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September 11, 2013


Hey!  I spent a good hour and a half last night setting up things on my phone to make it possible to do a post from there with pictures.  Well... After I did all the work and went to post... It didn't post!  So- you are getting the shortened version today since I am at work and have to leave soon to drive up to a gal's home who dyes wool!  I am getting a boat load from her today!!! Yahoo!  Not to mention I received two big orders from an old fav dyer and a new one also this week!  I really am stocking the shop for the fall event!  I also got in huge boxes of primitive decor!  My friend Judith was there to help me unpack all the goods and she wanted one of everything!  My event is going to be so awesome!  Then I spent the rest of yesterday cleaning the shop... YUCK!  I am one that flies in, makes a tornado mess and feels just fine working in my madness!  Hey- I know where everything is!  LOL!  Anyone else love working in their madness!?!?!  Alright- better rock!  Lots to do and see! Enjoy your day and MARK YOUR CALENDARS to come see me at the events!  I guarantee it will be worth your while!  I may not be the biggest shop but I have GOOD shit! :)


Karen said...

Love all the new patterns, you have been working real hard. If you can't make it to either party, will you be offering an on line version? I'll keep my fingers crossed for a yes.
Karen M
Omaha NE

Miss Stacy said...

Hey- I am not sure as to what my plans are... I am just leaping back in and seeing what shakes! Keep in touch and I will see what I can do for you! :)

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