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June 2, 2017

NEW CHALK IT UP! July design & Pre 4th of JULY Sale!

What a GORGEOUS "LUCKY" Friday here in MN~! I am so excited to share our FINISHED version of our NEW, CHALK IT UP! Series for July! The details are what make such a difference! We also restocked out KITS!!! Last week I gave away 10 kits of it… this week I am giving away {24} that is 2 DOZEN patterns of it over on our FB page!! So if you are feeling "lucky" this could be YOUR week to WIN!!!! All you need to do is leave a comment below! Good LUCK!

I finally had a couple moments to pull together a Star Spangled PRE-4th of July Celebration Sale! It has been awhile so I thought I would get started early on it! We have a pretty floss bundle, some gorgeous patriotic toweling, new kits & sale kits! We even put the July Vintage Truck kit on sale so you can get it done in time for the 4th! Be sure to check back next week as I will be adding to this event and putting the market gear t-shirts & hats on there that you all have been dying to have!!!! I just love that you love our gear!!!!!

There has been SEW much shakin at the shop, that I can barely get away! We have 2 "secret" projects that we are working on. Again- so not fair that I can't let the cat out of the bag! BUT - you will hear about both of them very soon! What I can tell you is that we are getting a bunch of WOOLSTOCK signups {so if you want to attend one of the "coolest" events of the year} you might want to sign up as space is limited! PLUS, this year it will be EXTRA special! Those attending will play a BIG part of this very exciting "thing' (for lack of better words!) LOL! If you ever wanted to make a trip to our BIG event… this is the year! We will also be getting a tent to put outside at the shop and plan on having exciting things there as well!

More things going on include… We have our "NEW" June Basin Bundle on the website for purchase! It is lovely and is called "Potted Geraniums". It will be perfect for all your upcoming patriotic & geranium needs. We have included reds, greens, cream & gold in this gorgeous bundle! We will be releasing 2 MONTHS {both May & June} of our Hexi "Door" Greeters & Hexi Mats thru the Year. One will be sewing themed and the other "HOME" themed!!! If that is not enough… we will also be releasing the last block in our summer row of "LIVE EACH SEASON" Mystery BOM! So it will be a BIG weekend online!!! So exciting!!!

On the home front… HANNAH had her last day of high school today! She will graduate on Tuesday! WOW! She is out enjoying ice cream & a movie with friends!!! Her summer has officially began! Grace on the other hand has 1 more week and then she is done! We are diligently getting things ready for the grad party! We did a taste test of the brick oven pizza {from the food truck} and it was amazing! Jodi has her son's grad party next week & ten on the 17th, we will celebrate Hannah's!!!!!!!! YEEHAW!

OH! We are HIRING again!!!!! We are looking for FULL-TIME help! So if you or someone you know would be interested in working with us at the Basin, please email us with your resume at info@buttermilkbasin.com! Don't forget to get out and enjoy these warm summer days… they go by so fast! And… I know it's your "LUCKY" day so leave a comment for a chance to win a NEW unreleased pattern!!!! Hope to read about your weekend plans or see your flowers!!!!! XO Stacy


Jacqueline said...

Sew happy for you that your business continues to grow. Wish I lived in your neck of the woods.

Susie H said...

Summer has arrived here in the St. Louis area. I'll be staying inside, watching the French Open tennis, and sewing & knitting! As for flowers, I noticed flowers on my tomato plant and beans! Love fresh vegies!

moosecraft said...

Sure wish I lived closer! I'd be knocking on your door with resume in hand! :-) Enjoy the Summer days!

Karen in Breezy Point said...

I am so ready for summer to start--hope the warm weather holds up now that it's June! Love the new patterns and I can't wait for that new fabric--the panel looks so cool!

JanetD said...

The Chalk It Up design is so cute, but I can't think of anything of yours that hasn't been. I'm looking forward to the summer celebrations now that it's really warming up.

Patty B. said...

More cute patterns and ideas- you are always making things exciting and fun.Thanks again, Patty B.

Darlene said...

I like the chalk it up designs. July 4th will be here soon.

mangozz said...

I wish I lived closer so I could work (and shop) there.

deborah k said...

Love your Chalk it Up design and the 4th of July one is so cute. I remember spending the 4th of July at my Great Aunt Betsy's house. Hamburger, fruit salad, fried chicken, playing in the storm cellar and then fireworks at night. They're only fond memories now. Thank you Stacey for bringing them back.

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Anna said...

love your giveaways...you are so generous!

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