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July 25, 2015

Free Pin Cushion Tutorial

Today is a very hot hot summer's day here in MN!  Thought it would be the perfect day to share this free watermelon tutorial pin cushion with each of you!  It would be darling aside our last "Mystery" BOM!  Enjoy today! 

July 24, 2015

Lucky Friday! MN Shop Hop & More!

"LUCKY" Friday is here at last!  I'm hoping this week has been a good one for you!  It's been a hectic, but great one on my end!  This week consisted of working around dental, Ortho & allergy appts for the girls... and a facial, hair & pedi for me!!!  I've been running around like a hot mess!  Time to get my groove back on!!! Haha!!!  Luckily, I had Kelly & Hannah working to keep us rolling while I was away!  

Then the truck had to go in for cosmetic surgery!  So we were down a car and had a dickens of a time getting a rental... because of all the storms we've had, there has bee a lot of hail damage to vehicles!  Needless to say... today GW picked up one to keep until the truck is done late next week!  Yeehaw!!!  He and Hannah are out shipping orders while I'm getting a little relaxation time in before we load the trailer & set up shop tomorrow at The Country Loft!  I'm so excited to be able to have a ton of my product line in a quilt shop for the MN State Shop Hop!  My fabric will even be there, kits & wool!  So if you are in MN be sure to make a stop there for some BB goods!  I'll post pics on Monday once it's set up!  Then on Tuesday, I fly out to The Rabbit's Lair!  That is going to be an awesome time teaching & enjoying a new area I've never traveled too!!  Hope the students are ready for woolly goodness!!!!  I'll try to post often of the happenings!

Since I'm sitting at the salon and can barely move {since I'm getting a pedi}... I'm going to keep this post short!  Before I forget...I've messed up my site trying to put the new Simply Vintage magazine on there for you gals to purchase! So- if you're looking for the new misc patterns... it isn't on there!  I hope to get that fixed, sooner then later!  BTW, the magazine is fantastic this issue!  I'm keeping a copy of this one for myself!!!!  Hope you get a copy for yourself too!

Last night, after work, we hit the Anoka County Fair with the girls!  I love, love, love fairs!!!  It was s gorgeous night for cheese curds, live music & rides!  So speaking of fairs... Head on over to the Facebook page, leave a comment for a chance to win some great patterns!  Have a great weekend!

July 21, 2015

New Project Featured in Primitive Quilts

Looking for a spook-tast-ic project to start working on for fall?  Pick up a copy of the Primitive Quilts Fall 2015 issue and turn to page 14 to start creating this project of mine!  It would adapt to wool appliqué very easily!  Enjoy!

July 17, 2015

Lucky Friday, Fabric & Kits!!!!

It's "LUCKY" Friday time gals over on our FB page!  Yahoo!!!!  Time to give away some patterns featuring my new Humble Beginnings fabric line!  And YES!  If you haven't noticed it's now available in 1/2 yard increments of my website!  So many of you have been asking for it...I'm carrying the whole line!  I've been sewing with it and it's still as gorgeous as ever!  Let me know if you've made anything with it yet!  I just love it!

I'm happy to say that the bridal shower I hosted last week was a grand success!  Even though it was a ton of work... I really did enjoy every minute of it!  And seeing how thrilled & grateful the couple were of it, was the "al a mode" on the pie!!!  This week brought me designing their wedding invitations & response cards!  They're based around a "heart thumb print" of theirs!  How sweet is that?  Tomorrow they will be printed and I will come up with a creative packaging concept!  Somedays... I'd LOVE to be a party planner!!!! 

Your "Mystery" BOM's are amazing gals!  I'm thrilled to see all the variations I get weekly from all across the globe!  I love being able to share my talent with you each month and I am so excited to start seeing the birdhouse blocks being shared & posted to my BB page!  You post them... I'll share them!  I also think it's neat that some of you are working on them with your good friends, siblings and mothers!  That just brings me joy!!!  Oh- all kits are in stock & available on the website for those of you who are new & prefer kits!  

Speaking of kits... well, buttons!  I'm excited to let you know I have button packages designed exclusively for the Merrie Halloween & Merrie Christmas woolen quilts!  They will be on the website shortly!  I think it's awesome to be able to offer this as I get so many requests for the exact buttons I use.  Plus, getting "non" shiny buttons in the small sizes can be quite a challenge!  So I've got it covered for you!  

Many of you have been asking about Oliver!  I'm happy to say that within this last week and a half he's been getting back to his old self, gaining weight & getting his playful spirit back!  He's happy & much healthier!  Most (nice) days I try to get him outside with me for some"bird" watching!  He LOVES to bird watch!!!'  Bella still has a very bad attitude and is VERY unfriendly & aggressive towards him.... We continue to keep them separated.  Definitely still a work in progress as far as that goes!  Darn kitty freshener a thing didn't work!!!

Today Sally, Kelly & I went road tripping!  My best score was a vintage quilt with gorgeous colors!  I also bought 3 vintage metal picnic baskets (made me think of Yogi Bear there for a minute!!), some old garden tools, old tool bins, more mini succulents, an old horse shoe (I have a thing for them!!!) and an old feed trough!  Yes- everything was a "need"!!! Lol!!!!!  We had a great time!!!!  

Better sign off... Morning kicks off our first shipment of the new BOM kits!  Better be prepped & ready!  Have an  AWESOME weekend everyone!  All my best... Stacy

July 15, 2015


MYSTERY BLOCK 7 IS HERE! Hip, hip, hooray! Today, after a busy morning {including meeting an air/furnace guy at the shop - my air is OUT!}... I was able to pick up my pencil... sketch this out... fuse...cut & stitch this little lovely outside on my patio, surrounded by my lovely flowers & fountain running! Hannah kept me in good company and many laughs were shared! We thought it was the perfect project for a lovely summer's day! Don't you think? Oh, and don't forget to keep posting your pics here of ANY BB project you may be working on! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, seeing them! ....It felt sooo so good to have my needle in hand... Hope you enjoy this little "slice of summer"!!!!!!! All my best... Stacy 
Here is the link to click and print off!  Enjoy! 

Bridal Shower part 2 & 3!

Welcome back to more pics & tidbits from the bridal I hosted....Oh Joy!  This vignette was just outside welcoming the guests as they arrived!  It looked amazing until I realized the vintage watering can had a slow leak in it!!! Lol!  But hey- if that was the big glitch of the day.., I think I can handle it!!!  Each of the tables had a grouping of succulents that doubled as prizes and love quotes, pictures of the couple or C & T letters for the bride and grooms initials!  Then of course...the lovely bride-to-be making her entrance and enjoying the first mimosa of the afternoon!  And a party would not be complete without some type of mints, right?!?  

Of course the bridal shower would not be complete without a delicious spread of food and a grand finale of pie a la mode!  It was so fun to host this shower and Cassy and everyone sure enjoyed this special day!  Thanks for following along on my other creative ventures!!!  Have a great Wednesday!!!

July 13, 2015

Bridal shower I hosted part 1!

Welcome to a new week filled with endless possibilities!  I'm sure many of you missed my "Lucky" Friday or "CAT"-ur-day on the BB Facebook page!  I sure missed it!  I promise I will make up for it this week!!!

All I can say is that this week was a whirlwind, but so amazing at the same time!  After putting in 60 hours of work M-Th... {should have worked Friday too...}. I had to regroup & switch gears and put on my party planner hat as I was to host a bridal shower on Saturday afternoon for my sweet nephew's bride-to-be!  So around 7:30 Thursday night Hannah & I set the gears in motion!  I have to admit... It felt like I was on one of those completion shows where you get supplies a,b&c and then you have 36 hours to complete your project!  lol!  We wasted no time & got up early Friday morning, did our grocery shopping, hit 4 other stores for misc supplies that we needed.  Then we met George at the shed and picked up all our "props" ...and we finally started cooking at about 8 pm!  Hannah, Grace and I got all the food done and then Hannah & I stayed up wee late and got the majority of the decor/details finished up!  Luckily, earlier in the week we got our games printed off & picked up our prizes!  Thankfully, we had purchased all our gifts a couple weeks ago too for the bride!!!  A couple hours of sleep for me...and before I woke up- my hubby had completed a bunch of things for us!  Yeehaw!

Then next few hours is when then magic happened!  Everything fell beautifully into place!  I'm one of those people who doesn't make lists, preplan...I just gather up props/fabric/supplies and work on the fly!    Maybe because I don't have enough free time to think & worry!  Lol!!!  So... Here are a few pics from the lovely bridal shower {more to come!!!}. 

Also, I hope you can forgive me if I missed an email or took an extra day to get the free pattern link working correctly on my site!  Sometimes, I too, have to take a step back and put things in perspective and realize all I can do is my best.   Even I need to take time to celebrate & enjoy special moments like these while I can, with those people who are near and dear to me!  My hope is that you, too, enjoy the moments rather than getting frustrated over a link that doesn't work!  In the big scheme of things... Life is too short not to enjoy!  More tomorrow!  PS!  And YES!!!  I did crash after the party and slept for 4 hours!  It's been a lazy Sunday too...   It felt good to relax with my fam, get Grace off to dance camp & snuggle with my kitties!!!!  See you tomorrow or later with more on my "Grow Love" themed shower and BB info!!!  Have a great week everyone!!!

July 5, 2015

Happy 4th of July!

Hope you all had a fantastic 4th of July!  Cheers to good food, lots of fun, fantastic fireworks and memory making!

July 4, 2015

Celebrating the Holiday Weekend!

Hope your Holiday weekend is off to a great start!  My husband had today off so we headed out to Minnehaha Falls for a fun afternoon and then headed to the Minneapolis Red White & Boom celebration for live music & an outdoor movie!  It was a great time!  Could have done without the bats flying around though!!! Lol!  Not a fan of them!  Hope tomorrow finds you doing more celebrating!  Stay cool!   

July 3, 2015

Fabric Giveaway, Commemorative Quilt & Celebrating!

This week flew by!  Hannah, Kelly & I spent most days racing around the shop pulling patterns, cutting more kits & restocking patterns!  We had so many orders to ship today, that 40 minutes wasn't enough for the gal to finish our stash...so she had to send us out to the manual station!  Needless to say, we could rock working at the post office now!  We've got this down!!!

I'm happy to say a few more new patterns got done & sent out today including the Autumn Pillow!  So if you ordered a couple patterns that weren't ready - they are or will be done today!  I'm so glad the covers finally got printed and delivered!  It's hard not being able to control that part!  But then again- there were over 70 new patterns that did get completed at one time- so I think that's pretty awesome!!!  And thanks for enjoying the new patterns!  I'm so happy you are all loving them!  That's exactly why I do it!!!!  Someone's got to keep you busy stitching!!!!

The "Mystery" BOM kits are also restocked {including block 1} and the website will be updated this weekend!  So now you can order the first block that has never been available until now!  The charms also came in today so we got all, but a few orders out of the Americana Crow on Spool & Typewriter Charm orders! We are also cutting more of those kits...so be sure to download that free pattern either way and enjoy it!

I was looking at some old pictures and came across some from my grandma & grandpa's 40th wedding anniversary and thought I'd share them with you!  Do you notice the commemorative quilt that we made for them!?  I think I was around 12 when I drew my block with my mom.  She embroidered it, along with several other blocks in the quilt!  I'm hoping to go over to my aunt Batty's house and get a closer look at it as I can't quite remember what I drew!  I'll share more close ups if I get that opportunity!  It's really quite special!  Do any of you still create these commemorative quilts for special occasions?  I know the t-shirt quilts are quite popular for graduates... Let me know!  I'm fascinated by these quilts and signature quilts!

This week Grace went to Kentucky with a friend & her family...so we will celebrating with just the 3 of us!  We have no set plans... except to work a bit each day at the shop!  I'm sure food, road tripping & fireworks will be in there somewhere!  I'll keep you posted!!!  What are your plans?!?!! 

Don't forget to head over to our FB page for "LUCKY" Friday!!!  It's a great way to kick start the Holiday weekend and try your luck at winning a yard of Americana cotton prints from my Humble Beginning fabric line!!!!   I thought it would be perfect to give away on this 4th of July weekend!!  Good luck! Hope you have a great Holiday weekend filled with good food & food friends/family!

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