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July 13, 2015

Bridal shower I hosted part 1!

Welcome to a new week filled with endless possibilities!  I'm sure many of you missed my "Lucky" Friday or "CAT"-ur-day on the BB Facebook page!  I sure missed it!  I promise I will make up for it this week!!!

All I can say is that this week was a whirlwind, but so amazing at the same time!  After putting in 60 hours of work M-Th... {should have worked Friday too...}. I had to regroup & switch gears and put on my party planner hat as I was to host a bridal shower on Saturday afternoon for my sweet nephew's bride-to-be!  So around 7:30 Thursday night Hannah & I set the gears in motion!  I have to admit... It felt like I was on one of those completion shows where you get supplies a,b&c and then you have 36 hours to complete your project!  lol!  We wasted no time & got up early Friday morning, did our grocery shopping, hit 4 other stores for misc supplies that we needed.  Then we met George at the shed and picked up all our "props" ...and we finally started cooking at about 8 pm!  Hannah, Grace and I got all the food done and then Hannah & I stayed up wee late and got the majority of the decor/details finished up!  Luckily, earlier in the week we got our games printed off & picked up our prizes!  Thankfully, we had purchased all our gifts a couple weeks ago too for the bride!!!  A couple hours of sleep for me...and before I woke up- my hubby had completed a bunch of things for us!  Yeehaw!

Then next few hours is when then magic happened!  Everything fell beautifully into place!  I'm one of those people who doesn't make lists, preplan...I just gather up props/fabric/supplies and work on the fly!    Maybe because I don't have enough free time to think & worry!  Lol!!!  So... Here are a few pics from the lovely bridal shower {more to come!!!}. 

Also, I hope you can forgive me if I missed an email or took an extra day to get the free pattern link working correctly on my site!  Sometimes, I too, have to take a step back and put things in perspective and realize all I can do is my best.   Even I need to take time to celebrate & enjoy special moments like these while I can, with those people who are near and dear to me!  My hope is that you, too, enjoy the moments rather than getting frustrated over a link that doesn't work!  In the big scheme of things... Life is too short not to enjoy!  More tomorrow!  PS!  And YES!!!  I did crash after the party and slept for 4 hours!  It's been a lazy Sunday too...   It felt good to relax with my fam, get Grace off to dance camp & snuggle with my kitties!!!!  See you tomorrow or later with more on my "Grow Love" themed shower and BB info!!!  Have a great week everyone!!!

1 comment:

Charlotte said...

Looks like you did a great job of pulling everything together. Nice that your daughter and husband were there to help also.
You can do my parties anytime. And yes, you should have family time.


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