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November 30, 2011

All I want for Christmas....

For those of you who do not already know... I am blessed with two darling daughters.  My oldest, Hannah is 12 and Grace is 9.  Now, to say they are completely opposite is very true.  

So the other night I noticed this revised list from Grace (which once was much smaller and on my IPhone).  Now, where is it hanging - on my bedroom wall, mind you!  Front and center to be sure it is seen!!!  Check out her Christmas list, it only has a thing or two on it! LOL... We think it is just too darn cute!  And it is prioritized by stars with another "real" kitty (preferably orange and white, her own!) having the most stars!  
(Note: we already have two!)

And as for my sweet Hannah... well, her list has just a few things on it and she is always happy with whatever she receives!....  (Luv her!)  
Little do they know, we always spend the same on both - list or no list!!!  
Oh, to be young again!
Grace's ever growing Christmas list 2011!


WoolenSails said...

That is so funny, and I bet she thinks of some more things before the week is out, lol.


Miss Stacy said...

Debbie - I know! I can't keep up to the gal! LOL! :)

All our lists should be that long!

Me and My Stitches said...

That is hilarious! She still has a couple weeks...how long do you think the list will get?

Miss Stacy said...

No kidding! Lol! Try shopping for her when she keeps adding and "starring"! As long as no more pets get on the list- we should be good! This summer she won two gold fish at the fair... That was quite the experience! :)

renee said...

Too cute! Have a Merry Christmas!

Miss Stacy said...

Renee! Thanks! Hope you have a happy Holiday too! :)

Leanne said...

Love it! They are such special girls! I can just see Gracie's eyes twinkling as she made out her list. Well, maybe she will end up being a veterinarian and she can surround herself with all sorts of animals!!! Enjoy the holiday season with your family!!!!

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