4th of July as you do in the US. But I did have dinner with a bunch of girlfriends at our favourite Italian Restaurant on the evening of the 4th and it was a real hoot, let me tell you! 
6.   What type of s’mores do you like? Standard or?  S’More? Never had one! I’m certainly a newbie to the world of s'mores – there’s quite an extensive and can I say, impressive amount of information out there on how to make them, I think this Summer I need to try my hand at them! 
7.   Do you frequent any farmer’s markets during the week?  Absolutely! There’s one just down the road from where I live (yes, everything is pretty close by in Hobart!). They have the most amazing produce to choose from, all locally grown and we come home with way more than we need!
8.   Favourite fruit?   I can’t pick just one so I’d have to say blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, watermelon, mangoes and pineapple! Scrumdidlyumptious!
9.   Do you do any handwork outside during the week?  I don’t venture outside with my handwork as I tend to sew only in the evenings after I’ve finished work in the studio – and besides there are too many bugs in the Summer here! Urrrrgh!
10.   Favourite Summer tradition?  Heading off with the family to sit on the grassy hill complete with a picnic lunch to watch Australia play cricket at Bellerive oval – nothing beats a good game of Aussie cricket in Summer!

Doesn't this look delicious?!?!  Such a pretty dish, too!!!!

Please click the link below and enjoy Leonie's day on the hop!

See you again tomorrow!!!!

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Thank you for the lovely design and the recipe looks delicious, too!

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