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November 27, 2016

Day 3 of our Home for the Holidays Blog Hop

Welcome back everyone to another great day on our hop!  Before I begin, I need to apologize for not getting Kathy Schmitz her recipe card to post online!  So if you went to her blog, seen her darling stitchery project and her cookie pic without the recipe... here it is!!!  Again... sorry for my error!  Here is her link again if you want to go back and revisit {she will be putting her pics back up when she has a moment!}. http://kathyschmitzstudio.blogspot.com/?m=1

Also, I'd like to mention that we have a Shop Small Saturday/Cyber Monday Online Event going on now on our  website at http://www.buttermilkbasin.com/.  We have lots of new goods from wool kits... to fabric & wool bundles on there!  Feel free to pop over to our site and take a peek!!!  And if you came to the shop yesterday to support our small business- we SEW appreciated you & your business!!!!  {Plus we had a blast!!!}

Back to today's blog hop post...
Are you all enjoying the hop so far?  I sure am!  It's like opening a Christmas present everyday!  You never know what's inside ... Just like not knowing what each designer will be designing & posting!!!!  It's so exciting!!!

Speaking of Christmas gifts...  I thought these old fashioned ads were cute- but humorous!  They were classified as "Cringe-Worthy Vintage Ads from Christmas Past"!  What I'm fascinated by is how lovely & excited the women are when they are reading the vacuum manual and decorating the tree... thinking of all the aluminum gifts they could be getting! 

But then there is this one!  It's my FAV, and an actual cool gift I would appreciate!  {Just not for ironing clothes daily! Lol}. And the best part about... It is designed for "sit down" ironing!  Doesn't get any better than that!!!! 

Now that we had a little chuckle.... We are ready to head over to our next fantastic designer in the cross stitch/needkework industry!  Today is Lori, from Notforgotten Farm's day!  She always comes up with something unique for you!  Let's head over her way and see what "surprise" she has for us, shall we!?!  

Have fun!  I'll meet you back here tomorrow!  Stacy


Jackie said...

Stacy ~ I'm definitely enjoying the hop! Your hops are always so much fun. Where else can you get free patterns and tasty recipes from such wonderful designers? Thank you so much for doing this for all of us out here in blogland!!

Laundered Cotton said...

Those aluminum trees are worth their weight in GOLD for MCM collectors. Check the prices on ebay! There's a facebook group called "mid-century modern kitch" that is very educational with real people who live for that stuff!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for Kathy's recipe. I wondered what happened there. This is a great hop, as they always are, so thanks for that, too, and to the people you lined up to share with us.

I did have to laugh at the ads. I can't think of a time, even in the 50s, when I would have been excited to get an ironing board or a toaster for Christmas! LOL Gifts for a hobby, like a circular saw or a sewing machine - those are okay. Gifts that make you work? Not a GIFT!

gmp said...

Thank Hou for posting the recipe!
Having fun with your Blog Hop again!! Always look forward to it.

sue bennett said...

What a fun swap. Loving the patterns .

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SCFQuilter said...

Loving the blog hop! So far I have made the Snicker Doodles and the Peppermint Melt Aways... Tomorrow I will make the Thumbprint recipe posted today! Having a great time getting my Christmas baking done!

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