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July 15, 2010

Off to See RT!

Hey Everyone!

After a bedroom redo (for my youngest daughter), and another busy week with the Basin... George and I are off tomorrow (kidless!) to go and see my boyfriend, Rob Thomas!  We have front row tickets!  I am soooo pumped I can hardly stand it!  He kicks off his Sidewalk Angels Tour tonight!  Each year we see him a couple of times... Last year we even went to Vegas to see him - talk about an amazing time!  While we were there we met Holly from the Girls Next Door & Jerry Springer... Fun times!

This will be an outdoor concert so keep your fingers crossed we don't get poured on!!!  I would say I will take some pics for you - but I have so many already that I am just going to go and enjoy the show!!!  Hope you all have a great weekend !!! TTYL!

Rob Thomas


Anonymous said...

Um..Rob Thomas is gay. Sorry. Ha ha ha ha. I mean...he's been in the spotlight foreva and we have yet to see him surface with anyone. Maybe he's just not that interesting? GASP! I do love his music though. B.T.W. As soon as I get my pictures off of my mom's camera from Market...I am so posting them on my blog!

Anonymous said...

O-M-G. I was able to leave a comment! YAY! And B.T.W. I totally am down with your blog post. Loves it. I am returning the love on mine! But like I said...the pictures of your booth and stuff are on my mom's camera...and I'm hoping she brings it to me tomorrows! Hope the concert was funzies!

Miss Stacy said...

Brian - Don't be giving me grief! He is married ;-( But, I LOVE him anyway!!! He SOOO amazing... Maybe I can "teach" around his concert schedule out there in OR!!! We could all go & party!! He is so flippin hot!!!! :-) Miss ya!

PS * I am listening to the concert right now!!! I m in heaven!!!!

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