May 26, 2014

Booth at Market Pictures!

I know this is what you all have been waiting for... Booth pics!!!  I am a girl who loves anything vintage!  As I mentioned before... I always bring wayyy too many props - but I would rather have too many then be short!  I just love the little cubby I scored for my Pinkeeps thru the Year!  That might have been my fav new piece.  I usually haul the heaviest sewing machine and stand I can find too!  LOL!  Among some of the 82 new designs there is a Basin Cotton Club (small, darling quilts), With thy Needle BOM (each block is displayed on a sewing keep made out of wool, cotton quilt or simply framed), Folkart Mats thru the Year (great new spin on the normal mat - check out the floss we used to feather stitch around the edges), Door Greeter bags, (made out of toweling which we will be selling on the site - they are adorable!), Basin Banners (which are wool bordered in cotton and they hang!)... There are also many stand alone projects in both cotton and wool.  I really feel we have something for everything with our new line!  They sold so great... I hope you love them too!!!!  Again, check the website and email me if you have any questions!  Up next will be some pics of some of my awesome designer friends!!!  Good times!!!
Side view of the booth.
New designs in cotton & wool!!!!

Close ups of new designs!

Can you spy my booth?!?!


Sylvia said...

What a great Booth!!! Wish I could have seen it in person.

Miss Stacy said...

I do too! You really do need to see it in person and feel the fibers!!! :)

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