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July 5, 2011

4th & Party Planning!

Hello Friends!
I hope each of you are doing well and starting to re-coop from the Holiday Weekend!  

For the first time in quite sometime, we did not take in any festivities or gatherings over the 4th.  It was a very quiet (can I say, long?) weekend for us at the West household.  My youngest daughter came down with a fever early Saturday morning which has had her pretty much confined to the couch for most of the weekend.  In between taking her temps and keeping her hydrated, we did manage to sneak out today and pick up a load of "legal MN fireworks" to shoot off tonight!  It is the best we could do under the circumstances....  We gathered the neighbors, lit the sparklers and watched a simple, but beautiful array of fireworks in the dark sky!  
Sometimes, it is the "little things in life" that matter the most!  

My two girls and the neighbors with their sparklers!  :-)

Now... With that being said... I really did miss celebrating with family and friends.  So, I have decided it is time start planning a summer party!  For those of you who don't know (although I totally LOVE what I do) my DREAM job, would be to be a kick ass PARTY PLANNER!  Typically, I host several "themed' parties a year.  However, since BB has grown over the last few years, my "play" time has decreased (soo not fair!)  As I say that - I also have to say I  have never miss giving the girls a cool themed birthday party of their choice.  Birthday parties are sooo special in my books!!!  As a little girl, I would get showered with birthday parties (I lived between two sets of grandparents!!! Lucky me!)  But the best part was going to Great Grandma Lily's and getting my favorite homemade three layer cake - it was white with white frosting and coconut!  It was the best ever!  (You know it was good when I am really a chocolate girl!!)  That reminds me... I should through myself a "29"party this year!!!

OK - back to my party... I am thinking of a Vintage Backyard BBQ?  What do you think?  I am thinking of basing it around red gingham.  I have the the best blue and red old metal trays, a ton of Mason jars....  etc! I think it could be really cool!  Here is my inspiration..... I thought you would enjoy the pics too!  If you have any other cool ideas - let me know!  

Vintage 4th of July dessert table

Vintage wwii  4th of July party theme
Photo Credit: Celebrating Moments by Marcie

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Me and My Stitches said...

Sounds like fun! I love the pictures - they are so inspiring. Now I want to have a party!

Leanne said...

Cool. Brings back memories of those yummy foods on the trailer in Fox!! Bet you could put on quite a cool spread! Just wanted to tell you that it was fun seeing your patterns for sale in Blackduck today. Nice quilt shop there.

jennifer768 said...

Sounds like a fun time is in the works! Hugs,Jen

Miss Stacy said...

Hey Leanne!! I loved those days up there... I really think we need to re-live those days! I can't compete with the trailer! That was cool!

I am coming up with the girls for the fair... We can't wait!

Loved seeing the pics from the wedding.. BEAUTIFUL! I was so sad I was not able to come... They just stopped by at the studio the other night.. Fun times!

Drew Watts said...

I really liked your party arrangement ideas. Want to host a lovely tea party at one of LA event venues and have already started looking for good ideas for it. Planning to arrange delicious dessert table there. Will have different types of desserts in that.

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