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October 7, 2015

Inspiring "WORD" Wednesday! 12 days left to VOTE!

Happy "WORD" Wednesday!  Vincent van Gogh was the boldest and most innovative painter of the 19th-century.   His work was stunning, as was his heart...  On September 18, 1888 he expressed this quote in a letter of gratitude towards his brother.  This quote has been around for over 127 years... Let's continuing being artistic & loving people!  

Also, we are down to 12 days to vote for my little company in the Martha Stewart American Made Contest!  I hope you can continue voting and sharing the info with others to help gain more votes!  I'd LOVE to meet Martha!!!!!  Here is the link...  Enjoy your day!  



Gloria said...

I have been giving you my 6 votes every day and shall continue until voting ends.
Just a small thank you for the current BOM.

Unknown said...

I am voting every day. I wish I could triple, quadruple it ten times over. Good luck and best wishes. P

Janet O. said...

I've been voting, too, but for some reason yesterday it told me I had no votes left, when I hadn't voted yet. Frustrating. I will try again today.
Love that quotation!

Ann in PA said...

Have not been able to vote today. Keep getting a message: "We're experiencing a high volume of vote requests. Please try your vote again later." : (
I'll keep trying. Your designs are wonderful!

Leratdesfils said...

J'ai encore voté ! 6 fois aujourd'hui, je recommencerai demain.

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