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July 18, 2010

O*M*G!!!! Rob ROCKED!


Oh...  the Memories!!!

I am sitting hear on my Mac listening to his concert from Friday...  The day was perfect (except for my right brow!!!)

George and I headed out of town (kidless) on Friday.  I hit the SPA for a massage before the the concert (which was sooo amazing) while George gambled.  Then we met up back at the room to primp!  (Since I was in the front row - I knew RT was going to see me... )  Here is the real reason I had to primp - do you ever have one of those dumb ass moments where you are sitting there doing your brows and you somehow - "accidentally" trim off a CHUNK - not a hair or two - A CHUNK of your brow?  Well, I did!  I should almost take a pic of it just so you can see how bad it really is (I am sooo not doing it though!!!).  Good thing I am an artist and had no problem making my right brow look just like my left!  It was funny because George goes - don't worry about it... it will be dark outside anyway!  (Are you kidding I said - I look crazy!!!!)  Did I mention, I had a very nice looking guy give me a massage too!!!  (I told him upfront that I didn't need my face massaged...I was too worried my brow would smear off!!!)  I am so laughing as I write this.  A person just can't make this stuff up!!!  Leave it to me!!!

Anyway (back to the concert)...  It was just amazing... acoustic and very personable.  I think it was my favorite concert so far!  Either way, I loved every minute of it and was truly enjoyed the weekend with my husband (and my facial on Saturday!!)  In the end, I wonder if he lost more... or I spent more!  


SUE said...

OMG! Your eyebrow story cracked me up - I am literally laughing out loud at work. RT is the best! Thanks for the pick-me-up! SUE

Miss Stacy said...

Hey Sue - Glad I could birghten your day!!! I am sooo serious - You would NOT believe how much I chopped off. I got this new gadget and thought this was the best thing ever! I always have my gal do it at the salon/spa but lately she is getting them curvy and lord know I have enough curves to boot! However, somethings are just best left alone... I think brows are one of them. I will stick to stitching!!! :-)

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