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July 17, 2015

Lucky Friday, Fabric & Kits!!!!

It's "LUCKY" Friday time gals over on our FB page!  Yahoo!!!!  Time to give away some patterns featuring my new Humble Beginnings fabric line!  And YES!  If you haven't noticed it's now available in 1/2 yard increments of my website!  So many of you have been asking for it...I'm carrying the whole line!  I've been sewing with it and it's still as gorgeous as ever!  Let me know if you've made anything with it yet!  I just love it!

I'm happy to say that the bridal shower I hosted last week was a grand success!  Even though it was a ton of work... I really did enjoy every minute of it!  And seeing how thrilled & grateful the couple were of it, was the "al a mode" on the pie!!!  This week brought me designing their wedding invitations & response cards!  They're based around a "heart thumb print" of theirs!  How sweet is that?  Tomorrow they will be printed and I will come up with a creative packaging concept!  Somedays... I'd LOVE to be a party planner!!!! 

Your "Mystery" BOM's are amazing gals!  I'm thrilled to see all the variations I get weekly from all across the globe!  I love being able to share my talent with you each month and I am so excited to start seeing the birdhouse blocks being shared & posted to my BB page!  You post them... I'll share them!  I also think it's neat that some of you are working on them with your good friends, siblings and mothers!  That just brings me joy!!!  Oh- all kits are in stock & available on the website for those of you who are new & prefer kits!  

Speaking of kits... well, buttons!  I'm excited to let you know I have button packages designed exclusively for the Merrie Halloween & Merrie Christmas woolen quilts!  They will be on the website shortly!  I think it's awesome to be able to offer this as I get so many requests for the exact buttons I use.  Plus, getting "non" shiny buttons in the small sizes can be quite a challenge!  So I've got it covered for you!  

Many of you have been asking about Oliver!  I'm happy to say that within this last week and a half he's been getting back to his old self, gaining weight & getting his playful spirit back!  He's happy & much healthier!  Most (nice) days I try to get him outside with me for some"bird" watching!  He LOVES to bird watch!!!'  Bella still has a very bad attitude and is VERY unfriendly & aggressive towards him.... We continue to keep them separated.  Definitely still a work in progress as far as that goes!  Darn kitty freshener a thing didn't work!!!

Today Sally, Kelly & I went road tripping!  My best score was a vintage quilt with gorgeous colors!  I also bought 3 vintage metal picnic baskets (made me think of Yogi Bear there for a minute!!), some old garden tools, old tool bins, more mini succulents, an old horse shoe (I have a thing for them!!!) and an old feed trough!  Yes- everything was a "need"!!! Lol!!!!!  We had a great time!!!!  

Better sign off... Morning kicks off our first shipment of the new BOM kits!  Better be prepped & ready!  Have an  AWESOME weekend everyone!  All my best... Stacy


Unknown said...

Dear Miss Stacy, you are amazing. I love the new BOM. I have three friends who I stitch with and they too love your designs. We love the idea of being able to take it with you. I have one friend who always has a tote which is her purse and it is filled with projects. Mine are in plastic satchels that I can take with me. Love it, love it, love it. Thanks to much for creating wonderful projects for us. I also thank you for the chance to win the Lucky Friday fabric and kits. Have a wonderful weekend and stay safe. P

Phyllis said...

The new BOM block is prepped and ready to work on. Love them all. Thank you for the chance to win. Hope your day is filled with joy.

Janet O. said...

Getting ready to prep July's BOM.
Sounds like you had quite the road trip--gathering all of those "necessities". : )

Unknown said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful Road Trip!! We are so thankful for all those late nites you spend dreaming up new designs for us to fall in love with!! As a fellow Minnesotan I say "Stay Cool"!

Nancy said...

Wish I had been a tag a long on your road trip! I don't do facebook, so can't participate on your lucky Fridays, dang it. Not long ago you had something here too?

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