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December 7, 2017

Welcome to Day 7 of our "12 Days of Christmas" Online Event

Welcome to Day 7 of our "!2 Days of Christmas"!  I hope you have been having fun collecting your puzzle pieces and checking out the Holiday creativeness on the website!!!  I am excited to bring you more Holiday Cheer!  So let's get started!!!

Today is another great day over on our website! Day 7 brings 4 various fat quarters, Santa Baby Penny Mat Kit, 2 pattern bundle specials and some more AMAZING fabric bundles!  We really out did ourselves on all these gorgeous bundles!!!!  WHOO WHOO!!!!

I am also introducing you to another shop gal!  You will love Kathy and her childhood memory is really cute!  She was also at the shop for our "Ugly Sweater" party as you can see by her cute sweater!!!

Up tomorrow with be MORE goods!  PLUS.... tomorrow is the release of our last Live Each Season "Mystery" Block of the Month!  This one is so pretty, I should have patterned it up instead! LOL!  I know you're going to LOVE it!  So be sure to stop back tomorrow afternoon as that becomes available!

If that isn't enough... tomorrow is also "Lucky" Friday over on our FB page!  So it's going to be a GREAT day!  I just know it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  See you back here tomorrow!!!  HO HO HO Stacy

December 5, 2017

Day 5 of our "12 Days of Christmas" Online Event!

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Welcome to Day 5 of the "12 Days of Christmas" Online Event! I did get the goods up earlier today and had to swing home to decorate the tree with the fam!!! We enjoyed apps cooked by Hannah! Love having her a hop skip & jump away for evenings like tonight!

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There is a variety pack of new goods online! We have some darling Christmas ornaments, more fabric bundles, restocked some goods and of course, new kits were added!
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Today I'm introducing you to Kelly, one of my shop gals! She and I showed up wearing the same ugly sweater (this one) on Saturday to our party! Too cute! She's also sharing a great hot cider recipe!!!!

We sure are having fun getting these days all set! You never know what each day will bring!!! Plus we have many more kits, fabrics & wool on the horizon!!!

I'll see you back tomorrow! HO HO HO! Stacy

December 4, 2017

Day 3 & 4 on our "12 Days of Christmas" and.. Henry Glass Fabrics Blog Hop

 Welcome to Day's 3 & 4 on our "12 Days of Christmas" Online Event!  Did you have a chance to stop over on the website and see all the new goods?  We sold out of a few of our items and were able to quickly restock them today!!!  Also, if you stopped by, you might have seen the most adorable picture of my shop manager, Jodi! Here it is,along with her recipe, too!  It is fantastic!  It is the perfect appetizer for the upcoming Holiday parties!

 Jodi has been with me the longest... She lives 1/2 hour up North and started out having the patterns in her basement.  She would ship a couple of times a week.  That was before the internet existed!  Each day I would have to go to the printer, drop off/pick up and then drive things down to her husband's car daily with my little girls!  I can't believe how much work it was back then... not to mention that Jodi worked for peanuts!!!  Even though there were a couple moments here and there that she did not work with me, she was never far away and recently moved up to be the Manager of BB!  I promised her I would take care of her once I could!  I am sooo thankful she has stuck by my side!  I don't know what I would do without her! 

Not only does Jodi manage {giving me room to breath now!!!}, but she also answers most of your calls and emails.  She also takes care of all the autoship programs, felts wool and is not afraid to step in & help out with whatever needs to be done!  She keeps things afloat for us all!

Today we have a little addition to the event, my fabric company, Henry Glass Fabrics and a few of us designers have came together to bring you a blog hop hosting a "progressive dinner"!  Today is my day on the hop!  I am sharing a "side dish recipe"!  You can also see my new line of fabric, wool & yarn dyes!  Just click the link below and head over and enjoy!



 Ok... Back to our original post...  Yesterday found some great new Holiday kits, pattern specials, gorgeous wool bundles and it was also the start of our "12 Days of Christmas" Puzzle Piece pattern collecting!  Be sure to stop on the website each day to "click and print" a new pattern piece each day!  Once you have collected them all, you can put them together and it makes a FREE pattern from us to you!
I also want to share a sneak peek of some of the offerings from yesterday and today!  

For more fun... head over to our website and enjoy!
See you back here tomorrow!  Stacy

December 3, 2017

12 Days of Christmas Days 1 & 2 ON NOW on our website!

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Welcome to our first days of our "12 Days of Christmas" Online Event!  Over the next 10 days, you will be able to enjoy new goods, holiday recipes, a FREE puzzle piece to collect and make into a complimentary pattern from us to you and enjoy decorating ideas and more on our website under the "12 Days of Christmas" category!  You won't want to miss out this festive event!  Let the merry making begin!

First, I am going to introduce you to one of my shop gals!  I will be sharing a bit about them and share one of their family recipes and Holiday memories.  Let's meet Diana!  

Diana is our "shipper" gal!  She prints, pulls & packs your orders!  If she has time, she also ships them!  Not only does she do all that... but she prints all the pattern instructions, getting them ready to be folded/packaged!  Talk about a multi tasker!!!  

Diana is also an early riser and starts her day at 7:30 am!  Even though she is fairly new, and after having her here with us for a couple months, I can't imagine how we did it with out her!  She sure keeps thing humming along for us!

Diana has fond memories of putting reindeer dust and carrots outside in the yard and baked delicious cookies to leave out for Santa with a glass of milk.  The kids would make reindeer dust out of dry oatmeal and glitter and sprinkle it out on the ground.  Since the dust has glitter in it, the reindeer can see it from afar!  For some reason Santa would eat his cookies but there always seemed to be a few carrot chunks left in the yard!  We were so excited that Santa had came!

Here are few things that we kicked off our event with!
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Welcome to Day 2 of our "12 Days of Christmas" Online Event! Today we are offering 3 sets of patterns that are half off, a gorgeous Christmas wool bundle, Home for the Holidays "Chalk it Up!", a darling Winter Barn Ornament & more Holiday offerings & cheer!!!!
Today we celebrated with the locals at our "Ugly Sweater" Party! We had soooo much fun! Those who sported their Holiday sweater revived a FREE pattern! Everyone got the opportunity to draw a piece of paper from a bucket to revive a prize! If you were on the "naughty" list... you got a candy cane {at least it was not a chunk of coal!}... If you were on the "nice" list... you received a bundle of wool! The sweaters were fantastic! Kelly and I both wore the same cat sweater! What a riot! We also decked the halls with sparkly garland and Little Debbie Christmas trees!!! We definitely are making this an annual event at the shop!!!!!!

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Hope you enjoyed the sneak peek!  Head over to the website to join in the fun!  We have lots of good specials on there too!!!!  HO HO HO!  See you soon with another update!  Stacy

November 17, 2017

Blog Giveaway, NEW Hexi Patterns & Kits and more!

Hey!!! Happy "LUCKY" Friday! Can't believe it is Friday again! WHOOP WHOOP! Today I have some AWESOME goods to share with you! First off, we have our weekly giveaway design/kits for our "Chalk It Up" Series, November!  I am going to try to do a giveaway here too!  I wanted to make sure we released this before Thanksgiving! It reminds us to gather together and give thanks, which I know many of you will be doing next week! The wool & fabrics are gorgeous, as always! So be sure to leave a comment below for a chance to win a pattern/kit!!!

Next, we have the last block in our Sweet Olde Summertime BOM ready to ship! It is a cute one, I must say... especially for all you dog & vintage truck lovers! It is the perfect block to wrap up our set of 7 blocks! Next month we will have the finishing kit available! I am not sure when that will be released, as I am expecting my NEW Spirit of America fabric collection to come in and plan to use that right out of the gate for this BOM!~ It will be perfect!!! I can't wait!

If you are a fan of our Hexi "WORD" Door Greeters and Hexi Mats, you will LOVE these releases! They are SOOO PRETTY & festive for Christmas! They feature vintage bulbs, bells, candy canes & of course, Christmas trees! We have patterns & kits available for both hexi designs!!! If you order now, you can easily have it done for the Holidays!

Next week we will be putting a BUNCH of WOOL on our website! I had no clue our website was out of wool and Lord knows, we HAVE TONS OF WOOL! This week the gals have been busy kitting and next week they will get the wool bundles ready! We might even put some larger, single pieces on there too! I will either post them on Wed or Friday! So keep an eye out for them!!!!

Next Saturday {Nov 25th} we ARE OPEN for Small Business Saturday! So if you are in the area or traveling through... we have some GREAT deals waiting for you! We are also starting to get ready for our Christmas open House, which starts on Nov 30th! Did you also catch that we are having an "Ugly Sweater" Contest/Party? We LOVE having FUN here with our customers at the shop! We can't wait!

Now... for all you out of towners & online shoppers... We have an upcoming event, "12 Days of Christmas", coming up just for YOU! So no need to worry, we have lots of great deals, new designs and such that we are working on just for you! We appreciate YOU just as much and will do our best to make those 12 days just as fun!!! The 12 Days of Christmas starts December 1st and goes through the 12th! Can't wait for the festivities to begin!

On the home front... Last night we had supper with Hannah & her boyfriend's family! That was a fun time!!! Tonight we are heading down South of the cities to meet up with some family members for supper!! Tomorrow we will be off to watch Grace dance in her first comp! So excited to see her dance again! She modeled her dance outfit for us and it is soooo pretty this year!!! Then we will wrap up the weekend with a Timberwolves game!!! Should be a great weekend!

With that being said, I hope you all have a great weekend! The weather is getting chilly... might have to make some homemade soup this weekend? Do you have any good recipes to share with me!!!?? I know you do!!! Don't forget to leave a comment or show me a pic of your FAV pet for a chance to win a kit/pattern!!!! I love hearing from you all! Happy Stitching!

November 9, 2017

Trim the Tree Online Event, NEW "Mystery" Block Released & NEW Hexi Designs!

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Happy "LUCKY" Friday!!!! I'm BACK! Whoop whoop!!! I have SEW much to share with you! Before I begin... you know what today is??? It's the release {and GIVEAWAY TIME} of the sweetest & cutest block in our Live Each Season "Mystery" Block of the Month! Whether or not you're doing this with us... you should go to our website & print off block 11! Plus, it's FREE!!! If you prefer kits, we have them ready to go too for you!! Don't forget to leave a comment below for a chance to WIN a kit of this Holiday block!!!

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We have a BIG surprise for you!!! Since we've been so busy... we wanted to surprise you with another fantastic & spontaneous online event! Head over to our website & enjoy our "Trim the Tree" Online Event! I've been designing & the gals have been kitting up a BUNCH of NEW ornaments & a few NEW smaller Holiday projects just for you! You can buy 1 kit or a dozen! They also make great gifts for all your Stitching pals! They are all soooo cute!!!!

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If that's not enough... we also have the November Hexi Door Greeter and Hexi Mat Patterns & kits available on our website now too! We LOVE how these turned out! We have the kits made & ready to ship! The wool is so warm & gorgeous in these kits! We are also working on the December models... so we plan to bring those to you sooner than later, so you can get them stitched up before Christmas!!

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Where have I been?!? Well... working, hosting Santa's Workshop, pulling all nighters {which aren't as easy as they used to be!!} & exhibiting in Houston! We have also been working on a few "secret" projects! We also had Carole, the Quilt Mania/Simply Vintage editor fly in from France for a photo shoot for a book they are publishing for me! I promise... I'm not "slacking"!!! Lol! I also designed a super cute project for my friend Anna, to teach at Sisters, Oregon, during the quilt show! So be sure to watch for that coming out and sign up for her class! The project is themed around that event! I've also been working on 2 more fabric lines! It's nothing but exciting here for us at the Basin! We can't wait to share more with you when we can!!!!

Before I forget, I'd like to say "welcome" to all our new followers & "thank you" to our faithful supporters! You gals are just the best! Thanks for the emails, likes & for sharing your work with us!!! We love our BB community!!!

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Our retail shop is getting busier & busier! Today we even had 2 gals stop in to shop when we weren't open! So... we are thinking about being open more & starting up the clubs we've always dreamt of in the new year! IF this is something you would like to see happen... please let us know! It could be hard to juggle- but we sure could give it a whirl!!!!

On the home front... Grace & Hannah are doing great!!! Grace has a timer set on her phone that is counting down the days until she gets her license! Lol! It's not until Feb!!! She's busy dancing, meeting up with friends at Caribou & recently got the cutest hair cut/color! Han is enjoying college! She's spoiled with us being so close! {But- I wouldn't have it any other way!}. She enjoyed her first deer hunting experience with her boyfriend & his family last weekend! {No, she'd never shoot a deer!}. She's going out again with them this weekend! Can't believe she's doing it!!! Lol! On a sad note... we had to put down one of Grace's guinea pigs, Pia. Poor little girl got so sick. We are hoping her other guinea pig, Oreo, doesn't get lonely!!!

Time to wrap this up! I'll be back in action posting & sharing again on a regular basis! I'm super excited!!!! Hope you head over to the website and check out the NEW goods!!!! Don't forget to comment over on our FB Page for a chance to win!!!!! Have a great weekend!!!!
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