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January 8, 2014

Next stop Disneyland!

Hello Again...

Since we were so busy prior to the Holidays... we really did not have a plan set which worked out great since we came into it under the weather... So Christmas Eve we decided to drive to Disneyland! We were there for 17 hours!! Whoop Whoop!  The cool part is that while cleaning up before we headed out I ran across an old notebook of my daughter's that had a bucket list and on it was going to Disneyland before she was 20!  Oh- I forgot to tell you this was a complete surprise for them!!!  We told them the day before we left so they could pack what they wanted!! :)

We stayed at the Dolphin property... this was their Christmas tree when you walked in!

Grace and I shared a little late night room service! Yum!

Enjoying Disneyland... Pirates of the Caribbean!

My fav picture I took while waiting for the parade!

Enjoying the parade!

The late night parade... Grace shopping!

Merry Christmas from Disney! *YES we are still sick and exhausted! lol!

17 hours of fun!

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