Autumn in the Country Sept 19-21

Autumn in the Country Sept 19-21

January 5, 2013

New Year~Gratitude

Happy New Year!  I hope this note finds you doing well and enjoying 2013.  I had the pleasure of spending time with my in laws and extended family on Christmas Eve and being a host on Christmas Day for a couple of school classmates and their family…  After a few days of Holiday fun, much needed rest, {and after receiving my 3rd set of Matchbox 20 tickets for this year!} we rang in the New Year in a (sooo much needed) simple way… with just the 4 of us!  It was low keyed, but together as a family…
I also wanted to thank each of you {again} for your business throughout the past year.  I know there are many designers out there and only so much time and money to be put into one of your favorite past times.  Know I appreciate you for purchasing my patterns, but more importantly for the joy you bring to my days, like today, when I spoke to all of those who were so excited and eager to sign up for the club(s)!  I have a gift, and I choose to share it with you because I wouldn’t want it any other way!
As some of you know, this year has been very challenging for me on a personal and professional level.  There have been days when I almost threw in the towel… For those of you who do not know… I am A ONE WOMAN SHOW at Buttermilk Basin {but have great friends who lend a hand when I need them}!  Without getting into the specifics – I honestly TRY to do it all…  Some days I ROCK at it and some days I don’t.  One minute I am spending 4 hours at the hospital with my mom then juggling to get my work done... the next moment I am a mom to my darling young girls!  Some days I may even be “burnt out” and find it hard to get motivated {but I DO} – even if you don’t see it happening.  I work when I am sick {like right now} and I lay awake at night thinking about all the things I did or did not do.  My to do list and opportunities (blessed) don’t end….  I am NOT perfect by any means and make mistakes.  But through it all, YOU support me and encourage me.  Your emails and stories INSPIRE me to PRESS ON!   I love hearing about how it helped relax you while you were in the hospital recovering, or how it helped heal your soul as you were grieving or how special your day was when you taught your granddaughter how to stitch one of my designs.  Those are the reasons I do it…. for that, I thank you! AND - I thank you for your patience, your understanding and your kind words as I simply do the best I can with what I have to work with during these crazy hectic days of my life here at the Basin! 
Speaking of blessed… I thought I would share this little treasure with each of you… I have set goals, have a list of things to work on, and will continue to be grateful for my wonderful life!  And… this is where I am doing each day of the year!  Don’t  you just love it!  You can find it on Etsy under the seller Iloveitall!  Happy New Year...let's make it a great year!
365 Things I Am Grateful For 2013 Gratitude Journal (January-December) . Everyday Daily Document Thankful Blessings Daybook Book Diary


Country Prims said...

Happy new Year Stacy!
Love the journal-great idea!
I can only imagine how tough it must be to do all you do single handedly-totally amazing!
I work nursing 2 days/wk and between everything else, bemoan the fact I have so little time to stitch, so I don't know how you achieve so much.
So glad you are sticking with it though as the Basin rocks and with your creative spirit you probably need it too! So you go girl but at your own pace so you can enjoy it all:)
Hugs, Shazy

Miss Stacy said...

Oh Thanks Shazy!!!! That just brightened my day! It's complicated but am amazing ride at the same time! Take care and have a great weekend!!!! :)

WoolenSails said...

I hope this year brings you many blessings, as you have shared your talent and gifts with others. I made the winter snowman last week and had fun making it, though I did cheat and leave off the tongues.


CJ said...

All I can say is you truly are a Super Woman ! No need to wear the blue body suit ! You pull everything off with great inspiration to the rest of us. May all good thing come your way.

Miss Stacy said...

Hey! Debbie! Thanks so much! Enjoy your day!!! :).

Miss Stacy said...

Hey! How sweet are you! Thanks girl! Have a nice day!! :)

Gloria said...

Stacy..I to have the same doubts about my designs and work.. wondering why I am doing this, which direction should I go.. does anyone out there know I exist? We, however, know the answers to your questions for we LOVE your designs. When these doubts fill my brain...I take a deep breath and know that I'm doing God's work..sharing with others. So are you and we LOVE YOU and your work. Hugs to you! Gloria

sue said...

Your designs are wonderful! If you have to do at your pace so be it! I appreciate the creative ideas that you come up with as a designer. For those of us who just like to make things it is so great! I have taught my niece wool applique and punch needle and it is fun.

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