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October 9, 2015

Free pattern! Halloween party! Pattern giveaway!

Wow!  Time is flying!!!  It's almost mid October which means HALLOWEEN is just around the corner... so I better start giving out "treats!"  This week's winners over on our FP will have the choice of picking 3 patterns {up to $9}!  How awesome is that!

Since I'm sure you all could use a break from my posts {only 10 days left of the voting madness!!!} I'll keep this one short!

This week we have been doing the usual, but also have had Becky in the shop working her making things flow/organization magic!  She's huge into that!  She's doing an amazing job!  Well, that was until she told me I have to purge & get rid of some stuff!  Lol!  How does a girl like me get rid of all my "good stuff"???  Cross your fingers that she takes it easy on me and nothing of great importance magically disappears!!!!  You know... Like, say, 50 pairs of vintage scissors that are not useful or that I haven't used in 2 years!!!!  😂 oh geez.... I'm scared for next week!!!!

Ok- Voting!!! You gals are making a statement and continue to go above and beyond!  I'm honored to have over 40,000 votes!  YOU continue to vote day after day & have been such an important factor in this journey!  I gotta admit... WE CAN WIN this!  Could you imagine the give away celebration we would have then!!!  Wowza!  Bring out the party hats & piñatas!!!!!  Only 10 days left!!!!!!!  Let's do this!!!
October 10th my online Halloween party starts!  It's just a Buttermilk Basin HALLOWEEN Party created just for you!  So Keep Calm & Get Your SPOOK on!!!!!!!  I'll be putting it on my blog and here... so keep an eye out for it on Saturday!  Make sure your friend gets in on the "treats" too!
I'm also reposting the "FREE" Halloween quilt pattern that we designed & put on the website for you under our Humble Beginnings fabric!  Be sure to click and print your pattern off!  It's a quickie & will look spooky cute on your table!
I'll wrap it up!  Please head over to the FB and leave a comment for a chance to win your "CHOiCE" of 3 patterns!  I'm really looking forward to hearing what's new on your end since I've been chatting too much lately!!!!  And oh... Pics are always fun!  Love you guys! XO


Janet O. said...

I'll keep voting!
Love that little Halloween pattern. : )

Sandi said...

Wow! I thought I had a lot of scissors, but no where near your collection. Have a wonderful Columbus Day weekend, I'll be celebrating Thanksgiving.

LpoolDogLover said...

Beautiful fabric! And thank you for the pattern too!

belarmina said...

Que podría sentir si tuviera esas tijeras en mi costurero?
el patrón es muy bonito
ya he votado

Unknown said...

Love seeing your blog and all the fun things. The Halloween pattern is so cute.

Susanb-m said...

Love your work!

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