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November 27, 2011

Birthday Celebration~

I don't know about you... but I have always loved celebrating my birthday throughout the years! 
This year, was no exception!  

It started out with a gathering of my closest girlfriends meeting up downtown Minneapolis at our hotel room last Saturday.  (We rented a suite -Heaven!)  Once we were all looking fine... we headed over to The Melting Pot.  The fondue was just delish!  It felt so good to be surrounded by so many amazing girlfriends.  After dinner, we headed out for an evening out on the town!  (Way too much fun!)  After we lost our "grooves".... we headed back to our hotel suite and the gals sang Happy Birthday to me and we cut into the most heavenly cake I have ever tasted around 4AM.  I can not tell you the last time I stayed up that late and enjoying time with my gf's.... Remember...You are NEVER too OLD to enjoy YOUR day in my books!  Here is a pic of my awesome shoes I wore that evening from Nordstrom and the BEAUTIFUL & soo delicious cake the girls surprised me with!
Birthday Cake 2011
New Shoes from Nordstrom

The next days leading up to my bday were followed my many delightful texts, cards, birthday wishes, bday suppers (and lunches - can you say "spoiled")... and of course... some sweet bday gifts!  I thought I would share a few below of the ones you would enjoy most!  (I absolutely LOVE them all!!!)  Thanks to each and EVERYONE of you who made my birthday amazing!  Love ya!

Handmade goods from a special friend! Simple GORGEOUS!
Handmade earrings out of an old quilt.
Find your joy Handmade copper necklace


WoolenSails said...

A very Happy Birthday to you!


Carol Stuck said...

Happy Birthday!! Sounds like your day was one special celebration! Your cake looks delish and your presents are awesome. You are truly blessed.

hugs and smiles,

Miss Stacy said...

Thanks gals! I am very excited for a new year!

Usually I am such a giver - but I have to say... I LOVE presents! Maybe it's more the anticipation of what is in side...// :-)

Yes! I am truly blessed and very thankful for everyone in my life!

Enjoy your evening!

Momma B said...

It was great helping you celebrate! Here's to many more happy celebrations!

Miss Stacy said...

Thanks Momma B! It was great having you there to join in on the celebration! Much fun! Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

So glad you had a great Birthday. Mine was also yesterday but I was driving back from MO. and got a speeding ticket. Not such a good Birthday for me.
I like the homemade gifts you recieved, very nice.

Miss Stacy said...

Rebecca! Happy Birthday Girl! I am sooo bummed you got a ticket! Darn! There is a cop that sits at the same spot on the road everyday when I go to work trying to catch people... They are sooo sneaky! Have a great night!

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