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January 14, 2018

FREE Mystery BOM REvEAL, FREE Sew-A-Long, NEW Patterns, kits & wool!

Hello!  I hope you all are staying warm on these chilly winter days!  
Since it has been sooo cold... we have been staying warm & busy inside!  
We can't wait to share our new BOM's, patterns & wool with you!  Let's check them out!

First off... We here is the "reveal" of our Buttermilk Homestead 2018, "MYSTERY" Block of the Month!  This one will be completely different & oh, so fun!  It also will feature my new fabric, wool & yarn dyes!  So be ready each month, as we have many gorgeous blocks ahead!  

So what did I put on the website yesterday????  All "good stuff"!  Here's some of it... the NEW 2018 Buttermilk Homestead "MYSTERY" BOM, new wool bundles and the coolest "Welcome" HOME pattern & kits!  This is so "out of the box" & stunning!  Again, I LOVE playing on my "words"!!!  Each month I will be designing a new center circle for the letter "O", which is actually a scalloped penny mat!  I have came up with 3 versions of this, so we can cater this "must have" design to all of you!  Once you make your base design {either a woolen runner, wall hanging or scalloped mat} all you need to go is purchase our monthly circle pattern/kit to make & change out each month!  The circle features a monthly themed design.  Minimal work... but stunning results in a jiffy!  Hop over to the our site & check it out!!!

We also added thread kits for the bom & "Welcome" HOME bases.  These threads are highly suggested since they really make the project!  We have hanger options for the "Welcome" HOME wall hanging that are coming in next week that we will be adding to the website.  Also, if there is anything you ever need... just give us a jingle at the shop!  We'll do our best to assist you!

Have you started our "Spirit of America" Sew-A-Long?  If not, join us!  Block 2 is up!  I'm dying to see your progress pics... so share away!!!

On the shop front... Jess is out for a month, as her son is having surgery on both hips, Kelly is out with bronchitis & an ear infection... while 2 others are just getting back from vacation!  Diana, Jodi, Juel & I are holding down the fort!  If you called in on Wednesday- I was the "phone" girl!!! Lol!  So FUN talking to you all when you called in! 

As always, if you have questions, please feel free to call the shop at 763-792-0638 or email us any time!!!  Have a great week!  Stacy


Debbie Burgess said...

It sure would be helpful if you would take a few minutes to learn how to link the photos to content. Your website is frustrating to navigate. PLEASE find someone to help you do this.

Sharon Pack said...

Can’t wait to see this one come together! I know i’m Going to love ❤️ it!

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