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February 23, 2010

Valentine Party Pics


Just wanted to show you some pics of from the Valentine Party at the studio.  You should really come and experience one of our parties...  We have a blast!

I did forgot to take some pics of what we swapped.  However, I received the coolest felted wool heart pin!  It was a wonderful day spent with some creative gals!

(PS - Did I mention we had the most amazing frosted sugar cookies ever????)  :-)

February 22, 2010

Fundraiser for the Arts

Hey Everyone!

This past weekend we were fortunate to participate and sponsor a table at a very special fundraiser.  It was a Fundraiser for the Arts.  As many of you know, I am very passionate about the arts and have two little gals in elementary school. I would be just heart broken if they were unable to participate & experience the arts.  Because of events like this one, we were able to raise a fair amount of money... as well as provide scholarships for local students. 

Our table scape was "Create Your Journey"!   As an artist, my work and my life is a creative journey.... 


February 12, 2010

Valentine's Party at School!

Hey Everyone!

If you are planning on heading to the studio today... I will be sneaking out shortly before 2:00PM.  I am going to spend the afternoon with the girls at their Valentine's Day Parties at school!  I am so excited!  The boxes are made, the treats are packaged up and the anticipation is building!  I can almost smell the chocolate!!!!

This year I was able to make their Valentine's Day cards for them to hand out.  Last year I had a custom card made from our family photographer.  It was fun to create something myself, especially for them.  I created them on the computer and printed them off.  Quick and easy and oh so cute!!  (You can ask the gals who have been stopping by at the studio - they just love it!)  I have one framed here at the studio!

Better run and finish up kitting the designs for the Valentine's Day party tomorrow at the studio....  I will try to post pics this weekend of the party!  It is going to be a blast!!!!  (I can't wait to see what my swap partner will be giving me!!!)

Later -

February 9, 2010

Trio of Woolen Mittens (Punched!)

How cool is this!

Meet Brenda... She is a swell gal & carries our line in her shop Pumpkin Patch Primitives.  

She just learned how to rug punch.  She used our pattern, Trio of Woolen Mittens and instead of wool appliqueing the design, she punched it!  I think it turned out super cool!  To read more about her and her shop ... go her blog:  http://pumpkinpatchprimitivequiltshoppe.blogspot.com  

Nice Job Brenda!!!  :-)


February 7, 2010

Valentine Party & Crafty Chic Club this week - Come join us!

If only emails were delivered by this rosy-cheeked fellow


Come join us at the party & Craftin with LOLA!  THIS WEEK!!!

Party at the Studio 
Sat * February 13th 1-4 

(YOU won’t want to miss this! 
You know I love a good party!) 

Remember when you were a school kid and 
you would buy your box of Valentines at the 
dime store (We shopped at Mrs. Reese’s 
shop) and pass them out on February 14, 
hoping you would get a few in return? Well 
no more hoping, with this swap you are 
guaranteed to get a handful in return! Here 
are the details of the swap: 
Each participant will make a crafty chic 
Valentine and bring it to the studio on 
Saturday, February 13th to swap amongst the 
other participants!  It can be handmade, or 
recycled, just not purchased. 
 Cost $15 
* You will make a Wool 
Valentine Pocket, Wool V-day Collage &enjoy Sweet 
Treats & take home a Party 
Favor from the Basin! 

We hope you participate! Join quickly 
so we can get a good feel for how many 
party favors and sweet cookies we 
will need for the party! 

“Crafty Chic Club" 
with Lola! 
Come live the high life with Lola... because it is 
all about the crafts!  Lola (AKA Laura) doesn’t 
special in a specific medium because she loves 
them all...  She will take you on a ride 
experimenting with various mediums from 
fabric to paper with a vintage flair once a 
month. Each month you will create unique 
one of a kind project.   
This month it is Valentine themed. 
Thursday, February 11th 6-8:30 
Cost $20  
Crafting * Stitchin & Chattin time!  

February 6, 2010

Quilt Market



It is almost 2 AM and I can't sleep....  I am under the weather...  so what is a girl to do but dream about one of her favorite times of the year....  Spring Quilt Market!  I am so excited pumped that it is coming to MN that I can hardly stand it!  Here is a picture of our corner booth from last year in Pittsburgh.  That was a great show!  

A little recap....  Jodi and I were invited to WI to stay with a friend of mine - Lisa, from Primitive Gatherings.  Let's just say her shop ROCKS!  You all need to visit it!  After a fun day at the shop and chilling at the house watching Twilight till the wee hours of the morning... we headed out together for the long journey to market.  Our trailers were loaded to the top and Nick had us up early (way to early for me as you can tell I am a night owl!!).  Either way, we had a blast with them...  Next thing you know, we were there setting up our booth and before you know it.... all those months that went in to prepping, model making, pattern writing and stressing out to make sure everything was just right was OVER.  This year... I hope to spend less time stressing over it... and more time enjoying the journey!  

Did I mention market is nearing 100 days away?  YIKES!!!

TTYL - Stacy!

February 3, 2010

Winter Fun at the Basin

Hey there Gals,
It may have been cold outside this past weekend but it was warm and toasty inside the Buttermilk Basin Studio.  The creativity was soaring as women stopped by to stitch towels, and make n' take miniature wall hangings and adorable snowman pins.  If the creating was not enough, there were delicious, homemade cookies and punch for everyone to enjoy!  We had experienced stitchers as well as newbies who were looking to pick up a new hobby.  The women were delightful and everyone had a laugh or two.  The best part of working at the studio was no phone, television or computer to distract.

Now don't fret if you missed this event, because the Basin's Valentine party is coming up and a repeat of the fun and laughs will abound, but new projects will be completed.  Treats (a must for any good crafting event), a homemade Valentine swap, 2 wool projects and a goodie from the Basin are part of this "loving" event!  Mark your calendars for February 13th, from 1-4 and get crack-a-lacking on that homemade Valentine but don't forget to call the studio to reserve your spot for the 1st Buttermilk Basin Valentine Party!
The Buttermilk Gals
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