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December 11, 2014

Day 11 is Kathy's Day!!!!

Good morning!  I was so excited to see what Lori designed for her complimentary project...it was a punch needle design!!  Awesome!  I was hoping she would!  It is great to have a variety of designs also I various mediums for all you handwork gals!  Now that I am thinking about it... I didn't mention she enjoy that medium too!  Either way - now you know!!  Let's get started!
Dec 11* Kathy Schmitz  
Today is Day 11 on the hop... And up next is another swell gal... Kathy, from Kathy Schmitz Studio!  I just love her!  She is yet another designer who has been talented from such a young age! I believe she made her first quilt at the age of 13!  Kathy grew up watching her grandma and mom sew.  They, along with their ancestors were quilters...so lucky for us...they passed down their passion for handwork to her! 
Kathy designs patterns in stitchery & cotton.  Many of you may have worked with her gorgeous water colored fabric panels along with her blackwork or redwork designs!  She has a talent of fusing quilting and stitchery together thru most of her work.  Kathy likes to travel with her husband, doodle and has been sooo excited to share her son's FAV recipe with each of you!!!!  She has noted on her website/blog that she is quite the baker!  Here is a blurb from her cute story she shared on the blog...  "We didn't know cookies could be made at home!"  Let's just say she has way too many talents to worry about baking cookies!  Don't you think??? :)  Click the link gals "for the rest of the story...." :)

Photo/Design credits to Kathy Schmitz
PS * Check her blog frequently to adorn her darling chalkboard doodles like this one!
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For those of you who are new to the annual hop - Welcome! 
How this works... is that each day, {Dec 1-15} I will post (along with the other delightful bloggers) a link for you to click on from our blogs that will take you directly to that day's designer blog where you will read a bit about them and their favorite Holiday memory for example.  You will also receive a complimentary recipe from them that you can print off and add to you collection!  Then don't forget to download their complimentary design they designed just for this blog hop event {AND thank them in the comments!!}.  I have been in contact with each of the designers and we are all so excited to see the hop come together... and help us all get in the spirit of giving!  This is our small token of thanking each of you for supporting us designers and our passion!  
Without you... we would not be able to do what we do! 
Are you ready?  Let's get the hop going!  ENJOY!

1 comment:

Karen said...

Thanks again for another great designer on the Christmas blog hop:-)
Karen M

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