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July 8, 2010

www.hollyhillquiltshoppe.typepad.com (aka BRIAN!)

Ok - So I was suppose to be posting about my designer friends.... However I have to drop everything and post this!!!!  It all started last night when I was checking to see how one of my "fav" shop's family was doing after having a couple of setbacks.  So I thought I would email Brian and see how everyone was doing.  Little did I know... that at the exact same time, he was trying to leave a comment for me on my blog!  How frickin' cool was that?!  So we caught up...emailed back & forth... and we had a blast!!!  He is so hot funny! (And yes, you HAVE to go read about this picture/post!!!)


Ok- so I know you are all wondering who is Brian?  Well.... You know those TOP 10 QUILT SHOPS that are featured in the Quilt Sampler magazine(s)??!!   Let's just say he and his mom just happen to own a fab quilt shop, Holly Hill Quilt Shoppe and are currently enjoying their reign as one of them!  You really need to run out and grab yourself a copy if you haven't already got one and read all about them - because there is NO WAY I am going to give you my personally signed copy from them at market!!!!  Ha Ha!  I have a signed copy!!!  Doing the happy dance!!!

Anyway - (Back tracking) I was fortunate to meet Brian, his mom and the crew at market.  I had never met them before as they are out in Oregon and I am in MN .  What was just as neat was that the gal who designed their quilt featured in the magazine was my booth buddy behind me.  She is Terri Staats of Sweet Treasures!  She was GREAT... and even was so kind and sent home 3 potted plants & a message board with me!  Super sweet gal!  ... We truly had a great time!

Now- I am going to give you the link to his blog but you have to promise me that you will not compare our blogs!  His blog ROCKS & I am the newbie/work in progress!!  I laughed my ass butt off last night reading his posts!  He is a gem and the world needs more people just like him!  Seriously, please go and check him out and add him to your favorites...  You so will not be disappointed!!!  Here is his blog! www.hollyhillquiltshoppe.typepad.com


Michelle said...

I LOVE this shop and visit when Brian my last two visits there. He is ever so busy, but so funny and very helpful! He commented about your blog, so here I am.



Miss Stacy said...

Hey- Just seen this... I am a newbie so bear with me! We will be lucky if I don't post this comment 10 times like I usually do!

Brian Rocks! He is so fun! You are so lucky to have that in your area. From what I have seen via the blog - it just keeps on getting better!

Thanks so much for stopping!!

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