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January 14, 2012


...Happy New!

I am so sorry this year did not start out with a bang on the blog!  However, inside the studio, and everywhere else here at BB, we have been rockin!  I have never had a year get off to such a great start!  We even have a speaking engagement and two trunk shows under our belt with many more to come!  I will get back to that shortly as well as showing you a sneak peek of some new designs this next week!  ...So excited to share exciting new and designs with all of you!  I have truly missed you!  

Anyhoooo.... I have have to show you my latest love of my life.... Oliver.  
Oliver was given to me for Christmas by my husband... and honestly, he is just amazing and the sweetest thing ever!  He won me over ten times fold!  Ever since we brought Oli home, he had sever diarrhea (which we have been working diligently with our vet to get rid of).  Other than his stools not improving, Oli was enjoying his new & active life at our home.  Then, all of the sudden, last Saturday, he took an unexpected turn for the worst.  We ended up taking him to the Vet ER.  After many tests (with no answers), we learned that his white blood cells were extremely high and that he was indeed suffering from neurological disorders.  (These were awful to watch and see him not be able to get rid of - my heart broke!)  After more vet visits and little or no improvement, we ended up signing our rights back to the owner/breeder.  Since Tuesday I have been just sick... However, after visiting him twice a day (hoping my love will help him!) at the pet shop...  I see a spark inside of him lit up again for the first time since Saturday.  I have never lost the faith, but I had exhausted my options and had to "let go" and pray that he would get better and receive the intense care he was in need of.  Although he has a long way to go and we have no answers - (other than a rare, but possible, side effect caused by one of the meds) as to what is causing the neurological disorders... I am hoping one day we will be able to bring little Oli back to our home and give him all the love he needs!  So - if you get a chance... a little pray for our little guy Oli would be greatly appreciated!  Stay tuned.... :)
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