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January 16, 2014

Dolphin Watching!

Hope you still are enjoying being a part of our vacation!!!  Thanks for letting me share it with you all!

The next day we headed on a cruise to see the dolphins!  We almost did not go because my older daughter ended up getting the flu and was pretty shaggy.  But luckily, it was on a boat so we could just relax and enjoy the ride if nothing else.  It was also our first drizzly day there and very overcast.  So we thought it would not be a good day to go.  But to our surprise - it ended up being a great day for dolphin watching since there was not much action out on the water!  I have some great pics but hope I am able to post my little video of them too... I am have not posted a video before so let's see!

DARN!  I Can't get the video to upload!!!!! 

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