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October 17, 2010

Iowa or BUST!

Oh my gosh!  How much fun can one show be once you arrive safe and sound!  I thought the WI show was a blast....but this time around was even more fun! 

Loaded... waiting for Jodi's stuff and then we are off!

First of all, I am soooo not kidding when I tell you if you arrive safe and sound!  My poor pumpkin now has a broken mirror.  A semi truck decided to "try" to run us off the road - trailer and all in a single lane!  Let's just say I was very pleased when all that was damaged was the mirror.  (For more in on this story - just ask Jodi the next time you see her at a show....!!!)  Then we decided to try a "NEW" hotel.... OMG!!  Needless to say, we were able to cancel our reservation and get the heck out of dodge in no time at all~!  Thanks to the Holiday Inn for hooking us up with a grand hotel room!!!!

Booth before it is set up! - Yikes!

Next was set up - well that went pretty well!  It seemed like we were dragging a little bit but.... some of us don't have "Warehouse Nick" or a booth on wheels!!!! BUT we learn quick from example!!!  And yes - I got busted again by them (Nick and Lisa) for not having purchased my own set of poles YET!  (That's what happens when we are by each other at shows... the grief I put up with!!!!)  However, I have good news!  I am now a proud owner of my own set of poles and will no longer be razzed for not owning a pair!  AND I even remembered my own set of drapes this show!!!!  (That comment is for all you who were sooo gracious and commented about LB's drapes me at the WI show ~ It was all good!!!!!  She always comes through for me!) 

The show was GREAT!  The customers were amazing and just super kind!  I LOVED seeing and visiting with each one of you!  My neighbor's sister even drove 5 hours to see me!  How cool was that!!  We also had some "local-ish" gals swing by our booth including Mrs. Farmhouse herself!  She is simply delightful!  Man are we trouble when we get together.  I hated to see her come and go so quickly - I hope you are all getting ready for her and I teaming up at the shop in a couple of weeks!  YOU WON"T WANT TO MISS OUT!  It is going to be goooooood!

My wonderful customers!!!
The Lovely Mrs. Farmhouse!!!

This show we went out with Lisa, Carol and Jess from Primitive Gatherings, Delores and Debbie (aka "Ginger") from Granola Girl and the sweet Tara from Sew Unique Creations one night to a Spaghetti place - good food and as always a good time was had by all.  From that, we only got crazier ~ I think!  The last night we ended up adding Ginger's editor Kitty (love that gal!) and her husband along with another gal whom I don't think I caught her name and Nick.  I was soooo not looking forward to going to this 70's bar with shag carpet for supper but I knew I had to suck it up because Nick went to the Melting Pot with us while in town for a show.  So - off we went and I have to say.... I had the best pot roast meal ever!!!!  It melted in my mouth!  Yum!  That night was a blast...  a bunch of us headed back to the hotel for a night cap and laughed our asses off the entire night!  I just love hanging out with all of them!  Miss you all already!!!!

My bud... Lisa!  Primitive Gatherings
Carol's buddy, Mr. Chicken!!!

Then there was this darn chicken.  Next thing I know.... I see Carol stretching her neck as far as she can looking back in to my booth from afar.  I go over to her and say what the heck - Well, she asks me if I see anything different in my booth.  I say no -  So she tells me to look over here and darn that Carol.... She hung this BEAUTIFUL (NOT!!) chicken in my booth in the am and a few hours had went by and neither Jodi nor myself had seen it!  OMG - We laughed so flippin hard when we seen it - I thought I was going to croak!  All I can say is watch your booth girlies.... I am on the look out for a little somethin somethin to get you back with!  It was awesome though!!!!  Carol's husband ended up surprising Carol with it.  He packed it in her suitcase and she had no clue!!!!  He is so funny!  That poor chicken!!!!!

Ok  - Lots more to share including a little something that I have planned for all of you starting in November!  You are going to LOVE IT! 



Momma B said...

Looks like things are going great! Good for you Stacy! Congrats and continued success!
Laura Brytowski

Miss Stacy said...

Hey Girl - Where have you been??? Pop by sometime! Mom is still in town until the weekend. Her doctoring went well at the U of M. She is good to for the time being!

Beth said...

Thanks for sharing all the fun with us. Maybe next year I'll get to a show where you are. Love your stuff!

Miss Stacy said...

Hey Beth! What state are you in? We are always looking for a new place to try! I love doing the shows and seeing everyone! So glad to hear you enjoy my work! Happy Fall!!!

klk said...

Thanks for coming to Iowa because I LOVED your stuff and did my best to make it worth your trip. Can't wait to get started on the Halloween sampler block quilt!

Miss Stacy said...

Hey Klk!

Thanks much! I loved that show! Good times!

Your comment was sooo funny! You did make it worth my while girl!!! Which BOM did you get? Wool or Stitch?

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