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September 9, 2016

5 Days! Shop Opens! Giveaway!

Hey! Hey!  What a beautiful "LUCKY" Friday today is!

 We are excited to giveaway sets of these fun, fall patterns over on our Facebook page!  We are also finally able to get the fall truck kit winners out, too - since our backing wool is back in stock!!!!  Whohoo!!!!!!  I can't believe the amount of wool we go through on a weekly basis!  Tons!!!!!

I'm keeping this short, as I'm burning the midnight oil & need to shut down the 50 "open tabs" I have in my head!  Lol!  Way too much going on to even mention, with the shop opening & WOOLSTOCK happening next week!  It is all very exciting!!!!  Soooo exciting, that I can hardly sleep!  I was up again late last night until my husband got up for work at 5:45!!!!  I think the shop gals could tell I was a little silly today due to lack of sleep!   πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Oh, well... we had some good chuckles over it!!!!

So here are a few bullet points for this weekly wrap up!
1.  We finished up NEW patterns & kits for the opening next week!  You're going to LOVE them!!!!!!  
2.  We will also be showcasing our "CAMP" Basin next week!  The 1st project is AWESOME!  More info next week!  If you come to the shop... you can see our cute "CAMP" Basin display & project!  
3.  Our Quilt-on-a-Stick contest is going to be so fun to vote on!  The quilts are stinkin CUTE!  Today is the last day to send off your quilt, so we can be sure to get it in time!
4.  Our group of 8 Australians are in the US!  Can't wait to see them next week!
5.  Next week also starts our ONLINE event for fall!  It will be very similar to our "Christmas in July" Event!  We LOVE our online shoppers and want to make sure you experience a "little fun" too, during this exciting time at the Basin!!
6.  We are still unpacking orders that keep coming in!  Some that I ordered is for Christmas... So now I need to find room to store those until a later date!  Yikes!  Cool goods, though! 
7.  We have a "PREVIEW" night on Wednesday next week at the shop!  I'll be serving goodies, too, while you mingle!
8.  The girls started school this week!  Hannah is a senior & is a peer mentor... while Grace is a Freshman!  This is the 1st time in years that they have been in the same school together!  They are loving it!

Alright... I better wrap it up, give my kitties some love & hit the hay!  If you're wondering what's shakin for me this weekend?!?... It's finishing setting up the shop!  I have my SIL, Kelly & the fam helping me!  I'm SEW grateful!!!!!  I promise I'll post picks on Sunday for you, once it's more complete!  I can't believe WOOLSTOCK is almost here!  Wowza!  Good times on the horizon!!!! Yeehaw!!!!!!  

Please head over to our Facebook page & leave a comment for a chance to win these fun patterns!!!!  Hope everyone is doing swell, enjoying your day & working on a fall project or two!!!!  Wish you all were coming to hang out with me & the shop gals ect week!!!  We'd have a blast!!!!!! Love you guys!!!  πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ


Janet O. said...

Had to laugh as I read this--my head was spinning with all you have going on.
I have one of your patterns I am wanting to make for Fall--"Give Thanks woolen", but I realize it is too large for the space where it would hang. Can't decide whether to just make a part of it, or shrink the whole pattern down.

Claire said...

Will be joining you in spirit and can't wait to see all the pics of the shop and the new designs! Nice to hear there will be an online party, too!

Candee said...

I met your Aussies at Madison Quilt Expo today. You are all going to have a blast!

Summer said...

The patterns are really nice! Happy Fall ♥


Lindsey said...

New happenings are always exciting. Plus the fact that everything doesn't get done that you think needs to. Nevermind, however, as what needs to get done usually does and it all comes out good in the end. Not to worry as it sounds like things are really moving along. We're all looking forward to many happy years of success!

Lindsey @ Nosto

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