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September 12, 2013

NEW WOOL! Fargo Indian Summer Quilt Show

Hey!  Just had to share some of the wool that came in and I picked up last night from a friend of mine who dyes some amazing pieces!  I will be ripping it into fat quarters and fat 1/8ths.  I will have some at the Indian Summer Quilt Show in Fargo, ND September 26-28.  I will also have save some of it for the Fall-O-Ween open house at the shop! 

The last couple of days I also dropped off a few things for the gals to stitch.  I will have some patterns and kits for the new designs at both places as well provided we get them done in time!  I also have a bunch of patterns from some of my fav designers - we are working on models of those new designs as well!  We are rolling at the BASIN!  Yeehaw! :)  Have a great day girls!


Anonymous said...

ohhhh what yummy wool!

Rouge Cerise said...

Fantastic colors Stacy !
Have a nice week-end

Miss Stacy said...

Thanks gals!!! Hope you both have a great weekend too!

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