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April 23, 2016

Kits Restocked!

Hey!  The kits flew out the door in 24 hours!  I've got a bunch of emails requesting more kits!  So I added 50 more!  These will be "freshly cut" for you this week!!!!!!  Www.buttermilkbasin.com

April 22, 2016

NEW VIntage Truck thru the Year Pattern & Giveaway

Just like Doublemint gum... We are going to "double your pleasure & double your FUN" and give away 2X the amount of the new BOM block kits this week because someone, {aka Miss Stacy} forgot to pick the "LUCKY" Friday winners last week over on our Facebook page!!!!!  So once you have checked out the NEW VINTAGE TRUCK thru the YEAR design... and get to the bottom of the post... be sure to leave a comment this week as I am giving away 18 kits to 18 of YOU this week!!!!   Hope you are feeling LUCKY!!!!

We are so loving this new truck series!  I am having so much fun designing them each month and sharing them with you!  This month's design captured the essence of spring and included fluffy golden yellow chicks, a truck full of carrots {with super cool tops}, a little bunny anxiously awaiting for the "special delivery" & a basket full of spring!!!!!  We have the pattern & kits available on the site...   The gals all fell in love with the sweetness of this one!  The colors of wools are stunning!!!!  I would recommend a kit this time as it uses some unusual colors of wool!
This week we ROCKED it at the shop!  Everything is going great!  The paint got delivered today!   We are anxiously awaiting for the walls to be painted!  So now it won't be long before we can expand into the new space!   Kelly's husband will be making a huge cutting table for us!  Do any of you have any cool ideas/suggestions before we finalize the specs???  I know how clever many of you are!!!!!!

Today I am taking the day off and will be heading to the Junk Bonanza!  I am SOOO excited!  I really have not had a day to go junkin in quite some time!!!  This show is held in the spring and fall only... so if you snooze... you lose!  You know I am dying for a new prop or two... or three!!! {SHH... I told the shop gals I probably won't be going... they think I have enough "junk"!!!!}  They can find out that I went junk hunting after my damage is done :)  .... and I post my pics here!!! LOL!  And don't worry...I will be sharing my trip this weekend with all of you here... so be sure to check back!
This weekend brings lots of prepping/fusing for me as I am going down to St. Louis, to watch Hannah's team compete in Worlds for Robotics next week.  I need to get things set for the gals and get lots of handwork ready to keep me busy!  It is a 10 hour drive!  I am also hoping hit a few of my FAV shops along the way to MO!  {We will be taking the truck in case I "stumble" on a great find!!!}  I LOVE road tripping!  It is one of my FAV things to do!  Plus, has anyone ever been to too many quilt shops???
Before I wrap this up... I want to make sure and thank you all for all the great uplifting comments regarding my dad last week and also for sharing your stories of your sweet dad's with me!  It truly made a difficult day into a more positive and inspiring one!  You gals are the best!

OH!...Don't forget to leave me a comment over on our FB page for a chance to win 1 of 18 NEW Let it Snow BOM's this week!!!!  I hope you all have a great weekend!  And be sure to get out and enjoy yourselves!  Happy Stitching!!!  Stacy




April 15, 2016

Mystery Blocks 4 & 5 Reveal! New Spring Patterns!

Surprise!!!  I am EARLY with my "LUCKY" {and very lucky} Friday, I may add!!!  Today marks the release of the next {2} blocks in our "Mystery" Let it Snow BOM and re-release of four new  SPRING patterns!  Today was a beautiful sun-shiny day here in MN!  Things couldn't be any better {well, after my taxes and signed, sealed and delivered today!!} 

Today I am also celebrating the 20+ wonderful years I enjoyed with my dad, Donald!!!!  Even though he passed away suddenly, on a cold and chilly day tax day.... many years ago... I still miss him dearly and cherish all the warm memories we made together!   I will forever be his little girl... and always be thankful for having a super fantastic dad... who gave me nothing but support, love & inspiration!!! XOXO  Hugs also to any of you who may be missing someone special!!!  

This week brought getting AHEAD!  Can you believe it!?  We have had the kits ready since WED!  {And yes... I know it won't last but I gave my girls kudos for getting the groove down!!!}  Way to go BB Gals!  We are even cutting kits for shows and of new designs we have been working on!  Joey enjoyed her vacation in Texas!  One day it reached 97 there!  WOWza!!!!!  Kelly's daughter is getting closer to her due date... so we are on pins and needles when she texts Kel!  Judith is also back volunteering and Jody is rocking it too!  It is so fun to have everyone around at the shop!  We all sure love our jobs! 

What do you think about the NEW BOM blocks?  We are loving them!  The gals especially love the simplicity of the snowflake block!  You know I couldn't just leave you with a plain old snowflake!  I had to put my signature on it!  I think it will be perfect for the 1st block in the 2nd row!  The I block is also a great block!  Who doesn't love to nestle up to the fireplace in a warm cozy cabin during the winter?!  I really am digging designing this BOM as we go along!  What a blast!  So if you haven't joined this BOM, anytime is a good time to start!  We have lots of fun blocks to come.... so head over to the website, get your patterns and order the new kits if you would like!!!!!  {NOTE:  We combined 2 blocks and made sure the pricing would ensure the low shipping rate!!}  How groovy is that!!!!!

I am going to wrap this up as my battery is on its last flicker!!!  I hope you ALL have a great weekend!  Make the moments count!!!....and take time to get a little handwork or sewing in!  I am ready for the weekend.... I will be going on a {much needed} date tonight with my hubby- while the girls attend a school & church function!  Then, we have a fun filled family day on Saturday which includes taking on Hannah & her boyfriend on a fierce game of Cat Sequence!  GW & I are sooo behind in matches!  Who knew matching cats/5 in a row would be so hard to do!!! LOL!  Then I am off to the studio to enjoy come drawing, cutting & fusing!!!  I can't wait to dive into that!!!

PS* Don't forget to check out the other new wool patterns on the site & the kits that we restocked again this week including trucks & Joy Snowman pillow!  We are on fire!  Thanks for all your support!  Happy Stitching!  Oh- make sure you leave a comment over on our FB page for a chance to win the new BOM kits!!!!!! Stacy

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