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May 12, 2017

LIVE EACH SEASON Block 5 NOW on our website!

Hey!  It's "LUCKY" Friday!  YEEHAW!  I am even on time!  I am so excited to share BLOCK 5 of our "LIVE EACH SEASON" Mystery BOM!  Did I mention it is FREE?  So if you haven't joined us… now is the time to jump in and stitch a long with us!  This one is just cute!  It features a sheep pulling a cart full of summer FUN!  I am sorry there is no color photo yet!  We are in our final weekend before we head to St. Louis, for the International Quilt Market!  So you gals will have to get creative with your color choices until next week, when Kel fuse the pieces & stitches it up for me!  If you want, you can be patient and wait until then… just wanted to make sure I came through on my end with the design for you all to ENJOY!!!  As always, I am giving away a dozen kits for this darling block over on our Facebook page, so be sure leave a comment below for a chance to win a KIT!!!!!!!!

This week has been my FAV week at the shop so far!  The gals and I are having an absolute blast with our NEW line of designs!  And more importantly, we are having FUN working together seeing each piece come together!  Each day we have a "new fav"!  I honestly can't believe we are pulling it off as we just started a few weeks ago!  You gals are in for a BIG surprise!  I don't want to let the cat out of the bag… but I will tell you it is a very FUN & FESTIVE themed line complete with NEW {SUPER COOL}  Buttermilk Basin gear ranging from hats, shirts to buttons!  The gals are in LOVE with the NEW gear!  We have most of it in our hands… but the rest will be shipped to market!  CAN'T WAIT to share everything with you!  NEXT WEEK {for LUCKY FRIDAY or before…} I will be sharing it all with you!  I might even give  you guys the first SNEAK PEAK if I can swing it!  How cool would that be!!!!??
MY NEW fabric, wool & yarn dyed lines are already a BIG hit and shop owners are ordering them!  That makes my heart so happy!  I am always thrilled when you gals enjoy my offerings!  Henry Glass has a fantastic promotion going on at market!  I hope those of you who are attending market will stop by their booth and at my booth for more info!  I will also be handing out 4 FREE projects to the shop owners to bring back to their shops for you to make & enjoy!  I will try to see if I can get my hands on any wool etc to giveaway!  I actually haven't seen it - so I, too, am EXCITED to see it!!!!  Unfortunately, we will be missing a lovely dinner with them and the other designers, since we are flying back home for a day to be with my daughter {she has prom, a robotics comp & it is her 18th birthday!!!}  However, this is a SPECIAL day for her and I wouldn't miss it for the world!  I have missed most of her later birthdays since market always falls on her birthday weekend! 
I am so excited… I SOOO want to show you pics etc of the new stuff… I need to refocus here for a minute!!!!!  Today I ran home to grab my computer (the one day I didn't bring it as we have one here at the shop!) and I seen her grad party invites came!  They are just so sweet!  Hannah and I had a fun time designing them and will be sending them out {hopefully} before I go to market on Monday?!?!  Once I return, it will be time to ROCK the GRAD party!  I think I mentioned we are having a food truck!  We are having oven baked pizza and baked mini donuts from them.  After that - not a thing is decided! LOL!  So wish me luck as I work my magic in 3 weeks!!!!!!!!

Before I get back to work, I want to wish each of you a Happy Mother's day!  {That includes you pet mommas!!}  I hope you all have a lovely weekend with those you love!  Since it is our annual tradition to go to market this weekend… we have no plans!  We will be working, getting the trailer and packing it up!!!!  However, I am hoping to hit a garden center!  Since I have been at the shop every day/night… I have missed the flower run trips!  I told the hubby - I am taking a 2 hour break to enjoy the sunshine and garden center!!!!  Before I go, I want to remind you to not only leave a comment below, but to make sure and follow us on all our social media next week!  You know I am a social butterfly, so I will be sharing some of your FAV designers booths, patterns & market chaos!!!!!  Have a great weekend!!!!!!  Hope you enjoy block 5!!!!


Cheryl said...

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! This block is so cute.

Janet O. said...

An adorable block, Stacy! Thank you!!
I always have to take a few deep breaths after reading your posts. You live life at a whirlwind pace.

Angelia Lanouette said...

Happy Mother's Day! Another adorable block...Thank you!!

Martina said...

Oooh another lovely block! Thank you so much!

marie said...

This is the best block so far, as I love sheep.

Angie said...

Very very pretty block! angielovesgary2 atgmail dotcom

Janice Smith said...

What an adorable block and it features a sheep! Whoopie!

Mary said...

Oh, I love this one! These have been so fun to do! Every one is adorable, thanks for the fun! It would be great fun to win! Blessings on your time at market, Mary

Kathy H said...

Such a cute block. Happy Mother's Day and have fun at market.

Karen H said...

What a nice block- even more of a mystery until we see the color version!!!
enjoying this BOM
Happy Mothers Day

viv said...

Love it, Love it.

Rilene said...

What a cute block! Absolutely adorable!

Susan said...

love your designs...waiting for the new Hexie door hanging !!!

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