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December 14, 2014

It is MY Day Today on the Christmas Blog Hop!

 Ho ho ho.. Merry Christmas!  Today is my day so I will just share a few tidbits about me in my post!  BUT, before I go any further I just wanted to let you know... due to POPULAR demand and numerous requests
{even to do a blog hop everyday lol!}
... I will be hosting Seasonal Blog hops with our next one starting in February!  YEP!  You read it right!  It is going to be a fun and exciting 2015 for all of us handwork lovers!!!
Day 14 * Buttermilk Basin

 As many of you know, I am Stacy from Buttermilk Basin!  I grew up North in Minnesota, fell in love with my college sweetheart & moved down to the Twin Cities where we continue to live a blessed life with our two lovely daughters, Hannah & Grace!  {AND - our 4 cats & 2 guinea pigs}!  I have been drawing and creating since I was a little girl... I grew up surrounded by generations of handwork enthusiasts and spent most of my time up the hill with my Great Grandma, Lily, learning to sew, bake & help her tend her flower gardens.  Lily was an amazing and inspiring woman who lost use of her left arm from Polio as a child, she persevered- when she was not expected to live, helped raise my mother and also taught her many of the same skills, only years earlier.  I can not imagine not having those two amazing women in my life growing up.  If it was not for them nurturing my creative soul, I would not be here sharing my love & talents that were passed down to me at a young age with each of you!

As many of you know, who follow me... I lost my mother to cancer this past June and have been a bit emotional at times....  This will be the first Christmas without either of my parents or grandparents to celebrate with... I am not sure how it will go... but, I do know I have many, many things & people in my life to be thankful for...including each of you!  So more than anything - I want to take this opportunity to thank each of you for taking the time to touch base with me, share your story, make me laugh or just say "thank you" for sharing my talent with each of you!  You have no idea {especially on a crappy day} how much you and your kind words mean to me!  As I finish my post, I want to share my Christmas Wish for each of you...
Merry Christmas from my family to yours!
Now to the "good" stuff!!! :)
I could not think of a better cookie to share with you during this time of year then Date Cookies!  My great grandma Lily always made date cookies!  I actually can't believe they are one of my favorites!  Last month, for my birthday, my aunt Phyllis sent me a box on goodies including these! So at that moment... I knew I had to share these yummy, old fashionied cookies with each of you!  Recipe card below...
Here is my Holiday Project for you!  I wanted to design a little something that you could keep up long after the Holidays have passed so I designed this little Peace on Earth Sheep! 
I hope you adore & enjoy making him! 
Please click the link for artwork!
PEACE ON EARTH SHEEP * 5 inches round

2- 5.5X5.5 inch pieces of green wool
Scraps of cream, black and gray textured wool
Gray Floss
Soft Fuse
5- red or brown 1/4 inch buttons
Red & White twine

* Trace each design piece onto Soft Fuse.
* Cut 1/8th or so around the outside of each traced design.
* Place each piece on coordinating wool piece; fuse pieces together with an iron.
* Cut each piece out on drawn lines.
* Next, take off paper backings.  Start with the wreath and stack the design in place onto the other 5.5X5.5 inch piece of green wool; fuse with iron.
* Cut out negative space inside wreath.
* Blanket stitch around all edges {except the head} with 2 strands of gray floss.
* Sew 5 brown/red buttons on wreath for pine cones or berries.
* Use 3 strands of floss to make French knots for eyes & to stitch mouth.
* Handwrite Peace on Earth on a piece of paper and attach with a piece of red and white twine.
* Use the same twine to make a hanger and ENJOY!
This is where we picked out tree out  * I LOVE the smell of fresh pine* I love skates!...my family was big into hockey and I was a speed skater * I love peppermint anything {and would grab 1 or 2 everyday I left grandma's house and left for school * I collect vintage ornaments and tree trimmings * Now I have started to collect Scotch tape tins! What next?!?! LOL!

DON'T FORGET!  We celebrate everyday & "LUCKY" Fridays over on our Facebook Page - come join the fun!!
  Dec 1 * Quilts By Cheri
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Dec 3 * Gail Pan Designs
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Dec 5 * Ali Strebel Designs
Dec 6 * The Cottage at Cardiff Farms
Dec 7 * Blackberry Primitives
Dec 8 * Wooden Spool Designs
Dec 9 * Heartspun Quilts
Dec 10 * Notforgotten Farm
Dec 11 * Kathy Schmitz
Dec 12 * Crabapple Hill
Dec 13 * Primitive Gatherings
Dec 14 * Buttermilk Basin
Dec 15 * Special Guest


For those of you who are new to the annual hop - Welcome! 

How this works... is that each day, {Dec 1-15} I will post (along with the other delightful bloggers) a link for you to click on from our blogs that will take you directly to that day's designer blog where you will read a bit about them and their favorite Holiday memory for example.  You will also receive a complimentary recipe from them that you can print off and add to you collection!  Then don't forget to download their complimentary design they designed just for this blog hop event {AND thank them in the comments!!}.  I have been in contact with each of the designers and we are all so excited to see the hop come together... and help us all get in the spirit of giving!  This is our small token of thanking each of you for supporting us designers and our passion!  

Without you... we would not be able to do what we do! 

Are you ready?  Let's get the hop going!  ENJOY!


Karen said...

Love the sheep, so cute. Thank you for everything. This blog hop has been so fun. I hate to see it end.
I'm excited that you will be doing a seasonal one and will be waiting for it to start. I don't know where you get all your energy. Your the best.
Thank You and Happy Holidays!
Karen M

Miss Stacy said...

Hey! Thanks for following along... I admit- I am tired... But not because of the hop! LOL! So glad you like the sheep! I think he is pretty sweet too! Merry Christmas!

Barbara said...

Thank you for a wonderful pattern. I love the sheep and will definitely be making one. I will also enjoy making your family recipe. Thank you for sharing. Thank you for organising this fun blog hop. I have thoroughly enjoyed following it and look forward to more blog hops in the future.ba very merry Christmas to you and your family and all the best for 2015.

Kathy B. said...

Stacy - you never disappoint. I love your sheep - so very cute! Thank you for hosting this blog hop. I have followed each one you have held in the past, so couldn't miss this year's. I'm excited about your plans to have a seasonal hop - looking forward to those! Thank you again - enjoy the holidays!

allcounty said...

Stacy, As I kept reading I could not believe the same fun interests. My tress all (3) are totally Vintage.. garland and ornaments. I am a lover of peppermint and date cookies are the best. I have wonderful mother in law who makes them for me every year. I don't collect the scotch tape tins. Thanks for effort/time/talents in this blog. WOW it has been awesome. Have a MERRY CHRISTMAS...Karin E.

KrisD said...

Such a cute little project that can hang on the tree and later be used to remember Christmas all year long. Wishing you peace and love for your family this Christmas season.

Trish said...

Thank you so much for the pattern & yummy recipe and most of all for organizing this! This was my first blog hop & enjoyed meeting all the designers. I've always done counted cross stitch but not much with wool until this year. I've found that all of you woolies are a great group of people, always inspiring & encouraging. I am officially hooked now :) Looking forward to see what 2015 brings. Merry Christmas & many blessings in the new year!

Kate said...

Stacy, thank you for the adorable sheep - I plan to work on this while football is on today. I haven't had date cookies for years - brought back fond memories - and I'll give your recipe a try. You'll get through Christmas just fine since it's obvious you come from a long line of strong women. I've really enjoyed this Blog Hop and look forward to another one - thank you. Merry Christmas!

Unknown said...

Stacy, thank you for hosting the hop, I loved all the shops and creative patterns. I can't wait to start sewing. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and you will be fine you have a very loving family. Looking forward to joining the hop in 2015.

Tdsvintagelife said...

Thank you so much for doing this wonderful blog hop it really has been so fun and festive. Yesterday my husband came home with 2lbs. of dates (he was on a trip, this was a little gift) so I was thrilled with the recipe can't wait to try it. the sheep is adorable as were all the great projects, I have enjoyed making each and everyone of them. Merry Christmas!

Quilting by the Lake said...

Thanks for hosting the Christmas Blog hop. I live in a rural area and the local quilt shops have closed as well as a couple of primitive style gift shops. I've learned that I no longer have to search near and far for that "new" holiday decoration or idea. I've made quite a few of your wool designs and these are my prized decorations!!!! Thanks again so much and Happy Holidays!!!!

Unknown said...

Love the sheep pattern! And thank you again for putting this blog hop together... Really was such a nice break for me, this time of year is always so hectic! I enjoyed each designer! They are all wonderful, it was really nice to get a peak behind their names! I appreciate all the effort of each one of you!

Phyllis said...

Thank you so much for this wonderful blog hop. It has been exciting each morning to see what each designer has in store for us. The sheep is really wonderful. I pray you have a blessed holiday filled with the love and joy of this season.

Steph M said...

Thanks for sharing! Great recipe 🍪
Adorable sheep pattern!

Donna Keating said...

Your talent is amazing and we are so lucky that you share it with us. Thank you.

Crystal said...

Thank you so much Stacy for the cute pattern. Love it! I have followed you for a long time and I have a library full of your patterns. My house is full of small wall hangings, candle mats and punch needle. I get so many compliments on each one. So again THANK YOU!

Jacqueline said...

I hope you have a happy holiday. I fear it might be a hard one.
Thank you for all you do for us out here in blog land.

B.Kathryn Basile said...

I am new to your Blog this year and have enjoyed every day of it, loved all the designs and have made most of them :) can't wait to start the ADORABLE sheep , thanks to all that made this fun, Love and piece to all Kathryn

gracie said...

I found this blog hop through Not Forgotten Farms and so glad that I did. I have enjoyed visiting all and although I am not 100% Prim in style, I do love it and will make some of the designs. Thank you for such a nice experience. The "first" of any holiday without someone special is difficult.

Charlotte said...

Thanks, Stacy, for doing a terrific job in organizing this blog hop. I know you spent many an hour doing whatever needed to be done for it to run so smoothly. I loved all the designs --just so cute and prim.

I like the idea of a seasonal blog hop - something to look forward to.

Wishing you and your family a most wonderful Christmas season. And get some rest!!


Joan said...

I have thoroughly enjoyed this blog hop and and the great projects and recipes. Your little sheep is so cute and we love dates in our house so the recipe will be a hit. Merry Christmas to you and your family and wishing you a Healthy and Happy 2015!

PymaGirl said...

The generosity of quilities never ceases to amaze me!

PymaGirl said...


sandy from BC said...

Thank you for the sweet little sheep decoration. This has been a fun blog hop. My Norwegian mother-in-law used to make these cookies but I didn't like dates at that time so didn't bother to get the recipe. Well, 19 years after she is gone I like dates and am so glad to get the recipe. Thank you.

Quiltingmama said...

Best wishes to you and your family this holiday season...thanks you for the sweet sheep and your wonderful designs...so inspiring!

Anonymous said...

HELLO, thanks for your Post! I know these Cookies>Delicious!
Thanks for the Sheep Peace (or is it Sheep Piece-LOL)!


Cathy G. said...

Hi Stacy,
The blog hop this year was really great and I enjoyed finding and meeting some new designers I hadn't known about! Thank you for all the work to make the Holidays merrier for all of us devoted stitchers and wool lovers! Will be thinking of you this Christmas as I know how hard it is to celebrate without those we love and have lost. It does get a little easier over time and good friends and kind words help tremendously!
Merry Christmas and Blessings from Red House Wool Studio where your patterns fly out the door like crazy!
Cathy G

Anonymous said...

Dear Miss Stacy, so sorry that you lost your mom. So hard to say goodbye to our loved ones. I always knew that no one loves us like our mother. Remember she will always be with you and watching over you. I believe a love that strong doesn't just disappear. Now you have a direct line to heaven! Thank you again for this hop and I love the ornament and the recipe. Sending you some love, hugs and prayers.
P.S. Really excited about the seasonal hops! Chest puffed out here at the thought I may have had a hand in that! LOL! Just kidding..

Julie S said...

I am so enjoying your holiday blog hop! It has been so much fun getting to know so many talented designers. I look forward to your future blog hops ... thanks for continuing them!

Robyn said...

I love the sheep ornament! Thank you.

Linda said...

Thanks again for assembling this wonderful group of artists that have been so generous as to share with all of us. Looking forward to February.

michelle h said...

LOVE this! Your post was wonderful. Many of us have lost people through the year, and it does make it difficult to feel "happy" like all the commercials show....my thoughts and prayers are with you as you navigate the holidays. I hope you find peace and comfort in carrying on traditions and sharing with those that surround you with love. (and yes--THANK YOU for sharing your talent with all of us...you are an inspiration!!!!)
Michelle H

Glynis said...

What a great blog hop this has been. Thank you to all the designers who contributed to it and thank you for organizing the hop.
Merry Christmas to you and your family.

Leeanne said...

Thank you so much! For sharing the cute sheep pattern and cookie recipe! Hubby and I like date scones, so your cookies sound right up our alley! Thank you for a fabulous hop!!

Evonne said...

Thank you so much for the project. So excited about the seasonal blog hops!
This year as you celebrate Christmas, may the Peace of God fill your heart with His Love, and may you the feel the constant love of your loved ones, as their memories bring sparkle to your eyes, and laughter to your heart.
Merry and Blessed Christmas to you, and yours.

craigandlissa said...

Thank you for this glorious blog hop! It has been a lovely treat each day, and the sheep is just darling! I am going to for sure bake up a batch of these cookies, they sound yummy. Thanks again for introducing me to so many great blogs. Merry Christmas!!!

Wendy @ Ravenwood Whimzies said...

What a wonderful pattern! Thank you so much - I love it. I will pray that this holiday season you are not too sad..but recall with happy thoughts all the wonderful times you had with your mom.
Hugs - Thanks for the great bloghop!

Jubama said...

Thank you for this sheep !

Miss Stacy said...

Hey Everyone! Your comments warmed my heart and almost made me cry! {A couple made me giggle too!!!LOL!} Please keep in touch and be apart of my creative journey! You are all awesome! Merry Christmas!

Unknown said...

I love your adorable sheep ornament but cannot print it off using two devices! Any tips would be most welcome --- it is totally adorable!
Thank you so much for the wonderful Blog Hop!! It is so much fun!!!

Unknown said...

Thank you so very much for this Peace on Earth Sheep pattern, the date cookie recipe, and for hosting this blog hop. I just "discovered" this idea a few days ago and am like a crazy woman trying to track down old blog hops in hopes that I can recover some of the extremely creative ideas that you and your buddies have given us.

I found all the ones for the 2016 Summerthyme Blog Hop. Yea!! Now I'm attempting to locate older posts and patterns. I'm getting the impression that some are only available for a certain time. No worries--I'll be happy with what I can find, like this Peace on Earth sheep--SO SWEET!

Free patterns--what a concept! Only quilters and stitchers seem to grasp that concept!! When I began quilting about 20 years ago, I was dumbfounded when I overheard one of the sales ladies giving directions to a customer on how to find other quilt shops in the area. This was before GPS and even Map Quest, and here she was, drawing a MAP to these other stores.

Now enter the present age and how technology has improved our ability to share. Your Blog Hops are so fantastic. I look forward to the next ones. Thanks so much for hosting them. I know you get some posts from frustrated people who can't find a pattern and may sound disgruntled. Just keep in mind that many people who are so drawn to sewing, quilting, and stitching are baffled by computers, blogs, etc. They don't mean to be unkind, they are just frustrated.

I have drooled over many of your designs and hope soon to order some of your patterns. The Vintage Truck line is truly inspirational!!! I have friends who live on a farm and another who grew up on a farm and used the family truck to "spotlight" cute guys while riding around. They are just going to love the truck pillows I make for them!

Although it's been a while, I know you are still missing your mom. Me too and it's been over 25 years. Like me, I can tell you have many wonderful memories and photos to sustain you. God bless you when you're having a "sad attack," as my mother used to say.

Thanks again for your free patterns and blog hops to inspire us.

Grace and peace,
Susan Smith

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