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November 28, 2016

Day 4 of our Home for the Holidays Blog Hop!

We meet again on Day 4, of our Home for the Holidays Blog Hop!!!  I'm really enjoying all the great projects, delicious cookie recipes & the great posts!  I hope you are too!  It's the first thing I hear many of you are doing in the morning with a cup of hot coffee!  You might as well keep the coffee brewing...as we have many more days left on the hop!!!

If you missed yesterday's project.... Here it is!  I love Loti's sweet little old fashioned sock!  I also love that it is quick & easy!!!

Today I've been thinking about Christmas and lutefisk!  I'm not sure how many of you are familiar with lutefisk!?!?  If you're Norweign, you probably are very familiar with it!!  {If you are not familiar with... that could be a very good thing!!!}.

I'm not fond of it, but here in Minnesota it's a traditional side to Holiday dinners- especially Christmas!  What exactly is lutefisk?  Well, lutefisk is dried whitefish (normally cod) treated with lye. It is a Notdic dish served in the Upper Midwest!

{The following 3 photos are courtesy of PBS!}

As far as I can remember back, it has been served at our Holiday dinners!  You can't miss it- it smells horrible when being cooked and looks like flaky slime!!!  However, now that those who enjoyed it have passed... I'd give anything to enjoy the day with them with that lutefisk!!! My grandmothers and mother LOVED it!  Grandma Avis would role it up in her lefsa, while mom & Lily smothered it in butter!  

So- if you visit MN during November, you will have to visit "Lutefisk Capital USA" Madison, MN... where lutefisk takes center stage at its annual Norsefest!  And if you're really daring... You can even enter their lutefisk eating contest!!!  Lol!!!

Ok... On with the hop!!!  Today is Tracy, from Plumcute Designs Day!  I've seen her darling little pillow design... you're going to love it!  Before you head that way I'll share her recipe here and remind you of our Cyber Monday Online Event!  

Shop Cyber Monday at the Basin!  

Please be sure to head over to Tracy's blog and print off another great Holiday project to enjoy!!! 

Have a GREAT Monday and see you tomorrow back here snd see who's up next on the hop!  Stacy


Jackie said...

Tracy's design is cute! I love that all of these projects on the hop are quick and easy. They will make wonderful gifts. Thank you!!

Anonymous said...

I'm loving your blog hop! Today's post made me think of a book I just finished reading, "Homemade: Finnish Rye, Feed Sack Fashion, and Other Simple Ingredients from My Life in Food" by Beatrice Ojakangas. Your mention of the Lutefisk is actually what reminded me. She's from Northern Minnesota, Floodwood I believe, and of Finnish descent. There are lots of recipes in the book, some of which you might find to be familiar. When time allows, I recommend you check into this book. It'll be a perfect read for cold weather.

linda d said...

By the time I married into a Norwegian family, they had substituted boiled cod for lutefisk. So grateful! The lefse that my mother in law made did not have potatoes in it. I did extensive research and discovered this is not that unusual though I have not met anyone else who makes it this way. The grands has passed, but my son has learned from his grandmother and makes the lefse for our traditional dinner every year. My 15 year old granddaughter is now honing her skills to carry on the tradition. We mash boiled cod with boiled potatoes on the lefse, drench in melted butter, roll, and enjoy. My husband enjoyed the lefse with butter and Karo dark syrup. Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

I confess I was happy the recipe wasn't lutefisk cookies! =) What memories you must get when you see or smell it, though.

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Louise SS said...

I don't know why lutefisk got such a bad rap.... it basically has no flavor. We eat it with a basic white cream gravy, boiled potatoes, salt and powered allspice. I am Swedish and we eat it here too, at least in the northern part...
I have enjoyed sewing the Let it snow quilt, almost done😊. Thank you for sharing it!

Claire said...

Thank you, Plumcute Designs, and Merry Christmas!

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