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November 9, 2012


I can't believe we are less then a week away from our Holiday Gathering!  Things are being printed, packaged and tied with a bow... Just for YOU!  

I can not stress enough how thrilled we to our response... We have added another room for our workshop to make sure you all can attend!  HOW COOL IS THAT!!!!  I am amazed at what Karen and I have come up with for you!  I can't wait to get in the HOLIDAY SPIRIT with you all!!!!!

Here are some of the NEW GOODS for YOU!
*WOOL ~ In all shapes, colors and sizes!
*KITS ~ We have kitted up some old favorites and of course some NEW patterns!
*VALDANI FLOSS ~ We have received some new floss colors including the new TWISTED TWEED line!
* NEW BUTTERMILK BASIN PATTERNS!!!!  ~ Yes, I have found time to come up with some new designs just for the gathering!
*HOLIDAY DECOR ~ We have some of the neatest hand made and primitive decor just for the gathering... Goods to trim the tree or serve with style!
*TINSEL TRIM ~ I have got my hands on a BUNCH of it - FINALLY!!! Yahoo!



Bridgidk said...

Oh Stacy, I really wish I lived closer. I would sooo be there for your gathering. I will be there in spirit. Have fun!!!

Tana said...

Please, please, please show us lots of pictures for those of us who are just too far away.... Have a terrific weekend! It looks to be amazing.

Tana said...

Sorry. didn't mean to post anonymously.... Tana

Melanie said...

I honestly Googled it.... I would soooo love to come..... Just too far away from home. Take tons of pictures.....You and Karen will be the 'Dynamic Duo'!!!!!

Miss Stacy said...

Hey! I too WISH we could have ALL of you come!!! We will definately take lots of pics and post...

I think the Dynamic Due will be ROCKING it next week! We are so crazy together!!! :)

Thanks for being there in spirit!!!

Karen said...

Just got home from a weekend of quilting with my small group. Can't wait to come. This trip is my bday present from my hubby. He is so good to me. I'm still hoping on the weather being good for the trip. Me and my credit card are ready to come:) Just please save some stuff for me on Saturday.
Karen from Omaha

I feel like a little kid waiting for Christmas morning:)

Miss Stacy said...

Karen! We are sooo excited to see you too! I can't believe it is your birthday present! How cool is that! Good for you! We promise to take good care of you and fill you full of ideas!!! :)

SEE YOU SOON!!! Crossing my fingers weather holds out for you too!!!! Stacy

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