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July 28, 2010

Teaching at Quilt S'more 2010 Quilt MN Shop Hop


Just dropping you all a quick note before the girls and I head up to Roseau to teach on the 29th, 1st & 3rd at Quilt S'more quilt shop!  The buses are filled, the gals are excited and the quilt shops are making their final touches on their shops as the 2010 Quilt MN Shop Hop is just days away!!!  I can't wait ~ it will be so fun!  

Here is a picture of the back of my pumpkin (aka Ford Edge!!)  It is filled with new wool (which I will be putting on the website asap when I get back home - you won't believe how cool it is!!) kits and tons of patterns and my trunk show!  I am keeping my fingers crossed the other models arrive safely from the Sister's Quilt Show in Oregon.... and the other box I know has been next day aired so it should be waiting there for me when we get there tomorrow!!!! 

If any of you are in the Roseau area up North in MN ~ swing on by the quilt shop!  Judy would love have you!  I also have a little something I will be giving away for each of you who take the time to come out and join us!


Country Prims said...

Oh, look at all that yummy stuff!

What I wouldn't give to be going there:)

Next you will have to come and do a UK tour- We gals can but dream!

Enjoy-can't wait to see all your photos and your new stock of wool,

Blessings, Shazy x

Beth said...

Wish I were going to be there. I will be watching for the new wool. I am fast becoming a bit obsessed with your patterns. LOL.
Finished the top of the new Halloween quilt (store sample in the shop I work in). I also bought another pattern ( the poem) sorry can't remember the names and I pla to get the one that says "halloween". Such fun to stitch. We also got a Christmas pattern in this week. Sigh... so many cute things, so little time.

Miss Stacy said...

Hey Gals... I would love to do a UK tour! How cool would that be! I am hoping to get more things going on the web for those of you who are far away. You should be able to have fun too!

I think it is cool that you are working on the patterns. I think wool is addicting. It is so forgiving and easy to work with - I just love it! Today I picked up a great background fabric for a new bom that I have no idea of what I will do but it is an awesome background!!!

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