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November 24, 2013

Heading to Roseau * Trunk Show at Aunt B's!

I am so excited to head home to Roseau next week to spend Thanksgiving with my mother!  Although it will be different, and we will not be preparing a home cooked meal... what matters is our family will be together! So much right there to be thankful for!!

Also- if any of  you are in Roseau for the Holiday.. I will be having a trunk show at Aunt B's for Friday and Saturday!  Stop by and see me!  I will have plenty of patterns, kits, wool, floss and more!!!

Be sure to check out Aunt B's Facebook page!  https://www.facebook.com/auntbsshop

I will post pics of the fun event!!

November 14, 2013

THANK YOU! Hudson Heritage Quilters!

Hats off to the Hudson Heritage Quilters for a great quilt show!  I had am amazing time, met some great people, and shared my love of wool with many new customers!  I should have known it would be a good show when they kept telling my husband and I to go and eat while setting up!  Well- can you say 2 large tables of home cooked food and desserts for us vendors!  WOW!  That was a great start and it only kept on getting better! 

The first day, my friend Lara came and met me to help work the show!  Since she traveled a bit we decided to get a hotel room and make a fun weekend out of it!  We had a great time catching up and brain storming for 2014!  I hope to introduce her to many more of you as I vend at shows... She's defiantly a keeper! :)  We were also so spoiled by the quild... they brought us treats and recipes too!  How cool is that!!! 

This first pic is a (bad) side pic of my spot... It really did look cool from the front and was filled with a bunch of goods for the Holiday Season!
This next photo shows some of the awesome quilts that this guild gives away to charity!  From pets to veterans... the give and give!  They were even working on those quilts while at the show!
Up next is a few of the quilts from the show... the gal sewed her first quilt and showed it at the show!  I think she did a fabulous job!  Remember... it is never too late to start sewing!
I couldn't resist snapping a pic of this little beauty...TINY!!!
And then there is Anne!  My new pal!  She was amazing and her work was outstanding!  This girl has talent!  She not only created/sewed this with her machine from a line drawing... she also quilted it on her machine as well!  And when I say quilted - I mean... the meandering is like miniature 1/8th inch or less meandering. Words don't even do it justice - this is one of those quilts you need to see to believe how stunning this piece of work is!  Forgot to mention her eye for color!!! WOWOWOW!

November 13, 2013


Today was a complete unexpected day of finding goods!  I guess you could say it was serendipity!  I went out for lunch with friends and they said a boutique was open - so I stopped on my way home!  Who would have thought I would find all this!  JACKPOT!  And- the coolest part... this all fit in my pumpkin!  (Who needs the truck!!!!)


November 2, 2013

Christmas Open House OPEN 10-2 SUNDAY

Here are some pics from our Christmas Open House going on now!  We are having a BLAST!!!  I have the best customers!!!
Feel free to stop by...
We are OPEN 10-2 SUNDAY! 
We have plenty of good stuff and lots of Holiday Cheer for all!~

October 24, 2013

Witches Nite Out/Christmas Make it Take It Sign ups!

Witches Nite Out/Christmas Make it Take It Sign ups!
Hey!  Here are some pics (thanks to Karin!) from our Witches Nite Out a couple of weeks ago!  Thanks to all my wonderful customers for coming out and enjoying time with wool & fiber!  The shop looked fantastic!  I hope to post some pics of that later... In the mean time here is a sneak peek into our SPOOKTACULAR party! 
I hope you get inspired and come to our...
 FREE make it take it Nov 1st & 2nd! 
Sign up for:
Friday Night at 6:30
Saturday at 10:30 or 1:00
You will need basic sewing supplies including a scissor, stitching needle and a pencil.  You must RSVP by Oct 31st!  Call or email me to reserve your spot for you and your friends!  I will post a pic of the project in the next couple of days!  And... you should see some of the new items that are coming in daily for the event!  I am sooo excited!
Here are some pics... Wish all of you could have been here at the party! :) 
PS * Love my Hat?!?! 

October 2, 2013

Fall-O-Ween Event tomorrow!!!! All are welcome!

Hey!  We got back late Sunday night from the quilt show in ND!  I unloaded and have turned the shop into the coolest SPOOKTACULAR shop I can just for YOU!  Here is a sneak peek of what to expect!  I am so excited to see all of you!  Everyone is WELCOME!  We have added folkart too!!! 
Don't forget your witches hat for our Witches Night Out Party on Friday Evening! 

New: Hand Dyed Velvets
Patterns for Vintage Animals
Halloween/Fall Candles in witches shoes, crows & stalks
Primitive pumpkins, spiders, and acorns
Trunk show from Quilts by Cheri
Dozens of Valdani fall floss spools
Simply Vintage Magazine only 12 left!
Kits and sooo much more! 


September 24, 2013

Meet Oscar & Midnight.. Rescue Cats!

Meet Oscar!  He is Oli's little brother... He is a rescue cat! 
Many of you might already know this but we are a huge cat family!  We love cats!  Oscar is our 4th cat!  I had no desire to get another cat but I have a big soft spot in my heart to save/rescue cats!  Typically, I do not even go into places because I hate to see them homeless...  My husband snapped a pic of these cats that needed homes and he sent them to me so of course, I had to go in and see them.  I know better- I can't resist!  So there he was amongst the cutest little kittens and a couple large momma cats.  I figured most would pick the babies... He was the only older kitten in the bunch!  He is 3.5 months about in this picture and we have had him for about 1 month.  The moment I picked him up he purred and continues to be just the biggest lover and best cat one could ask for! 
It took less then a day for all the cats to accept him. It was meant to be!
I know I am going to be one of those old ladies who they call - Cat Women! LOL! 

Then less then a week later... this little black kitten shows up in our backyard.  I don't know anything about how it got to our home... My heart sank.  I knew I had to save him... as  you can see he was tiny and so thin.  I was also so bummed because I could not keep him as our city has a limit.  However, I did end up taking him until I found another home for her.  In the meantime, Grace named her Midnight... Luckily we found her a forever home with a lovely quilter & her husband (she also loves cats and has 3 cats)!  So you know she going to be well loved!  We still get regular updates and pictures sent to us from her! 
 Midnight is so blessed and we are thankful to her new owners for spoiling her! 

I would love to see pics of your cats!  I should figure out a way to post onto this post?!?! 

September 23, 2013

Everyone is asking about "Oliver"!

Oops.. I had the next 2 blog posts scheduled for this weekend and I didn't press "publish" so you didn't get these... So now you will! :)

WOW!  I can not tell you how many emails I continue to get about my sweetheart Oliver!  If you click the "labels" on the sidebar you can read all about how very, very sick he was once we got him!  The good part of the story is my husband got him for me for Christmas... and it was love at first sight!  I have to say he is an amazing cat!  He is my "BIG" baby boy!  He is just momma's boy!  He loves to curl up in a ball and snuggle with me... He loves to "babysit" the guineas... He loves to play fetch... and all he needed was a momma who never gave up (and spent all her wool money on him at the vet!!!)  But he is soooooo worth it!  I love my Oli! :) 

...Maybe tomorrow I will introduce you to his new brother we just rescued!?!?! 
Baby Oliver!
Big Boy Oliver!

Fall-O-Ween event is near... Show this week!

Welcome to a fresh new week! 

This weekend I had my family, our neighbor girl and a friend over to the shop helping me fill my rep orders, pull the models and stock the patterns for my show in Fargo this week!  I can't believe the amount of work it takes to get prepped for the show!  It is crazy!  I have so much wool I am adding a cupboard and will be bringing 3 of them full of hand dyed wool in fat 1/8ths and fat quarters.  I am still trying to finish up a few kits but I am sloooowly running out of time!  I am pretty good at making things come together so don't be surprised if I get a few more done!  I also got in new patterns and hand dyed buttons, and some fabulous table runners!  I also received some darling handmade Halloween ornaments from spiders to cats!!!.  You should see the new Valdani Floss - FABULOUS! I really fell in love with some of their new fall colors!  I can not wait to use a new display piece for them!  I think it should work out so nice!  

I also want to let you know that word is getting out on how cool and fun my parties/events are!  Gals are once again coming from far and near for the Fall-O-Ween event.  If you haven't thought about whether or not you are coming - especially to the Witches Night Out - now would be a great time to drop me an email and let me know. I am working on the make it take its for the weekend and have something fun for the party and would like to finalize my count soon!  It will be first come so please RSVP to me if you are coming!  Get those witches hats out and rock em! :)  If you already RSVP'ed, I have you down!  I have bought the coolest paper products for the party... Maybe I will pop a pic of it before I leave town.  Trust me everyone loves my parties so I hope you can come!  I also have roped my pal Julie into baking for us!  How cool is that!  Better go...  I am working on a few more kits before I go to bed!!!  Hope you have a fantastic week!  I will be in touch and I hope to see many of you at the Fargo Quilt Show later this week!!!!  

If any of you would like additional flyers to share with your friends, groups or guilds just drop me a note... I would love to send you out some to hand out!  The more the merrier!!! :)

September 19, 2013

New Prim Goods/Meet Judith!


Today was a great day at the shop... It felt like it was Christmas!  Box after box came and I could hardly stand it!  Judith kept marking stuff all day long!  We still got more boxes after she left!  You should see the trunk shows too that I got in today!  I am SOOO excited for you all to see what I have been cooking up at the shop! 
The counter and surrounding shelves are overflowing with prim goods!
I did feel bad today because I had 3 lovely ladies swing by and knock on my door- the shop and myself were a hot MESS!  Typically I would let anyone in but I am in the process of packing up for 2 trade shows and an open house within the next two weeks!  So... needless to say, I thanked them and handed them a flyer and hope they will take the time to come back - it is hard to turn away anyone who supports and loves what I do!

I also want to introduce you to my right hand gal Judith, who volunteers her time when she can to come help me fill orders, fold wool, price... or do whatever I need done!  I can not tell you what a saving grace she is!  Most days we work hard and sneak out for lunch!  We are trying to start a sewing night at her house (with my neighbor gal Sal!) on Monday night... We gave it a whirl this past Monday night - I got there late from work and she already started drinking the wine.  Needless to say... we did not get a thing done and all we did was chat and drink wine!  Great way to start off the week! LOL!  Anyway, if you come to the shop - be sure to say Hi! to Judith!  Judith loves to sew, rug hook, collect primitives/antiques and most of all she is one of my biggest supporters and encourager!  XO Judith!  You Rock girl!

September 18, 2013

Siimply Vintage Magazine/A day in the life! LOL!

Happy Hump Day!

Today is Wednesday and I will tell you a little bit about my day!  I am doing it because I get so many of you gals who think I get to sit and design all day long!  {Now that would be living the dream!}  So here is a day in the life of a pattern designer who gets to do it all whether she likes it or not! :)
  1. Get kiddos off to school/snuggle with 4 kitties (at different times).
  2. Respond to emails - make a list in my head of what needs to be done!  (Oh, I know - you list makers are cringing! LOL!)  I don't do lists - but I SHOULD! :)
  3. Should have been to the shop by 10... but instead I hit a vintage sale (and scored some vintage pumpkins, ANOTHER jar with an oil pouring thing (a must for my M&M's at my shop!- can never have too many!) some old burlap -feedsacks with awesome graphics (but all they had!) an old tin mold, a fricken awesome orange vintage screen door and oh- an old vintage/tin washtub with a top cover on it!  Ok - I guess the day started out fabulous! LOL!
  4. Morning drive thru Diet Coke on Ice! (Bummed the large soda is no more $1)
  5. Then... We fold wool/price wool - decide if I realllly want to part with some of this fabulous hand dyed wool I got in for the open house!  (Yes, I did put some aside! LOL!)
  6. Take orders, fill orders...  It seems no matter how many thousands of patterns I have in stock, someone orders an old one I am out of! (Run to the printer - See my gal Lisa! Who ROCKS! Chat with the other workers...
  7. More filling orders...Responding to emails and answering phones  (Thankful-  but this means sitting one the computer doing invoices etc..)
  8. Get border... So I order a bunch more candles, potpourri, and more patterns for the open house...  An yes - you have to order 36 of this one candle just for an opening order - not to mention the other crap I think you all need to go with "that candle" because I LOVE me some yummy fall scented goods! 
  9. Call Kathy with an idea for her to do for the shop and see if I can pick up a shelf that I bought a longggg time ago that I need for all this wool madness going on here!!! 
  10. Call and make sure both girls made it home from school - (hope there is something in the house for them to eat!) LOL!
  11. Here is the hump part that I did get over- finally!  Today Elaine came to help me set up the USPS Click and Ship - oh, it is easy everyone says!  (My ass! LOL!)  For some reason we hit issue after issue - finally, we were able to use it on an order after my cut off for shipping!  And yes - it is ready to be picked up at my shop tomorrow!  Welcome to the year 2013 Stacy!  I will no longer have to run daily (in panic) to the PO before it closes or to the 6pm cut off one on the other side of town! 
  12. ****Living the dream right!!! HAHAHA!
  13. Ok- now I need to design a little flyer to go with the 400 patterns I am donating for the swag bags at the Fargo show!  Yes - 400!  I swing to the printer - then pick up more patterns to be stuffed and bring them to Karin's house to stuff/staple together. 
  14. Meanwhile- my husband is calling me to see if I am coming home.  Once again- I work late (still here) and he probably ordered pizza?!?! 
  15. Still folding/organizing wool... and then I decide I need to organize/clean the stock room... Well- it is now 10 ish and I didn't get to the cleaning part.  I did go thru all the bins/organize and restock.  I then realize I am low on some patterns so I keep that in mind for tomorrow - and yes - I left a little pile of crap I didn't want to find homes for ... Anyone just hit the wall like me and walk away! LOL! 
  16. Priced some new product for the shop... Who hoo!
  17. Then, I decided, before I head home to see only my husband and cats (girls are sleeping) I should drop you all a note because I really do love catching up with you and a just read a couple emails from you gals saying how fun it is to catch up with me again on here... That warms my heart.. so I thought I better at least say HI!  Hello!  You gals ROCK!
  18. Right now I bet you all are realizing I did not do one creative things today... and you are realizing YOU actually are living the dream... picking up that needle and thread - or sewing on your quilt.. while I wind the night up on a computer (of all things!) with a warm, old diet soda! 
  19. Snap- Karin just swung by to pick up the "good stapler at 10:30pm! And Elaine texted me that she forgot something here! LOL! 
  20. Hope you got a chuckle out of my boring ass day... I am off to grab the NEW Fall issue of SIMPLY VINTAGE that I got in at the shop, and snuggle up with my husband and kitties... {LOVE!}... Goodnight all! :)
Only received 24 Simply Vintage Magazines... My FAV issue - Fall!

September 15, 2013

Road/Antique tripping/Weekend Update!

Hey!  I hope you all had a fabulous weekend!  These fall days are precious here in MN and we are really trying to make the most of each day before the snow flies!!  I had a fabulous weekend with my family!  I went road tripping with my husband yesterday, recevied a pleasant surprise by seeing my hooked rug featured in Mary Janes Farm magazine (WOW!) and finished of the weekend with my family at the Renaissance Festival followed by a longggg nap during the football game...a fire and s'mores!  Now I am back at the shop spending some time with YOU and then I will start kitting up some designs for my upcoming shows!  I am a night owl - so I am just getting started!

Yesterday, I had this bright idea to convince my husband that we should go up to a small town called Lindstrom and stop at this antique store where I purchased some cool thimbles at last weekend.  I had a great idea of what to do with them... and if you know me - I have to move on it and go get them!  So... after hitting Lindstrom, and the next town, and the next town... then saying I really think we are close a bunch of times... We finally found it in Turtle Lake, Wisconsin.  Oh geez!  What a hoot!  Anyway, my husband was such a swell guy and little did I know he realized way back on the drive that Turtle Lake has a casino!  LOL!  So let's just say we were both happy!  It started to rain on the way home so we stopped a cute pizza/malt shop and enjoyed a slice of pizza and malts!  I had a peanut butter/chocolate malt!  YUMMO! 
Antique Mall in Turtle Lake
Good Pizza and AMAZING malts!
Cool huge wood carved cone!
Even a cookie in the malt for cuteness!
Neighbor girl, Hannah & Grace
S'MORES and a Diet Coke (on ice!)
Better get kitting... Tomorrow I will tell you more about my hooked rug in Mary Janes Farm magazine!  So exciting!!!  Hope your week starts off great!  Keep Stitching! :)

September 14, 2013

Happy Birthday Mom! :)

Today is a very special day... What seemed like so far off in the distance at one time.... that we were told she would not live to see... SHE DID!  Today we celebrated the life of a very special person who brought me into the world and nurtured my creative spirit, my mom Linda.  For her... I will forever be grateful.  I am over the moon that our friends and family (and some I don't even know) went out of their way to make it a very special and memorable day for my mom and my family.  From my aunt Cheryl, who goes into the care center faithfully to wash and fix mom's thinning hair and painting all her frail nails... to my sister in law Kim, who sent her the cutest purple slippers that she rocked all I day - It will be a day we will never forget and always treasure!  How strong, inspiring, and beautiful is my mom!  I am so proud of her for showing me strength when she was at her weakest state, for not giving up when others gave up on her and for teaching me to "believe" (hence my tattoo on my wrist!), and most importantly...
for not letting cancer destroy her amazing spirit!
 I love you mom!  Happy 62nd birthday! XOXOX

(Sorry I do not have any great photos yet - this came from my brother's cell phone... 
But you can still see just how beautiful see is anyway!)  

September 13, 2013

Quilt Mania Shout Out!

Hey!  Thanks to Emily from Emily's Country Cottage for giving me the heads up on a sneak peek of my market booth featured in the upcoming/current issue of Quilt Mania!  What a pleasant surprise!  Also kudos to my FAVAussie - Gail Pan from Gail Pan Designs for pm'ing/chatting last night on Facebook!  She popped me a pic from the magazine!  Speaking of Gail... Just letting you know we are going to be working together at a fabulous Quilt Shop next fall!  I can hardly wait- talk about something to look forward too!  More info on that when it becomes available!  I am finishing up work for the day and taking the afternoon off to do lunch and hit a movie with my hubby!  What a great start to the weekend!  Hope you all enjoys these fabulous fall days!  Finally have some gorgeous weather here in MN!  Keep stitching girls! :)

September 12, 2013

NEW WOOL! Fargo Indian Summer Quilt Show

Hey!  Just had to share some of the wool that came in and I picked up last night from a friend of mine who dyes some amazing pieces!  I will be ripping it into fat quarters and fat 1/8ths.  I will have some at the Indian Summer Quilt Show in Fargo, ND September 26-28.  I will also have save some of it for the Fall-O-Ween open house at the shop! 

The last couple of days I also dropped off a few things for the gals to stitch.  I will have some patterns and kits for the new designs at both places as well provided we get them done in time!  I also have a bunch of patterns from some of my fav designers - we are working on models of those new designs as well!  We are rolling at the BASIN!  Yeehaw! :)  Have a great day girls!

September 11, 2013


Hey!  I spent a good hour and a half last night setting up things on my phone to make it possible to do a post from there with pictures.  Well... After I did all the work and went to post... It didn't post!  So- you are getting the shortened version today since I am at work and have to leave soon to drive up to a gal's home who dyes wool!  I am getting a boat load from her today!!! Yahoo!  Not to mention I received two big orders from an old fav dyer and a new one also this week!  I really am stocking the shop for the fall event!  I also got in huge boxes of primitive decor!  My friend Judith was there to help me unpack all the goods and she wanted one of everything!  My event is going to be so awesome!  Then I spent the rest of yesterday cleaning the shop... YUCK!  I am one that flies in, makes a tornado mess and feels just fine working in my madness!  Hey- I know where everything is!  LOL!  Anyone else love working in their madness!?!?!  Alright- better rock!  Lots to do and see! Enjoy your day and MARK YOUR CALENDARS to come see me at the events!  I guarantee it will be worth your while!  I may not be the biggest shop but I have GOOD shit! :)
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