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September 24, 2013

Meet Oscar & Midnight.. Rescue Cats!

Meet Oscar!  He is Oli's little brother... He is a rescue cat! 
Many of you might already know this but we are a huge cat family!  We love cats!  Oscar is our 4th cat!  I had no desire to get another cat but I have a big soft spot in my heart to save/rescue cats!  Typically, I do not even go into places because I hate to see them homeless...  My husband snapped a pic of these cats that needed homes and he sent them to me so of course, I had to go in and see them.  I know better- I can't resist!  So there he was amongst the cutest little kittens and a couple large momma cats.  I figured most would pick the babies... He was the only older kitten in the bunch!  He is 3.5 months about in this picture and we have had him for about 1 month.  The moment I picked him up he purred and continues to be just the biggest lover and best cat one could ask for! 
It took less then a day for all the cats to accept him. It was meant to be!
I know I am going to be one of those old ladies who they call - Cat Women! LOL! 

Then less then a week later... this little black kitten shows up in our backyard.  I don't know anything about how it got to our home... My heart sank.  I knew I had to save him... as  you can see he was tiny and so thin.  I was also so bummed because I could not keep him as our city has a limit.  However, I did end up taking him until I found another home for her.  In the meantime, Grace named her Midnight... Luckily we found her a forever home with a lovely quilter & her husband (she also loves cats and has 3 cats)!  So you know she going to be well loved!  We still get regular updates and pictures sent to us from her! 
 Midnight is so blessed and we are thankful to her new owners for spoiling her! 

I would love to see pics of your cats!  I should figure out a way to post onto this post?!?! 


Me and My Stitches said...

Awwww....love those kitties! We are a cat family too (see you in Crazy Cat Lady Land in a few years!). Recently my hubby found a kitten in a nearby drainage ditch. We tried to have her in the house - the other 2 were getting used to her, but she seemed to prefer being outside. So, she stays out with our black lab, and seems perfectly happy! Have you watched Animal Hoarders? It is sad, and is probably what I will turn into eventually! LOL!!!

Mary A said...

You are not alone, crazy cat woman! I too, save cats. Currently have 4 with a fifth one coming soon...Mary A

Jennifer said...

I have 5 cats. One is a barn kitty, but I hope she will someday come inside. She has been with us 9 years. Then there is the neighbor cat who "found" us about 5 years ago and never left. We have a big black boy who came to us 9 years ago and a bother and sister pair I rescued almost 5 years ago. Just this morning I saw a big brown tabby sitting on our picnic table. I guess he's the new guy! I can't believe your town has a limit on cats!!!!

jody said...

Love your kittys Stac, i too have soft spot! Sounds like your husbands as bad as you are! Im always over the city limit, but have lost my golden and now my black kitty this summer.. ( both 16 ) My daughter who is assistant city clerk told my i was good now with city limits, i told her it wont b long and ill b over again... Enjoy your day!

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