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June 11, 2013

Club Cancelled...Cancer Sucks!

Hello… Just dropping a quick note here for those of you who are in the club both online and in the studio.… Karen and I have decided it is best to cancel the club for this month.  She went ahead and posted it earlier on her blog last week- but I am concerned that not everyone reads her blog so I thought I would also post on my blog.  Two factors were at-large when we decided to cancel the club for this month.  First of all, Karen is knee-deep in her addition above her garage for her "dream nest" with many plans in the works!  The 2nd one, being the most significant one is simply that my mother has cancer and is in the fight of her life.  She has been down here in one of the best facilities for the past 6/7 weeks.  Because she has so many chronic health issues like her lungs functioning at 17%,  congestive heart failure, COPD etc... they have not even got to the cancer at this point - and since her body is so weak...they may not be able to either. :(.   Since I am her only daughter and have  no real family to help her during this difficult time I made a choice to basically drop everything and be at her side during this difficult journey.  I have always been a firm believer that my family comes first.... And that you can't get these moments back!  Okay - before I get teary-eyed… I also want to let you know that I have 60 some new patterns available that just have not made their way onto the website and that there are many things in the works!  Trust me, I have worked my tail off around being at the hospital with her and made it to exhibit at Quilt Market in Portland....I really hope and pray that you will continue to support me during this difficult time while I struggle to find balance and wrap my head around tough days/decisions that lie ahead... Words cannot describe how very difficult this journey is....  I hope you are all doing well and cherishing those precious moments with your loved ones!  I do hope things settle in a bit and I can share more and stitch again!  Miss you all!  Xoxo
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