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January 18, 2014

Cruise to Marco Island!


This is the last post of our amazing trip!  Here we toured Marco Island!  WOW!  I would love to know who owns these beautiful homes and boats!!! LOL!  I did learn a few fun facts about a couple of the owners which I shared below!!!  Talk about crazy!!!!

This is Port Royal (the prestige)! The top left is owned by the innovator of the orthopedic knew and his son owns the left one. Their boats are called Bone Bender & Bone Mender! The sailing yacht is the best/most expensive and the other one is only around $120 million! They just hosted a huge Christmas party on there! Then the bottom right is owned by a widow who's husband owned Draino!!!
Naples Yacht Club continues is an integral community partner and one of the nation's premier yacht clubs! You need to write a non refundable check out for $40,000 just to be considered! The last slip for their yacht just sold for $1.6 million! Not too shabby!!!! Lol!!!

The house on the top right is designed by a famous German architect that designed the large airport in Germany! It is like an upside down aquarium and will withstand any extreme weather! I can't remember the other ones- but Anderson Windows & Revlon owners are a couple off my who own gazillion dollar pads here!

Thanks for joining in on the fun!! 

January 16, 2014

Dolphin Watching!

Hope you still are enjoying being a part of our vacation!!!  Thanks for letting me share it with you all!

The next day we headed on a cruise to see the dolphins!  We almost did not go because my older daughter ended up getting the flu and was pretty shaggy.  But luckily, it was on a boat so we could just relax and enjoy the ride if nothing else.  It was also our first drizzly day there and very overcast.  So we thought it would not be a good day to go.  But to our surprise - it ended up being a great day for dolphin watching since there was not much action out on the water!  I have some great pics but hope I am able to post my little video of them too... I am have not posted a video before so let's see!

DARN!  I Can't get the video to upload!!!!! 

January 14, 2014

Next up is Shelling!

Hello Again!!!

Up next is our shelling excursion to a small island!  Wow!  This was an experience!  I am not a huge water fan.. so to get out of the fishing boat and walk in muck to get around to the beach was a little funky for me... But once I seen the beauty of the shore/beach and seen thousands of shells and things I have only seen in pictures - it was pretty darn cool!  We were able to bring all of our shells home with us!  We found some amazing exotic shells that are very rare.  We learned a lot about shells and even found a sea urchin (that was in mint condition!) that we were able to take home with us as well!  Again I would highly recommend going shelling if you ever get the opportunity! 

Here is the sea urchin!!! 

The owners darling young boys and our girls!  They don't usually go but we were glad they did that day!

Then you see some funky stuff! LOL!
We took a little journey to the other side where the beach was to get to all the shells!

January 12, 2014

Back to the Pelican Bay..

I hope you are enjoying the pics from our trip!  There are so many pics.. I wish I could share them all with you!  We really did have a great time with the girls!

After Busch Gardens.. We headed back to the condo to spend time at Pelican Bay's private beach.  It was breathtaking... We swam, sunned, searched for shells and watched the sun set!  Those were precious moments... Just relaxing and day dreaming... 

Another FAV pic of the girls in the gulf when the sun set...

Enjoying the beach!

More pics of the girls.. and beach...
Mom taking some fun photos...

More of the beach...

Ha!  A diet Coke iced soda stop!!!  I LOVE my diet Coke!

January 10, 2014

Next stop... Busch Gardens


This was our next stop after our marathon day of 17 hours at Disney!  We were so tired but wanted to press on and enjoy what Busch Gardens had to offer.  Boy are we glad we did!  This was such a great time!  I would highly recommend going on the Safari Tour to feed the giraffes.  We were able to get a cd from that venture with 144 amazing photos on there of our little venture!  These were amazing memories we made... We fell in love with the giraffes... Especially Ruby!  She was just a sweetheart!
This was Ruby.. getting lettuce from the girls!
I loved the zoo like feel... And that Holly tree!  WOW!
More up close and personal pics with Ruby!
Enjoying the warm fresh air!

January 8, 2014

Next stop Disneyland!

Hello Again...

Since we were so busy prior to the Holidays... we really did not have a plan set which worked out great since we came into it under the weather... So Christmas Eve we decided to drive to Disneyland! We were there for 17 hours!! Whoop Whoop!  The cool part is that while cleaning up before we headed out I ran across an old notebook of my daughter's that had a bucket list and on it was going to Disneyland before she was 20!  Oh- I forgot to tell you this was a complete surprise for them!!!  We told them the day before we left so they could pack what they wanted!! :)

We stayed at the Dolphin property... this was their Christmas tree when you walked in!

Grace and I shared a little late night room service! Yum!

Enjoying Disneyland... Pirates of the Caribbean!

My fav picture I took while waiting for the parade!

Enjoying the parade!

The late night parade... Grace shopping!

Merry Christmas from Disney! *YES we are still sick and exhausted! lol!

17 hours of fun!

January 6, 2014

Happy Belated Holidays!!!

Hello Friends!

I would like to take this time to wish you all a belated Happy Holidays and very Happy New Year!  I hope the Holidays were all that you had hoped they would be and more!

Since I last spoke with you... I have been very busy making memories with my mom and my family.  The year had been very trying for us working around mom's cancer and I simply needed to slow down and focus on my family after my last event the end of November!  Being a one woman show, for the most part- takes up much more time and energy than I share with each of you.  I never want to complain because I am very blessed & thankful to be able to do what I do and share it with each of you...  So let's get back in the groove!!

Since the girls have been so supportive with caring for my mom and allowing me to spend most of my days & nights working while dad is traveling for work... this Christmas, we decided to take a family trip to somewhere warm & fun with the girls!  So we got a condo in Naples, Florida (Pelican Bay) and spent 10 days memory making with them!  The only down side is that I got the flu (chest/head/cough before we left) then Grace, then Hannah.  But - we used out energy wisely and as you will see in the pictures below - had a great time!!!!  I will post below the group of pictures where/what we were doing!  I will share more with you too... this is the first couple days we spent at the condo!!!! 

This is where we stayed!
A view from our patio!
Our pool!  Hannah chilling!

These pictures were from our dinner cruise on the Marco Island Princess!

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