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May 24, 2014

Sample Spree

For those of you have don't know what sample spree is... It is 2 hours of complete shopping madness!  It is held from 8-10 the evening before the show opens.  The pictures below don't even do it justice!  Shop owners rush in to get the latest samples, fabric bundles, kits and patterns to bring home with them to kick start the excitement of new product coming in!  Many shops bought every kit and patterns we had there!  We even sold out of quite a bit!  It was crazy busy those entire 2 hours!  Along with the kits, we sold Buttermilk Basin key fobs, wool, and funky hangers to go with our new lines!  We will be carrying all of this on the website as well!  Shown in the pics below are the new Basin Banners thru the year, Folkart Mats thru the year & Year of the Pinkeeps! 
{Hope these patterns are up by the time this posts! You are going to love them!!!}



WoolenSails said...

Lots of wonderful new patterns, I can see why they sold out so fast.


Miss Stacy said...

Hey! Glad to hear you like the new designs! I hope they get up on my site asap so you can see them close up!!!

Patti said...

Oh my! The banners and mats have my name on them! I better hurry and finish the calendar and live simply series! Lol you design faster than I can stitch!
Blessings, Patti

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