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February 15, 2015


Hello!  I hope you all enjoyed your Valentine's Day with your sweetie or cats!!!  I am still a bit under the weather... so I will get right to the point so I can finish posting all these links and hop to bed as my kitties are waiting patiently for me to come snuggle!!  
First off... Our LUCKY 12 WINNERS are listed below.  Please email JODI at jodilorenc@aol.com with your mailing info BY TUESDAY NOON so we can send out your patterns!  We hope you enjoy them!!!  Thank you all for the great comments!  It sounds like some of you are having terrible weather... I hope that clears up for you especially if you are not prepared for it!
Winners are:
Patricia Mishler
Debbie (W.S)
Janet O.
Ellen S.
Cindi P.
Linda Danby
Next we have BLOCK 2 to reveal for the
"Mystery" BOM we are hosting! 
We did add background fabric and kits on our website.  Please feel free to go order those if you are interested!  Quantities are limited! 
 Again, all you need to do is click and print on the link below!  We hope you enjoy the 2nd block and keep sharing your pics with us by emailing them to me at swest@buttermilkbasin.com, posting them on our FB page etc...We LOVE seeing your work and following you along as well!  Happy Stitching!


Janet O. said...

Did I really win something? : ) Thanks, Stacy!
Love the new block. Can't wait to get going on it.

Sandi said...

Thanks for block #2 it is lovely!

Congrats to the winners!

anna 23 said...

thanks a lot , it's so nice

Barbara said...

Thank you for another special block.

Kate said...

Stacy, this is a beautiful block!
Congrats to the winners. :)

belarmina said...

Gracias por tu generosidad
es un bloque precioso

Anonymous said...

I love this, thank you so much! I really enjoyed doing the first one

Anna said...

OMG....I'm a winner!!!! Thank you so much! Now off to prep Block #2 before retreat :)

LesQuilts said...

Thank you for another cute block! Dumb question....why are there 2 images on pattern sheet? I did both pineapples, other people only did one. I was thinking 2nd image is for later? Thanks, Leslie

WoolenSails said...

I think that is my name and I see some of my friends won too, you have made lots of ladies happy today. A nice surprise on a snowy, windy day. I have my new BOM all cut out and ready to sew, love this one and I love working on them.


Miss Stacy said...

Great!!!! Please email Jodi so we can get you out your Valentine treat from us!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hoping you feel better soon!

Claire said...

Thank you so much for another lovely block, Stacy. Hope you are feeling better really soon!

JANET said...

OMG I can't believe I won.Thank you for the wonderful giveaway

Anonymous said...

Congrats to your winners! I know a few of them through blogging. Lucky gals!

Unknown said...

Thank you so much!! My 1st time winning a giveaway.

Liz said...

Thanks for the beautiful block! I need to jump on board.....

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