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December 3, 2014

Meet Jeni for Day 4 of the Blog Hop!

Well... Now that we have all visited Gail in Australia... we can cross that off our bucket list!!! :)  I think it is so fun to have the opportunity to meet and get to know so many designers on a personal level.  That is another bonus of being in this great industry - it really is filled with some amazing & and talented gals!

Blog Hop Day 4 * Woolen Willow Designs

Up next is a gal most of you may know thru their family magazine, Primitive Quilts & Projects!  {Which we are very lucky to have & be apart of!!}  She is Jeni Gaston from Woolen Willow Designs!  We are glad she was able to join our hop as she is on a big deadline for a project she is working on!  {That is going to be exciting too!!!!}  Like most of us, she loves working in various mediums from cotton to wool!  She also wears many hats besides being a designer... She is the Creative Director for their magazine, a wool dyer, mother of two and an amazing pet owner to her two cats {Pea & Gray} and of course, her puppy, Chester!  I am starting to realize most of us designers are also big pet lovers!!!
I think this is so neat that prior to her journey in this industry, Jeni served in the United States Navy as a dental technician & assistant!  Isn't this a sweet picture of her and her grandmother!!!! :)
Photo Credit: Jeni/Woolen Willow Designs
 It really has been a pleasure to get to know Jeni!  I look forward to heading their way one day to check out their shop & see some behind the scenes of their magazine!  Wouldn't that be cool to see!  Let's click the link again and head over to her blog and see what she created just for us!!!

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For those of you who are new to the annual hop - Welcome! 
How this works... is that each day, {Dec 1-15} I will post (along with the other delightful bloggers) a link for you to click on from our blogs that will take you directly to that day's designer blog where you will read a bit about them and their favorite Holiday memory for example.  You will also receive a complimentary recipe from them that you can print off and add to you collection!  Then don't forget to download their complimentary design they designed just for this blog hop event {AND thank them in the comments!!}.  I have been in contact with each of the designers and we are all so excited to see the hop come together... and help us all get in the spirit of giving!  This is our small token of thanking each of you for supporting us designers and our passion!  
Without you... we would not be able to do what we do! 
Are you ready?  Let's get the hop going!  ENJOY!


quilter197 said...

Day 4. I must be too early.... Don't see a Blog Hop project there yet....

Me and My Stitches said...

Love their magazine and their projects. I would like to go visit them too...yep that's another road trip to add to my list!

Rita said...

Thank you for the blog hop.

How does one obtain the freebie from Woolen Willow Designs? (She says on her blog post that if we have trouble getting it to ask you for help.)

Thank you!

terry said...

why can't we go the to ones from day 1-3?

martha said...

can't get jeni's design! Help!

Unknown said...

Not able to find the design on Jeni;s blog for Day 4. Can you help?

Tdsvintagelife said...

I tried printing Jeni's pattern but it doesn't print out correctly much smaller than her instructions indicate can you help it really is so cute and this is so much fun already finished the first 2 projects.thanks terri

Miss Stacy said...

Hey Gals... Sorry I was out of the studio most of today working on a project... I also waited last night to make sure it worked and had not seen the it posted and went to bed... But sometimes things happen! We can always fix it!!! Anyway, Debbie & I did a new link for you to click on! All should be swell!!

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