June 22, 2018

New Block of the Month Blocks, New Patterns, Kits, Wool & Fabric!

Hello! Hope you gals are ready for some awesome projects that would be great to sit & stitch out on your deck, patio or porch!  These new ones keep getting cuter & cuter!  First off… our weekly Summer Block of the Week is a MUST for anyone who has wall space or a sewing room!  This week we are starting the 2nd row which will spell out the work “SEW”!  This row will feature vintage sewing items!  This weeks block has an adorable wooden scissor holder that our mothers or grandmothers had back in the day!  It is CUTE! 

Next up, we are embracing AUTUMN, in all it’s glory with our 2 {YES! 2 Block of the Months!} that just started.  Both second blocks are released this week in our Autumn Harvest BOM & our Buttermilk Basin’s Pumpkin Farm!  These just both happen to be pumpkin scarecrows!  Even though they are the same… they are completely different & perfect for autumn!!!!  You can buy them singly or sign up any time for autoship!

We all know it is camping or “GLAMPING” season, so we had to get our “June” camper dolled up for “real” camping, canoeing & fishing!  It is rich in color and captures a warm summer’s evening, complete with fresh fish ready for a fish fry!
Our Welcome “HOME” July Center Circle is ready!  We know many of you love getting ahead, so we wanted to get this one ready so you can change it out on your wall hanging, table runner or pillow!  We want to make sure your décor is ready for guests coming to celebrate this “sparkly” holiday!
On to the WOOL & FABRIC!  We got a bunch of NEW wool in and made new bundles!  It has been slim picking on new wool these days, but we are doing the best we can to keep coming up with some great bundles!  We also have a few new fat quarter fabric bundles that are new too!  It’s always fun to add a few fat quarters to your stash!  Don’t forget that our Spirit of America & Buttermilk Basin’s Pumpkin Farm fabric is always in stock.  Since they are BB designs, I will be keeping them on hand.  Just wait until you see all our new FALL designs!  We designed a lot of the projects around the BB Pumpkin Farm line, so be sure to snatch some of them up so you are ready to roll once the projects come out! Much more on the website!
On the home front, I had a couple of angels watching out for me yesterday as I was able to avoid what could have been a bad accident while driving to the shop.  I was driving on 35W, and out of the blue a car who was in hot pursuit from the police came up from the ditch (instead of going on the exit ramp & merging) and was inches away from hitting me.  Then he did a U-turn into oncoming traffic, flipped his car and rolled into the ditch.  Three police men were chasing him.  I am very thankful and always tell my girls, its not your driving I worry about… it is the other people’s driving!  So scary!!!  Then Hannah was supposed to get her wisdom teeth pulled out yesterday and didn’t end up doing it because they would not put her under.  So, we will have to see what other options are available.  You would think they would tell you these things ahead of time!!!  I think they are being cautious, as there have been 2 deaths of teens who were under while getting their teeth pulled.  It is better to safe all around!  Grace started summer dance this week.  She is so sore from dance but enjoying seeing all her friends again!  Hannah is rocking it at the shop and enjoying it!  We love having her here!  GW is happy that he has internet and TV now at the new house!  We have not had it until this afternoon!  Funny!  I remember growing up with 2 channels and one was CKY from Canada & WDAZ from North Dakota!!  We had antennas that I swear did nothing! LOL!  And yes, did watch tv on the black & white tvs!  I LOVED watching Lawrence Welk & Heehaw with Great Grandma Lily up the hill!  Good times!!!!

I hope you all get a little inspired by all our NEW & FUN offerings, take some time out to do some porch sitting & have a great weekend!  I will be having our nephew, his wife and little boy over for supper tomorrow and hitting the strawberry patch on Sunday!  My SIL Kelly & I will be making freezer strawberry jam & freezing some for smoothies etc!  I am SOOO excited!  Of course, I need to keep moving goods & cleaning the other house!  Never a dull moment!!!!    All my best… Stacy 


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