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June 30, 2016


Our official new logo & groove is on for our BIGGEST & MOST EXCITING event of the year!!!!  Hope you & your girlfriends can come & enjoy a weekend with us at the Basin!!!!

June 18, 2016

FREE Pattern in our Let it Snow Mystery BOM & Summer Blog Hop!

Happy "LUCKY" Friday!!!!!!!!!  Do you know what day it is????  It is the release of Block 7 {S} in our "Let it Snow" Mystery BOM!  This block is my FAV!  I think it is so FUN to give away great designs to make sure  you have a lovely BOM!  Soo…. I reallllly hope you ENJOY this JOURNEY with us here at the BASIN!  The pattern is up on the website, as well as the kits!  Go get em!!!  And… don't forget to share your work with us!  All you need to do is post it to this page on the left hand side!  Then I will make sure it gets on the feed here!!!!  Plus, I LOVE seeing your blocks too!!!!!!!  www.buttermilkbasin.com

This week brought putting up shelves, filling bins, organizing wool & getting tons of more fabric and wool in, in the new space!  It is going to be so much easier for us to meet your needs, once we get it all moved!  I sure wish there was more time in the day to get things done!  I also got the pics taken of the gorgeous floss we will be carrying!  I hope to get that up this weekend!  I am soooo close!   

Getting the floss on the website might have happened, if I didn't have to take time out for oral surgery!  I have had a problem tooth for a year and finally decided to move forward with extracting it and then I will be getting an implant.  I don't know about you, but I HATE the dentist!  A few years ago, when I had my wisdom teeth pulled… everything went wrong, and I ended up leaving the dentist {with broken teeth to pull out, etc.} to go have emergency oral surgery!  And, I couldn't be put under {GRRR} so this time… I was!  Thank GOODNESS!!!!  So far, so good!  I guess I was quite hilarious after!  All I kept saying was.. I'm so happy… I made it!!! LOL!  And I thanked them a million times!  My girls were so wanting to video tape me!  HAHAHAHA!!!!!

I am back… I just had to take 5 and clip the toe nails of Grace's guinea pigs! LOL!  I know, you are all jealous of the life I lead! HAHA!  Thought I would do that while she was cleaning the cage!  OK- back to shop talk!  

The best news of the week is that our covers for our new patterns have been proofed and will be printed!  Thanks for your patience!  It takes a village to get those done as well!  I am dying to put them up on the site too!  We have pre-sold a ton and can't wait for you to get your hands on some!  It is great timing, because we have our Christmas in July Event coming up on the blog & here!  We are going to inspire you to get started on your Holiday projects, so you can enjoy that magical time of year!

I am also super excited about our Summer Blog Hop!  I have been getting sneak peeks & recipes etc, in!  You are going to LOVE it!  Mark your calendar!  The hop starts on July 8th and runs through the 19th …  How exciting!!!!  You can also grab our button and put it on your blog for your readers to enjoy!!!  The more following along… the merrier!!!!!  I can't wait for all the potluck recipes to come in, too!!!!

I better rock & roll…  My hubby is at home patiently waiting for me!!!!  Today marks our 21st year of wedded bliss!  He really is my saving grace!!!!!!  I LOVE that guy!!!  I did get a lovely bouquet of flowers from him earlier… but I had to skip out on lunch with him & the girls…. {Hey, I had a commit to you gals with the new BOM!!!  I gotta keep everyone happy!!} ….so I can't miss sneaking in some great moments tonight!  Tomorrow we are gardening & taking the girls to a county fair!  It is FAIR season again!  SOOO FUN!!! 

Thanks everyone, as always for your support!  I hope you enjoy the new BOM & have a fantastic Father's Day Weekend with those you love!  Please head over to our FB page and leave a comment for a chance to WIN THE NEW BOM KITS!  Let me know what you've been up to, I love seeing those pics too, you know!!!! XOXOXO Stacy

June 11, 2016

LOTS OF NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HAPPY "LUCKY" CAT-ur-day!  MOM is at the shop working, so I thought I {Oliver} would do this week's giveaway so she can finish up her work and get home and let me outside to play!  I am working on being the world's best bird watcher!  {....So is my sister Wilma, we are a good team!} 

I haven't seen mom much this week... She said she has to work to make sure she keeps her customers happy!!!  So I am glad to share her with you!  I do know that the BB gals have been having a blast working together cutting kits, filling orders, taking your WOOLSTOCK sign ups.. as well as getting the Summer Blog Hop & Christmas in July ready!  I don't know how she does it... I can barely fit in eating and bird watching around my naps!  And I forgot... they have been getting in tons of new product for the shop (which will be open during WOOLSTOCK & the website!)  You can sign up on the website!

You should see the NEW threads she is putting on the web this week!  She told me that I could NOT play with them!  She said that they are special & gorgeous threads and all HAND DYED!  They are 6 strands embroidery floss in solid & variegated... as well as 2 weights of wool thread!  She knows you will LOVE them!  So watch for them on her website this week!  I promise I will only "LOOK" at them!!!!!! HAHA!

She also wouldn't allow me to lay on these pretty NEW Holiday wool bundles made for her by Blackberry Primitives.  You do not know how hard that was to resist!  She only has 24 bundles on her site now!  I told her they will fly out the door and that she better order more {and a few for me to lay on!!!}.  So I hope she does!  OH…. she also got her hands on some 5X5 inch charm packs of the Humble Beginnings line & coordinating Homespuns!  {Supply is limited}!

WOOSTOCK!  WOW!  Mom & the gals are getting excited!  They are half filled in 1 week!  They can't believe it!  They have so many exciting things {that she said are a surprise} planned and continuing to be planned!  They checked out the new facility and were able to add more students!  The facility is the perfect venue!  It is only 25 minutes from the airport {in the northern suburbs of the Twin Cities}, is tucked back in a little wooded area, has beautiful lighting, bathrooms, is air conditioned….  And the best part is that it is super close to the shop, allows for late night open stitching/socializing & is one level… No more steep stairs!  Since it is so close to the shop… I will be keeping my eyes on all of you!  I know you will want to snatch all the new wool & fabric mom is getting in for the shop's début!!!!  I will be keeping my "paws" on a few pieces too!!!!!  AND… If you want to shop, you should plan to come!  I don't think mom plans on being open every day!  We all need her too much!!!!!

I tried to get mom & Joey to stop cutting more kits yesterday to put on the website, but they didn't listen {they never do!!!}!  So be sure to check out the truck kits… especially those NEW MINI ones!  They are super cute and if you have a cat… they will LOVE to lay on them too, like me!  They are 6.5X11!  They whip up quick and easy!

If you need some snuggle time with your cat… be sure to pick up the NEW SUMMER SIMPLY VINTAGE magazine to read while your cat snuggles in by you!  They now have a great new price of $13.95!  {They are now printed in the US}!  Now, if only mom could add cat treats to the website!  I might have to work on that one!!!!

Yesterday mom did take a break to go pick up the girls as it was their last day of school for the year!  Now Grace is a Freshman & Hannah will be a senior!  They are growing up!  I am reallllly lucky to have them as big sisters!  Now I have to adjust to them bothering me alllll summer long!  No more napping all day long!  That's ok… I think that might make it easier to sneak outside and study birds!!!!  {Hey, just because they are off of school, doesn't mean my "bird studying" is over!!! 

OK--- I need to take a nap so I better wrap this up!  Please leave a comment over on our FB page for me about your flowers, birds {haha} or anything that you are enjoying!  I will read them in between my naps!  Stay cool!  It is a hot one here today!!! KITTY KISSES FROM OLIVER!!! XXOXOXOXOXX

June 6, 2016

WOOLSTOCK Registration OPEN for Signups!

Registration is NOW OPEN for our amazing WOOLSTOCK Event!  Sign up today as space is limited!

June 3, 2016

NEW Patterns, Kits & Mystery BOM

Ta Da!!!!  We are back at FULL steam!  It feels good!  Let's celebrate National Donut Day/"Lucky" Friday with a fantastic giveaway of a baker's dozen of the NEW Let it Snow BOM Block 6 kits!  We could pretend the snowmen heads are "donut holes"! HAHAHA!
Seriously... I am SEW GLAD TO BE BACK!  I tried hard to get back in action once I returned from the 1.5 week vending/teaching trip to Utah, but I ended up crashing and getting some much need R & R & took the Holiday weekend off to catch up with the fam!  So thanks for your patience while you waited for the NEW Vintage Trucks thru the Year MAY AND.... The NEW Let it Snow BOM, Block 6!  I have put both of them on the website, as well as ALL 12 months of the NEW {MINI} Vintage Trucks thru the Year!  We have KITS available for ALL the NEW ITEMS!  YEEEEHAAAW!  So after you are finished reading here... Head over to our FB page and leave your comment for a chance to WIN the new Mystery BOM kits... head over to www.buttermilkbasin.com and check out the new goods!!!!

OK... We have a ton to catch up on!  First off, MARKET was amazing!  Our NEW line "Bringing Home the Tree" was a BIG HIT!  If you LOVE Christmas, snow globes, farm fresh trees, candy canes etc... you will fall in love with our new line of designs!  These designs will be available very soon!  I hope to get some up on the website next week for pre-order!  We are diligently working on getting all the patterns written, photo shoots done & of course, pattern printing!  I guarantee these new patterns will be worth the wait!
Jumping in here with the BIG NEWS before I get into much more....  We have 4 BIG things to share with you!

 #1 Our NEW Wool Club is starting in July!  It is called The Woolen Hive!  We will be the largest colony for wool workers!  This club will be a MUST for all WOOL lovers!
#2  WOOLSTOCK!  Registration will go up for our NEW Event {previously the BARN Event} on MONDAY!  I already have slots filled from those coming from across the COUNTRY to celebrate with us!  This will be a 4 day event with workshops, parties, swaps, yummy food, FUN at my NEW SHOP, gifts and SEW MUCH MORE!  All the details will be on the site on MONDAY!  I chose the name WOOLSTOCK back in 2012 and dreamed of having an event that was centered around handwork, women who love to create, memory making and having nothing but FUN the entire time!  I am so thrilled to finally make this vision a reality!  Give your girlfriends a call and get ready to sign up on MONDAY!!!! WHOOOO HOOO!!!!
#3  We will be having a BIG Christmas in July!  This will include NEW Holiday patterns, tasty recipes, decorating ideas and MORE!  We love CHRISTMAS here at the Basin and think we should celebrate it all year long!!!!
#4 SUMMER BLOG HOP!  You know we LOVE making this happen, just as much as you LOVE being a part of our HOP!  It will start July 15th!  Mark your calendars gals!!!!  It is going to be spectacular!  I have some old FAV's along with some FUN, NEW gals joining us this year!!!!  I am sooo excited!

These new MINI Trucks are also on the website!  We have them as patterns & in kit form!

Back to market.... I also had a great time catching up with all the designers!  I will be working on getting posts/pics of them up on Instagram!  The shop owners were fantastic and are super excited to bring you some of our new line!  {We LOVE our shop owners too!!!}  We also enjoyed good food, desserts & laughs with many designers and their spouses!  One night there were 14 of us who went out!  Such good times!  I flew in Dawn & Kim to help out at the show!  They were AWESOME!  Next thing you knew the show was over, and GW was headed home with the trailer and I was on my way to Midway to teach at My Girlfriend's Quilt Shop Retreat with Alex from Aurifil & Pat Sloan!  Midway was beautiful, my students warmed my heart, the food was delish & I can't wait to return to their 2ND shop in LOGAN, Utah in August!  So if you missed me the first round... keep an eye out for the next class/trunk show!  Plus, those gals will spoil you!  You should see all the treats we got!!! 
SHOP TALK: 1.  The bathrooms are gutted, new pipes are in & cement is poured!  2.  We now have a porta potty outside to use! {We are roughing it! LOL!}  3.  We started moving into the NEW space!  We LOVE it!  Us gals had to unload thousands of pounds of new shelving etc off the truck!  {Yes, I did treat Dairy Queen after!!!!}  I am such a swell gal!!!  4.  I got in a TON of NEW goods from market!  I can't wait to get to it and put it on the website!  You are going to LOVE it!!!!  5.  We got upgrades on the computers and still have no access to the Info@buttermilkbasin.com email - so please bear with us!  6.  We are back to filling orders & cutting kits! LOL!  Some things never change here at the Basin!  But that is a very good thing!  We love it all!!!!!!
OK - I MISSED YOU ALL!  Again, thanks for checking in on me... YOU GALS ROCK!!!!  Have a great weekend and don't forget to leave a comment or share a pic (please!) for a chance to WIN kits!  I will be reading your comments around my gardening time this weekend!  The peonies are opening up, the new (rusty vintage) trellis is up, and everything is looking gorgeous!  I will post pics this weekend for you!  XO Stacy

New FREE Mystery BOM Block & New Vintage Truck

Don't forget to stop by Buttermilk Basin's website later today for our May Vintage Truck thru the Year & our FREE Let it Snow Mystery BOM Block 6!  We know you've been waiting patiently for them!  We are so excited to be back in action!  See you later!!!! 😉 

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