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January 22, 2016

NEW Patterns Coming! T-Shirt Giveaway & Teaching News!

Happy Friday!!!!  Oh my gosh!  You gals ROCK {as always!}... But we have been BLOWN away by the overwhelming response to the "Let it Snow" Mystery BOM and the finishing kit for the 2015 one!  My gals have all jumped in, worked late and are excited to come in and see how many orders came in overnight!  We appreciate being given the opportunity to cut, hand packaged, address and bring your goods to ship at the PO everyday!  We appreciate your business so much!  Our goal is never to be the "biggest"... we just want to bring you the BEST designs we can & share our journey with you! 

I am just going to jump right in...  Here is sneak peek of the 1st truck pattern for January!  We LOVE it!  I forgot to snap pics of it and the pillow shownof them finished...but you get the idea!  As much as I wanted to release it today, I need to respect my gals and wait until next Friday!  I can't make them work as hard as they have been lately!  {I need them!!! LOL!}  BUT... that means you can order this baby next week, along with the JOY Snowman Pillow!  We are in LOVE with these two designs!  These are also the designs that I will be teaching on the cruise!!!  *** And yes!  We even had to get the kits cut and shipped out for the cruise too this week!!!  I think I need a bigger staff!!!!!!!!!!!!! {Will pay in wool! LOL!}

I also have some exciting news that I have been waiting to share with you...  I am freaking out that it has finally worked out for me to go teach at one of my FAV quilt shops and teach at their BIG Event!  I will be heading to the Hollyhill Quilt Shoppe for their annual Homespun & Holly Event December 2-4!  I know many of you have been waiting for me to come out that way... So now is the chance to come and enjoy the weekend there with me and 3 other fabulous designers!!!!  To register go to: www.hollyhillquiltshoppe.com!  Spaces are limited... so snatch your spot while you can!!!  

Also - I am thrilled to be the teacher at this year's St. Joseph's Quilt Event in Rice Lake, WI.  This is a BIG & fantastic ONE day event  held on April 2!  To sign up for the class, email Patti at:  pattigram1@gmail.com.  I would also suggest contacting her before the info becomes live!!!!  I am soooo excited!!!

Speaking of SAVE THE DATE!  Everyone is asking about the annual Barn Event that I host!!!  The dates are SEPTEMBER 14-17, Wed-Sat!  I hope to have the info and sign up form on the website by next Friday!  AND... You aren't going to believe this.... but I am thrilled that we already have 10 amazing women coming all the way from AUSTRALIA with a very famous Australian designer that you have came to know through our blog hops!  She is Gail Pan, of Gail Pan Designs!  How cool is that!  I can't believe they are coming for my event!!!!!   {Insert Happy Dance!!!}  So... if you want... you can just sign up to be in a class with Gail!!!  Plus you get to sit and enjoy 3 days of their Australian accent!!!  What more could you ask for!!!!?

OK- This week... I am giving away 4 T-shirts to someone who does NOT have the opportunity to go one the cruise with Lisa Bongean and I in 2 weeks!  I had the pleasure of designing them and getting them printed... so I thought I would order a couple more and give them away!  Plus, it will be a sneak peek for those of you who are coming!!!!  I can't wait to see you all!!!  

OK- wayyyy to chatty... but sewwwww excited!  Please leave a comment over on our Buttermilk Basin Favebook Page for a chance to win EXCLUSIVE cruise gear that is not available except to the cruisers!!!  Good luck! Stacy XO

January 15, 2016

NEW FREE Mystery BOM! Quilt Revealed!

Welcome to a SUPER FANTASTIC "Lucky" Friday!  

TWO BIG things are happening today at the Basin!  First, the MYSTERY BOM Quilt/Instructions are now on the website!  We are finally getting our fabric in on Monday to cut kits up for you!  YEEHAWWWW!  Then it is REVEAL time!  Our NEW Mystery Bom will spell out the words... "Let it Snow"so  and will be worked up in wool & cotton!  Here is the first block "L"!  This is just too stinkin cute!  I can't believe my hubby thought of this idea!  You are all going to L*O*V*E this new BOM!  Kits are up on the site for BOTH projects!  Be sure to go {click your link}! 

There is so much to catch up on!  I couldn't post last week becuase my computer had to be rebaselined and my phone was out of storage!  As you can see I am so glad to be back in action!  I can't believe how much I missed you gals!!!!  Next off, things are changing at the Basin!  I hired another gal, Laura who will be working the phones on Tues & Thurs!  She will also be filling your orders!  She is off to a great start!  Joey is also coming in on Tuesdays!  She will be kitting and kitting and kitting!  Kelly is still putting in her time at the shop, stitching & quilting for me!  We really are rockin things at the shop!  2016 is off to a very prodcutive year!  Next, we we have another surprise for you!  Our first truck will be ready for you next wee!  I hope you gals are gathering your supplies, sharpening your needles and getting ready to stitch the days away with us at the Basin!  After all, it sure soothes the soul!

Things are great on the homefront!  The girls are wrapping up another semester, grades are looking sweet & their schedules are busier then ever!  We are so blessed with such great girls!  I have been baking & cooking for robotics {they are starting to build their robots for the competitions}... up next is hotdishes for Saturday!  I love me a good hotdish!  Grace is nearing the end of her dance season... We will be at a compettion all day again on Saturday!  The girls and Geroge have Monday off... so I am hoping my "boss" gives me at least part of the day off!!!! LOL!  She's a worker bee, so you never know!!!!

What is new with you all?  I have been so busy, I have no clue what I have been missing out on!  We must catch up via the comments!  I even missed National Dress Your Pet Day!  {I am sure my cats are happy about that one!!!}  That could have been so awesome!  BTW- This week brought many new customers to the Basin for some reason!  My FAV one, hands down, was Judy who is 80 years young and is starting her wool journey with our BOM!  Gotta love it!  How cool is that!  I feel pretty honored!  OK- I am on empty!  Haven't slept yet!  Had to make sure I took care of everything for you gals!  I am really excited and hope you LOVE the NEW BOM as much as we do!!!!!  Be sure to share it with your friends!!!!  Please pop me a comment for a chance to win a kit of the NEW Let it Snow BOM!!!!!!  Good luck!  Happy to be back!!!!!!

January 1, 2016

New Year, New BOM, Club & more!

Happy New Year!  I hope your first day of 2016 is off to a GREAT start, like mine is!  I slept in, hubby put a porketta in the crock pot....and this post got delayed.... because we were determined to finish a Wizard of Oz, 1000 piece puzzle!  We did it!  {In between playing fetch with Oliver & carefully keeping the cats off the table!}    

I have been so excited to connect back up with you all again!  I have to say "thank you" for allowing me 10 days off with my family to just enjoy!  You have no idea how much that meant to me to be "present" in the moments with them!  Each day has truly been a blessing & filled with much joy!  Plus... I am refreshed and ready to make 2016 ROCK for Buttermilk Basin, YOU & I!!!!  I hope you plan on making it ROCK for YOU, too!!!!!  We got this!!!!

Speaking of rocking... The new BOM is partially drawn and I will start stitching it this week!  It is stunning!  And - IF you like the Merrie Christmas or Merrie Halloween BOM, then you will L-O-V-E this one!!!!  I am not sure what I will be naming it, since others are following my lead with the wool/cotton "Mystery" BOM from last year!  How cool is it to be a trend setter!!!!  {EXCITING!!}  The coolest part for each of YOU is that mine will be DIFFERENT, FREE & you won't need to be a part of a group or pay a fee to participate!  My only focus of the BOM is making it AMAZING & FUN for YOU!!!!!  The NEW BOM will be starting on January 15th!  Get EXCITED & be ready!!!!!

Also... Due to the popularity of my Vintage TRUCK designs... I am thrilled to say that I will be releasing a series of 12 trucks thru the year starting on January 15th!!  I have a few drawn and will be fusing/stitching them, also, starting next week!  As you can see from the picture below... Bella was quite a helper drawing the first 2!  If you are taking the cruise... You will be the FIRST to get the 2nd truck pattern/kit in the series!  I will be teaching it on the cruise!!!!  T-shirts, name tags, little extras are also being worked on!  We will be shipping all our cruise "goods" this month to Florida!!!  It is almost time gals!  Lisa & I plan on having a great, fun & relaxed time with you all on the cruise!  Plus we have a BIG, I mean BIG surprise for you cruisers!!!!   I can't wait to tell you more about that!!!

I can't keep the "cat in the bag" any longer!  If the new BOM, designs & exciting cruise isn't enough...  We will be starting a CLUB!  All I will say today, is that it will be worth joining!  It is called... SEW Lucky!  This will be my "baby"!  I love that you inspire me to BE MORE & I LOVE, LOVE,  LOVE surprising you and being your source for CREATIVE INSPIRATION!!!!!!  Cheers to US and a year filled with love, laughter & "LUCKY" Friday Giveaways!!!!   Let's get the new year party started... Please head over to our FB page and leave me a comment about your Holidays, your excitement over the new offerings or a pic for a chance to WIN these patterns!!!  It has been toooo long!!!  Glad we have a fresh start & are back in action!!!  YEEHAW!!!!!  All my best... Stacy!

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