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September 2, 2013

Buttermilk Basin Events!

Happy September!
This past week has been a blur!  Between working long hours at the studio, my computer needing to go in for repair (while trying to get my new website to go live)... to orders flying in for all those fabulous quilt shows that are all around the country - I am having a blast & running on low sleep!  More importantly, I am also trying to enjoy these last summers with my family before the girls go back to school! 

This is going to be a great year for the girls!  Hannah is starting 9th grade (her first year of high school)!  She has a big load - she is starting to take her first few collage courses... Crazy!  It blows my mind!  She is also very eclectic in her style - it has been so fun to shop with her for her new school wear!  She LOVES Converse and has way too many to count!  My youngest daughter Grace will be going into 6th grade!  She will now be a big middle schooler!  This is her first year to have her own school locker - so of course, she had to get the coolest stuff to deck it out!  I can not believe how fast they are growing up!

If you are a Minnesotan like me - you would look forward to this time of year also because it is State Fair time!  And let me tell you... We have the best fair and way too many "goodies on a stick" to count!  We have been there 4 times with our last time being tomorrow (which is also the last day)!  We have tried new foods like the deep fried cream cheese filled olives, enjoyed some favorites like the strawberry & creme crepes, deep fried cheese curds, Sweet Martha's cookies (mine are better if you ask me!), and hit a couple concerts including Macklemore with the girls.  The weather this past week was hot and humid... It finally cooled off last night and should be nice again tomorrow!

On a work note- I couldn't wait to get this Country Register newspaper ad up on the blog.  I am so pumped to have 2 amazing events for you!  These will reflect my two favorite Holidays... Halloween & Christmas!  I will be completely re-doing the shop for each event.  I have been ordering lots of new yummy colored wool, folkart and even made a few things too!  I also have designed new patterns to be released at each event.  There is so much more to talk about in these upcoming weeks as the events come closer!!! I really hope you each can make it because you are going to have a blast!  Get your brooms out and get ready to fly on over to the Witches Night Out!  I will be trying my new recipes I have searched high and low for just for that night!  I can't wait!!!


Karen said...

I'm already trying to figure out how I can get out of work so I can come up again this year. I'm not sure I can talk my husband into driving me up there again. I had so much fun last year at the Christmas party. I wish I lived closer.
Maybe I just need to get my broom out of storage for the trip :-)
Karen from Omaha

Miss Stacy said...

Karen! YES you do need to get that broom out of storage! I really am hoping to give it my all again! I just love having fun and seeing each of you! You are awesome! :)

Melissa Kaye said...

WA-HOO! My mom and I came to the Christmas party last year and that's when I fell in love with ALL your products. I can't wait for both of these events! See you then!

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